Raid: Shadow Legends – What is This Game – 2023 Guide

Raid: Shadow Legends is truly a game that won millions of gamers’ hearts. What features make this MMORPG so special — we are ready to answer this question and provide some useful tips for the newcomers.

What You Should Know Before Starting a Game

It’s important to find out some key features of the game, making it unique and engaging for the numerous players. While reading the Raid: Shadow Legends Review by Insider.Games, you can find some useful tips or interesting facts that can help you succeed in the game process.


Clans features are of the same importance as Dungeon battles and the Campaign, which are the game’s central modes. The primary aim of the Clan is to unite the forces of the gamers with a common goal. In Raid: Shadow Legends, like in a classic MMO, Clan is the place where all the teammates gather for getting new achievements and boosting their level. Also, participation in some campaigns and missions requires to be a part of a certain Clan.

Clan Boss Mode

Maybe, the most crucial cause for joining the Clan is the special game mode known as Clan Boss mode. This game mode is available only for members of the particular Clan. Thus, Clan members can get a unique cooperative experience in the battle with a dreadful enemy. The Clan Boss involves five difficulty tiers with skills, stats, and Health Points. The full defeat of the Boss requires the common efforts of the teammates that can take several hours or even days.

Clans Activity

Raid: Shadow Legends collective experience includes two critical aspects: Clan Activities and Clan Achievements. The Clan Leaderboard is also a useful thing where the players can find information about a Clan and the members’ achievements. In Review Raid: Shadow Legends, you can find some additional information about the Clan Power and Ranking Points, which help get more achievements for the teammates.

Tips for Beginners

Here you can find some useful tips for the newcomers to be beneficial for quick success and constant progress.

Get Ready for Adventure and Get Acquainted with Affinity System

Raid: Shadow Legends is going to become an exciting and spectacular adventure. Let’s get acquainted with four affinities, three of which are in balance, and the fourth one has no particular advantages or disadvantages for the player:

  • Blue – Magic (Beats Spirit and weak to Force);
  • Green – Spirit (Beats Force, weak to Magic);
  • Red- Force (Beats Magic and weak to Spirit);
  • Purple – Void (no weakness and no counter).

Understanding how each of the affinities works and interacts with each other is the key to success during a battle.

Turn Off Auto-Battle

It’s better to start with a Manual mode, which can help to discover the world of Raid: Shadow Legends, figure out the ability of the Champions in the fight, review the capabilities under the Skill tab, and understand how all works in the game. The Champion’s profile can help to find all the necessary information about the skills of your game character.

Progress Missions is a Key to Succeed

If the basic tutorial isn’t enough for you, Progress Mission is the thing that is really helpful for the newcomers. These missions are created for the new players of the game to acclimate the gamer to the world of Raid: Shadow Legends and its numerous options and systems. Also, the players can not only learn how to play but also get some exclusive rewards for completion of Progress Missions.

Take the Campaigns First

Experienced players in the Review Raid: Shadow Legends suggest to start with a campaign and then continue with dungeons. There are a lot of important things and specificities to discover in the campaign. The natural pace of campaigns can help the newcomer learn the game’s potential through resolving the mysteries of the Raid: Shadow Legends world and overcoming all the challenges. Also, equipping the Champion with the gear is necessary to succeed during further battles and fights within the dungeons.

Join the Clan

It’s recommended not to join a random Clan in Raid: Shadow Legends just after uploading a game. It is better to discover some information about each Clan and understand the sense of the preferred community. Besides, you should better join a community where teammates are willing to give a helping hand to the freshman. It will be more beneficial for you, especially at the beginning of the path in the game.

Equip your Champion

The gear system of the game makes equipping the Champion crucial for succeeding in the battle. The proper set of tools can make a Champion strong and resilient during the fight. That is why newcomers should pay special attention to the equipment and participate in different missions for getting not only rewards but also new life-stealing items to win a battle.

Don’t Forget to Update your Gear

To get new items isn’t enough for the constant progress in the game. It is also necessary to upgrade each collected item to a maximum level. Besides, updating a gear opens new stats and unlocks bonuses every 4 stages of upgrade (the maximum level is +16). Although upgrading of items becomes more and more expensive with the increasing level, the resources won’t be wasted, as far as it boosts your chances for a win.

About the Latest Update

In the latest update, 1.5, the players can find some new game features:

  • Clan Chat — all members of the Clan have access to the special chat available only for the teammates; now, gamers have a place where they can discuss strategy, plan missions, and share the experience;
  • Global Events — the players can participate in the time-limited events with its exclusive tasks — just follow the guideline and get new points and rewards;
  • Balance — enemies have been adjusted within the Campaign Stages; some gained levels, and some lost their ranks.

Besides, new Champions and Artifacts were added to the game, and, of course, numerous bugs and issues were fixed. All in all, new updates are beneficial for making the gameplay more engaging and spectacular.