How to Make Your Links Look Good on Social Media in 6 Easy Steps – 2023 Guide


We live in this new, modern time in which social media is a massive part of marketing and everyday life. Nowadays, a good marketing strategy is an essential step for your business improvement. One of the things you may not have considered is the way you insert a link into your social media. It can have either a positive or negative impact on your campaign and its success. Learning how to share your links can help you achieve your goals, so it should be your top priority. That is why today we are talking about how to make your links look good on social media in a few easy steps.

1. Leave the URL in your post


Many people like to delete the URL and just leave the link preview. To them, URLs look like too much of the same content in one post, so they want to eliminate them. But we are here to tell you you should leave the URL in your post every time. That way, you make the link clickable area wider, which can be useful in increasing link clicks. You may not see it that way, but people act differently on social media. Some people simply like to click on the URL more than on the preview. And every time they see the URL, they’ll feel much more attracted to the link. It sounds funny in a way, but that’s just how it is. You need to be aware that people’s behavior on the internet varies, so your job is to customize your content as much as you can. After you start leaving URLs in your posts, you will likely start noticing your campaigns are getting more success than before.

2. Skip using URLs that are too long


The first simple way you can make your links look on social media is to make sure that your URLs look decent. If you leave them long, it can look bulky and messy. And this can repulse people from clicking on them. Always make sure your URLs look tidy and minimalistic. This clean look will attract many potential customers, which is your main goal. It doesn’t matter which social media platform you’re using. The URL should be as minimalistic as possible so that people scrolling can immediately see what is it about. That will likely make them want to click and check out what the URL stands for. People will surely consider them more serious and professional. These modifications might look too simple to be working, but in reality, they can be a game-changer and boost your conversions.

3. Make sure you’re using very good preview images


In the 21st century, everything is about aesthetics. People like to see beautiful pictures, so that has become the main point of many social media platforms. You should always try to make sure you’re using a very good preview image. They can make people engage much more and get interested in what’s behind the link. Many people are visual types, so they don’t like to waste their time reading. For all of them, putting some good pictures next to the link can be a great tactic. When they see something they like, it will motivate them to also read the text and check out the link. Kontentino can help you understand better social media link preview. They offer a detailed overview of what can you do with Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin link previews. Also, they provide a few useful tools that can help you optimize your work with links.

4. Include emojis


We all know we can’t imagine our everyday texting without emojis. Emojis became a massive part of our communication, and they help us transfer our emotions to the recipient. They make the conversation much more live and trustworthy. And this doesn’t stop chatting. If you want to increase clicks on your links, you can do it by using these colorful little men. When used right, emojis put a much friendlier tone on the text next to the link. And people love it when they feel like they’re chatting to a person while reading a post on social media. That is why this can be a great strategy to increase the engagement of your followers, and boost your campaign results. You don’t want to overdo it, because it will look fake and overemphasized. But if you find the right measure, it can be very effective. Use emojis to get closer to your community and make a proper atmosphere. When you achieve that, they will also feel more attracted to click on your links, and you’ll get more conversions.

5. Mention the most important in the first three lines


Another thing that can make your links work better on social media is keeping an eye on the first three lines of your text on Facebook. That’s how much this platform allows you to write before it gets cut with ‘see’. Of course, your text can be as long as you like, but the first three lines need to look good to get the attention of your link. You can use bold letters and any other strategy you think might work and get people interested in the content of your link. A good text can also make the link more attractive and engage many more potential customers. If your first three lines are boring, it is likely that your followers will keep scrolling without paying much attention to your link. And this is what you should avoid if you want your campaign to work.

6. Choose the right timing


One of the strategies that can indirectly make your links look better is finding the right timing for your campaign. You should try to get to know your audience, and understand their habits. The best time to post is the time when your followers are sitting at their homes relaxed, and scrolling their social media posts. The same post will not look as good when they’re in a hurry. Studying your analytics can help you understand your audience and get an idea of when is the best time for you to post.

Usually, people are most present on social media late in the morning or in the evening. So that is the time when your link will look the best, and they will feel most attracted to click on it. You should avoid posting in the middle of the day because it is likely you will not get the desired results.

Furthermore, The more social networks you run, the greater your audience reach. If you don’t have time to manage a large number of accounts, hire qualified professionals. For more information, check out

Conclusion: Social media is a vital part of marketing nowadays. That is why you want to make your links look good on social media, and try to attract as many customers as possible that way. There are different strategies you can use to make your links on social media look good. Paying attention to these details can help you achieve much bigger campaign success and grow your business in no time.