The Best Employee Engagement App to Keep Your Team Motivated (2023)

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is more important than ever in today’s competitive business landscape. A motivated team of employees is essential for a successful business, and the best employee engagement app can make it easier to keep your team motivated.

Having the proper tools in place to ensure that your employees are engaged with their work and have the resources they need will help you maximize productivity and increase morale.

Finding the right employee engagement app for your company can be difficult, as numerous options are available on the market.

To help you find the best fit for your organization, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks for today’s best employee engagement apps.

1) Quandora: The Ultimate Tool For Employee Engagement


Quandora is a powerful tool designed specifically to help teams stay connected and engaged with each other at work. It provides an easy way for managers and employees to collaborate on tasks, ideas, or projects from anywhere in the world without being physically present in one room.

Quandora also allows users to create polls or surveys quickly so that they can get feedback from their team members about any project or task that needs attention. Additionally,

Quandora has features such as leaderboards and badges that provide recognition when someone does something good or completes a task successfully – making it easier for managers to reward their employees accordingly while encouraging future success stories within the organization as well!

2) 15Five: The All-in-One Solution For Employee Engagement


15Five is another excellent option when it comes to engaging with your team members remotely through an easy-to-use platform.

This app helps managers track the progress of individual projects by providing detailed reports on performance metrics such as time worked per day, tasks completed over time intervals (weekly/monthly), etc.

That way, everyone involved stays up-to-date on what’s happening in real-time – no matter where they are located.

Additionally, 15Five allows users to set goals and objectives, which will help motivate them towards completing tasks faster while ensuring quality results along the way too.

3) Slack: Keeping Communication Open & Active


Slack is one of the most popular collaboration tools used by companies across different industries worldwide today – not just because it makes communication simpler but also because its user-friendly interface makes interacting with teammates easier than ever.

It has various features like group chat channels where teams can discuss ideas & topics related directly or indirectly related work; private messaging options between colleagues; file sharing capabilities; plus integration with other applications like Dropbox or Google Drive if needed too – all combined into one powerful platform that keeps everyone connected regardless of location or time zone differences!

4) Asana: Streamlining Team Collaboration Efforts


Asana is yet another comprehensive solution designed specifically for managing multiple projects simultaneously while keeping track of deadlines & progress being made by each individual member within those teams too!

It provides an intuitive dashboard that gives users a visual representation of what’s happening at any given moment so they can better plan ahead & adjust accordingly if needed without missing any important steps along the way.

Additionally, Asana has several features like task delegation capabilities; customizable templates; automated notifications when changes occur, etc., all these features combined make Asana an ideal choice when it comes to streamlining collaborative efforts between different departments across organizations large scale levels alike!

5) Glint: The Platform For Real-Time Insights Into Employees’ Happiness Levels


Glint was explicitly created to measure employee satisfaction levels in mind. Instead of relying solely on subjective feedback surveys conducted periodically throughout the year (or, even worse, never!), Glint takes a proactive approach to monitor how happy people are on a real-time basis using data points collected from daily interactions between coworkers both inside and outside workplace environments.

From this data, Glint then generates actionable insights into areas where improvements may need further boost within the organization overall. This helps employers gain a valuable understanding of how people feel about the working environment around them.

Thus, it enables taking necessary steps towards creating positive change whenever required to properly address any issues arising from staff members’ dissatisfaction quickly and efficiently.

No matter which type of employee engagement app you decide upon for your organization, having some sort of tool available will undoubtedly prove beneficial in improving overall efficiency within company culture long run – allowing you to keep tabs on how well things are running behind the scenes.

This ensures everything is running smoothly at all times. With a plethora of options available out there today, finding the perfect fit shouldn’t be challenging either. Remember the five applications mentioned above when you search for one for your company.