5 Reasons Why Wearing a Wig Is No Longer a Taboo – 2023 Guide

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You might think that personal choices such as quitting your job, leaving your partner or wearing a wig is not something people should comment or judge. In reality, personal choices exposed to the opinions of others usually end up being questioned. But not only questioned behind your back, but oftentimes, you’ll get a direct question to your face. Do you wear a wig?

Luckily, the stigma around wings is slowly disappearing over the years. Numerous factors contribute to spreading awareness and normalizing any personal choice whether it has something to do with fashion, health or any other field in life. Has wearing wings become the norm? It’s become more than that. A taboo in the past, wigs have come a long way from an option to what they are today – a normal thing, or even a trend.


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It’s important to address the health reasons behind wearing a wig. Although it’s often a matter of looking good or changing your look, wigs play an extremely important role in helping people with health conditions, to combat those conditions and have their self-esteem back. Hair is utterly important for every person. Having great hair is being identified as being worthy, so for those who experience hair loss, or have certain skin conditions such as alopecia, it might be hard to feel their self-worth in a way that allows them to function normally, according to specials from PremierDermatologyAtlanta. This is why normalizing wigs as a part of one’s identity and choices, is crucial for creating a healthy, accepting and understanding society. And it’s not just fantasy anymore. It’s become a reality.


Wigs were known as a status symbol a couple of hundred years ago. Every period in history has brought us new and different wig styles, which represented someone’s wealth, profession, or even a royalty sign. They have also been used as a convenient way to cover certain signs of disease on one’s skin, such as syphilis. Not only as a status symbol, but wigs were also a sign of one’s good fashion taste. Quite popular then, they were continuously making their way into the modern era. Today, it seems like only a little has changed. While they do serve the purpose of helping the sick, they also became a significant part of the fashion industry. Can you imagine a Met Gala or any other famous Hollywood event without colorful outfits that include hair extensions and wigs? It’s hard to imagine today’s celebrities without drastic and constant hair color or hair length and style changes. Wearing a wig is a great way to draw attention, change your look in a few simple steps and never worry about a bad haircut again.

Logically, wigs are not a taboo anymore. Today, our approach is different as well as our understanding of the phenomenon itself. Here are the 5 reasons why wearing a wig is not a taboo anymore.


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Following the celebrities’ and influencers’ example, people have started wearing wigs regularly, without having to worry about the impression they’ll make. Celebrities are promoting wigs as a part of their lifestyle, completely changing their looks from time to time, which is being welcomed by their audience. Not only that, they are saving their hair by reducing constant stress on the hair such as curling, straightening or blowing out. Many people who didn’t know that wigs can look so natural or affordable are now introduced to this topic by influencers and celebrities who love to wear them and talk about them.


Just like we change our makeup and experiment with it, it’s become normal to fit our hair with our outfits. What was once reserved for movie stars and people from fashion only, is today affordable and accessible to everyone. According to Sunber Hair, you can find numerous hair extensions and wigs in different styles and lengths, to fit your preferences and fulfil everything you wished for. Maybe you woke up like a redhead today. With a few simple clicks, you can choose natural-looking human hair weaves or wigs and upgrade your look. Everything can be found online, from ideas to amazing products. Sounds good?


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Speaking out was never an easy process. However, the power of social media brought us some great benefits when it comes to spreading awareness and normalizing certain conditions, diseases and things people struggle with. A person who went on chemotherapy almost always experiences hair loss, while alopecia, although underrated, causes complete hair loss in many cases. Knowing the problems these people face on a daily basis when being asked if they are sick or being pitied, it’s easier to understand why these people wear them and how it makes them feel. Feeling like a regular member of society is something these people strive for. That’s why a more open and welcoming state of mind is the modern era’s great benefit.


In the past, people have been struggling with hair loss, and the alternatives were not so great. Hair didn’t look very natural and it was easy to spot that it’s fake. That’s why people were left with two, almost equally bad choices. Today, the situation is completely different. Most of the wigs and extensions look so real that it’s hard to notice that it’s not someone’s real hair. Especially human natural hair weaves, which can easily make your hair look fuller, longer or shinier. It’s important to mention that even a couple of weaves can make a huge difference in someone’s natural hair. Maybe you want to enhance your ponytail look. Just add one or two extensions and you will notice the difference immediately.


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With so much demand, wigs manufacturers have started making high-end products and the wig market is growing enormously. This is a good thing for all the consumers since they get to choose between various brands and their products. With so much competition and so much supply, these items are becoming more affordable too, which almost erases the differences between different financial conditions people experience. They can also get purchased anywhere, from online to physical stores, which increases their popularity as well as the awareness about the hair loss problem.