Best Ways to Wear Cute Pastel Clothing

Pastels have been “ruling” fashion for some time now as one of the trends that don’t go away with the next season. Instead, it always comes back even stronger and more loved. It’s no wonder why – pastel colors like lilac, baby blue, millennial pink, or creamy mint carry a touch of romance and authenticity and fit in with the vivaciousness and joy that warm seasons bring.

Pastel colors are gentle and romantic but, at the same time, quite effective and impressive, even if you wear them only as a detail. And there are so many pale colors you can choose from. So don’t hesitate to experiment with brighter shades this summer and bring the necessary refreshment to your outfits.

“Romantize” Your Street Style


Considering warm days are around the corner, it’s time to finally show some skin and refine your street style with delicate light shades. An excellent combination for a day out with friends or a branch is a lilac blazer and pleated shorts paired with a fitted crop top in baby pink or coral color. Add white canvas sneakers, and you’re ready to go!

If you’re more into one-piece clothes, a short jumpsuit in a baby blue color or light yellow dress and some neutral details will also work. These are great outfits for daily walks, and if you wear them in the evening, make sure to bring a light cardigan. Pastels on a cardigan? Perfect, as you can perfectly pair both outfits with soft blue, lilac, dusty rose, and even mint.

For daily, casual looks when you just want to hang with friends or go outside, pastels can make a statement in athleisure outfits, too. If you feel good in bike shorts and crop tops, wear them in lighter nuances like coral or mint. Or combine two pastels. Or add a casual white T-shirt or beige sweater over it. As for shoes, this cozy outfit requires equally comfy footwear, so go with sneakers. The model can be basic, but you can always make a statement with chunky sneakers.

Add Neutral Colors for Glam Look

Pastels are very grateful for combining when you want to look glamorous and sophisticated. And if you do it with neutral shades like sand, beige, or even white, the chances of making a mistake are almost non-existent. An excellent combination for some festive events like a wedding is a seashell-white off-shoulder top with a long pastel pink ruffled skirt.

On the other hand, if you prefer a slightly more relaxed version, combine linen pants and a light, elegant blouse. For example, the lower part can be white, while the top can be lavender or melon green. Some cute patterns like polka dots or floral might also work. That’s a way to play it safe and still get noticed.

However, combining pastels with neutral colors can be a slippery field. If you don’t add some dazzling detail to your outfit or highlight it in any other way (some staple heels or bulky jewelry, for example), there is a chance that, even though you put a lot of effort into your outfit, the end result will be bland. So if there’s a chance for that to happen, maybe it’s better to choose bolder nuances instead of neutrals to combine with pastels or have soft colors only on accessories.

Charming Outfits for a Perfect Date

Pastels show our gentler side, and going on a romantic date is an ideal opportunity to highlight it. And what is more romantic than a delicate floral dress? Summer calls for mini dresses like those from Shop The Mint Julep Boutique, and the model itself should be light and breezy, like an A-line or wrap-around. These are great choices for romantic dinners and beach walks, as you can pair them with flats, wedges, and even sneakers if you strive for maximum comfort.

If your date night will end in a nightclub, a bodycon pastel dress will also work. Complete this outfit with eye-catching accessories like a necklace or a belt. For extra attractiveness, opt for some cut-out models and some neutral heels. It’ll make you sexy and girly at the same time.

However, take care to match the shade of pastel with the color of your skin. Darker skin calls for more striking hues, such as yellowish, orange, or coral. Colors with golden undertones flatter medium skin tones, while those with pale complexions should wear cooler tones like lilac, baby blue, mint, and light pink.

Pastel Suits for Business Occasions


Who says corporate dressing imposes dark colors because they seem more serious and professional? Certainly, there is a dress code that workers in companies must adhere to, but that doesn’t mean that pastels can’t fit into that mold. Moreover, business outfits in softer colors have the same attitude as dark, bold shades. Here you can check some ideas for casual business attire.

If you want to start with pastels but are still shy to express your more romantic fashion side, start with one piece of pale light clothing. For example, a mint blouse or shirt goes well with beige pants and a navy blue pencil skirt. And if you decide on both neutrals, brown or black for the upper and lower part of the outfit, a pastel jacket will be an eye-catching detail.

Monochromatic suits in delicate shades are a good choice for less formal business meetings and gatherings but also for casual Fridays. Opt for a three-piece suit where pants/skirt and a jacket of the same color. The blouse or shirt can be the same color but in a different shade. Coral, mint, and light turquoise are great colors to shine in business outfits this summer.

We couldn’t say that pastel clothing is a must this summer, but these are something that would definitely brighten and refresh your wardrobe. Light colors improve mood, but they can also make wonders to your outfits, so don’t hesitate to shine this summer in pastels!