9 Audio Tips And Tricks On How To Make Your Stereo Sound Quality Better

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Enjoying their favorite genre of music is something that many people prefer in their free time. Even when working, listening to music is found soothing and relaxing which promotes productivity. For that reason, improving your stereo sound quality is an important thing you must focus on.

Although there are many ways how to improve your setup, you need to begin from somewhere. You should begin with fixing your equipment, and only then consider upgrades.

We made this article to help you improve your stereo sound quality and enjoy music better. Keep reading and learn these simple tips and tricks that will significantly change the way you listen to and feel the music.

1. Observe your equipment

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Before you make any moves, you have to evaluate your current equipment. For that reason, inspect every part of it and look for damages. Use this time to clean your gear and leave it in pristine condition.

If you notice burn marks or tearing of the speaker’s membranes, you should consider getting new pieces. However, if you can’t find any signs, but the system is not sounding the way it used to, bring a serviceman over. In addition, if your friends know audio parts, invite them for help.

2. Check your equalizer settings

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Sometimes, the problem can lie in the equalizer settings. Although it seems like an absurd issue origin, we often seem to forget to try the easiest solution. We might change our setting by mistake, or someone else might be messing with it.

For that reason, many receiver models come with a feature to play pure sound. This means that the equalizer will not affect the tune. Try this option and see whether the quality improves.

3. Improve the wiring

Poor wiring can be the reason why many systems sound bad. When cleaning, we might move the receiver or other piece of equipment which can cause loose connections. The wires have to be often observed and checked for problems. Regular maintenance comes with reconnecting the wires to ensure proper connection.

In addition, you should not cheap out on wires since they are not that expensive, but they make a huge difference in music’s quality.

4. Listen to high-quality tracks

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Another reason why your sound might not be the best is because of bad music sources. If the tracks you listen to have low quality, you should not have high expectations.

For that reason, if you prefer a digital source, consider investing in high-resolution audio. If you prefer listening to an analog source, always get high-quality records that resist the sound warp.

In addition, investing in a digital to analog converter is a great choice since sometimes the compressed files can lack frequency quality. Just try listening to music with this device and the difference will be evident.

5. Improve your sensations

Another way to make your listening session better is by improving all of your sensations. Check out this Woojer’s vest review to see exactly what these kinds of vests can do:

It can help create a one-of-a-kind experience. This vest comes equipped with vibration motors that create tactile sensations throughout the body.

When we incorporate our other sensory organs while listening to music, the sound feels drastically better. In addition to the vest, a great pulsating ambient lighting can be a great fit to the setup that will completely change your music listening sessions.

6. Ensure network connection

The cause of our bad stereo sound could be the network connection. If we use the internet to have our songs streamed, the lack of proper connection can lead to a bad sound. That is why you should always have a router next to your audio setup so you always maintain a proper signal.

The track files that are not compressed are larger, so their stream requires a better network signal. In addition, use sites that use uncompressed files to be sure that even with a great connection you don’t compensate for quality.

7. Prevent unnecessary vibrations

The vibrations caused by our system can lead to noise that ruins our sound quality. Those rattles and buzzes are unpleasant and can ruin our mood even when we enjoy a certain song played. That is why we should prioritize removing these unnecessary vibrations.

Many products offer vibration canceling features. They are usually made out of rubber or silicone and they are placed underneath the speakers. For more advanced setups, there are platforms with spikes or discs depending on the floor type.

These are essential pieces for your setup since not only do they improve the sound, but they increase the longevity of your speakers. That is why they are a must-have piece for your home music gear.

8. Improve room acoustics

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Speakers are designed to be properly placed for the best sound quality. If you place them randomly in your room, that can be the cause of the worsening quality. This is the period where you have to consider improving your room’s acoustics and placing your speakers appropriately.

If you have a surround setup, you will have to find a place for your speakers on all sides of the room. Especially if the system comes with five or seven speakers, arranging them properly is essential. In addition, getting the correct elevation can be a key factor in improving your sounds.

Many systems come with a stock equalizing feature that makes the speakers sound properly. This is dependent on your room structure and the feedback they receive while playing. If you have trouble doing this manually, automatic equalizing is a great feature for you.

9. Prevent power noise creation

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When we connect our equipment directly to the electricity socket, we might hear buzzing sounds that interrupt our songs. To see whether your setup has such noises, turn on every piece of equipment without music playing. If you notice a specific sound, you should consider getting a powerful protector.

These devices prevent these power noise creations and can be an essential piece for your music corner if you have experienced electricity humming.

To see how they work, play your favorite song both with and without this device. The difference is evident, and it surely improves your stereo sound quality.