12 Myths About Clothing Trends

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If you like clothes and style, you probably have plenty of pieces that you enjoy wearing, from that favorite pair of jeans from Good American to clothing made for concealed carry from Primary Arms. But there are many misconceptions about clothing styles and trends that are important to remember when adding to your wardrobe.

1. Clashing Prints Are Always Bad

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Many believe that you cannot pull off wearing two different prints in the same outfit. But some fashion experts contend that mismatched patterns can make you look stylish and cool. The way to make it work is to get the colors right; select two clashing pieces in slightly different shades of the same color, and you should be able to pull it off.

2. You Can’t Wear White After Labor Day

This misconception has been around for decades, but if it were ever true, it’s certainly not today. Fashion experts do recommend saving classy white linen pieces for the summer and the beach. But you can always choose stylish white jeans or a white fisherman’s sweater for any time of the year.

3. High Heels Are More Feminine

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There is nothing wrong with a stylish pair of high heels, and they definitely can look feminine and sexy. But there are so many other ways that a woman can give the same effect, from properly fitting clothes, to how she walks, to the style of the blouse she wears.

Remember that no one piece of clothing or accessory makes a woman look feminine. There are many options to consider when you want to achieve this look.

4. You Must Be Tall To Wear…..

There are several myths in the fashion industry about height, such as you need to be model-like tall to pull off a long dress. However, many shorter women look fantastic in long dresses, not to mention high waisted pants. So when you are filling out your closet, remember to try things on in the fitting room before deciding it’s not for you.

5. Color X Is Out Of Style

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Every color has gone in and out of style many times. If you give away every piece of clothing in ‘out of style’ colors, you’d probably have nothing left! Remember that trends in color occur in cycles. The best thing to do is to wear colors that you like and that look good on you.

6. You Must Match Your Purse And Shoes

Whoever came up with this fashion idea is just plain wrong. Mismatched shoes and bags are trendy and you see it more often than not in big cities. This doesn’t mean you should try to make them mismatch, but if they do, it’s okay. For example, when you wear your black boots, it’s not required to have a black purse; go for a pop of color instead to make a fashion statement.

7. New Means It’s Better

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Clothing manufacturers would like you to think that everything new is better, higher quality and in fashion. So, of course, they make more money by promoting this myth. Better quality clothing is better in terms of longevity and how long it looks great on you. If you choose high-quality pieces, some of them can last you many years. On the other hand, a new piece made from lower-quality fabrics may be worn and faded after a year.

8. People Notice Your Clothes First

Clothing is essential, but it’s not the first thing that a person notices. What’s more important is your face, how you walk, posture, and other subtle aspects of appearance. Your clothes can boost your appearance, but other things matter more. Also, your good name and reputation make a significant impact on people before you even enter the room. Keep in mind there is more to a person than the clothes they wear, so focus on improving those critical aspects, not just what’s in your closet.

9. Blue Won’t Go With Brown Or Black

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The truth is that navy, brown, and black are neutral colors and can go with anything, which also means each other. For example, you may wear a navy dress with a stylish brown belt, making the dress look chic. Another idea is to put on black slacks with a snug navy jacket, which looks more intriguing than black on black.

10. Stripes Make You Look Heavier

We aren’t sure where people got the idea that stripes make a person look wider. But studies suggest that wearing horizontal lines can make you look leaner and taller. Anything with a stripe pattern can make you look longer, but narrow stripes are the best option.

11. Never Put Gold and Silver Together

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This is a long-standing fashion rule that many people break today. Many men and women wear gold and silver together, and it looks great. It mostly comes down to the type of metal you think looks best on you. If you believe that a gold bracelet and silver neck chain look incredible on you, then go for it!

12. Remove One Accessory Before Going Out The Door

Years ago, there was a point system to grade a person’s appearance. Under the Mrs. William C. Wench system, every item you wore was assigned a value, and the idea was to have a 10 for each outfit. This system should be forgotten. Fashion authorities say that wearing accessories that look great is an art, and you cannot boil it down to a mathematical formula.

For instance, wearing several bracelets on your right wrist would put you way over 10 points on the scale above, but it’s a terrific way to make a good outfit look even better. There have been many fashion styles and trends over the last several decades, and whatever was ‘in’ at one point is ‘out’ at another.

While there are some hard and fast fashion rules, many of them can be broken, and you can look great. If you decide that you look better in a specific color and make you feel good, then go for it, no matter what the ‘fashion experts’ say.