5 Best Places in Croatia to Use as a Base for Touring Surrounding Areas

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Visiting a country you haven’t visited before is always an exciting time, right? No matter how much you have traveled, there are always places you haven’t been before. Croatia, for quite a long time, was a hidden gem of the European continent.

If you are interested in renting villas in Croatia, you’ll be happy to hear that there are numerous holiday homes to take a look at. It has one of the most beautiful seaside you have ever seen.

Also, a high percentage of the country is located on the seashore, which guarantees you will have a lot of interesting places to visit, right?

However, that doesn’t mean that there are no interesting locations you can see in the inland part of the country.

In fact, there are a plethora of them. Now, we want to talk about a couple of cities you can use as a base for planned touring. Let’s take a look at a couple of them.

1. Zagreb

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The first one we would like to talk about is the Capital of Croatia, Zagreb. As is the case with any capital in this part of the world, we are talking about a rather vibrant city. Since it is located in the central part of the country, it would serve as a perfect base for touring in the future.

The city itself is filled with historical sites you can visit. Probably the most popular location is the main cathedral, which has high towers. The architecture represents a unique mixture of Balkan culture, Central Europe gothic style, and modern aspects. You will certainly enjoy it.

When it comes to the nightlife, there are not many places in the world where you will have a better time. You can be sure of that. Plus, you can spend hours sitting in cafes in the center of the city, surrounded by beautiful buildings, friendly people, and all other significant elements.

2. Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik is the most significant city on the seaside. Over the years, it has become a touristic heart of the entire country. A significant factor that increased its popularity is the fact that a famous TV show “Game of Throne” was filmed in this historical city. Fans of the series will love it here.

The city is located in a rather interesting part of the country. You can visit one of the numerous small towns near it, like Ston, and see how people live here. Those who enjoy a peaceful way of life will see perceive these small cities as a great location to be after retirement.

Now, let’s return to Dubrovnik. This is a city whose every stone comes with a lot of history. There are numerous historical sites, like museums and monuments of people important to the city’s history. Also, there are countless restaurants, cafes, and other places where you can spend a lot of time relaxing.

3. Hvar

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Croatia is a country that has a plethora of islands, both big and small, that you need to see to believe they exist. The nature is exceptional, the beaches are perfect, and the Mediterranean climate serves its purpose perfectly in this part of Europe. One of the most visited islands is called Hvar.

It is a rather small island when you compare it to some other ones. You can go from one end to another one in less than two hours. Still, don’t make the mistake of believing that you cannot see a lot of interesting places in it. Plus, it is greatly connected with other islands and the inland.

Therefore, you will have no problems whatsoever when it comes to visiting other parts of the country from this spot. When it comes to places you can visit, make sure to ask the locals for old castles, ancient caves, and many more historical sites. We believe this is the place to be on holiday.

4. Split

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After Dubrovnik, Split is the second most significant city on the seaside. It is an ancient city, which dates almost 2,000 years back in history. Even a famous Roman ruler, Diocletian, was born in this city. So, you shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that you can find his palace, which is almost intact to this day.

As is the case with any coastal city in Croatia, you will have a chance to visit exceptional beaches and friendly locals, who will be more than helpful to tourists. They love to share their history and values with people who visit them. Split is connected with all parts of the country with high-quality roads.

Since this is a historical city, like Dubrovnik, you can find many sites, like the statue of Bishop Gregory of Nin, the Marjan park. However, we feel that the most interesting place in this city is the harbor promenade. It is the place where you can make some of the best pictures you have ever done.

5. Rovinj

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The last place we would like to point out as a great base for touring in Croatia is the city of Rovinj. It is located in the North-West part of the country, on the seaside. The region is known as Istria. What makes it interesting is that you can find a lot of Italian cultural influence, alongside Croatian.

The reason why this is possible is that it is located near the border with Italy. So, not only that you can visit the whole region, which is, according to many, the most beautiful one in the country, it is also possible to cross the border into Italy whenever you feel like doing it.

Also, we feel obliged to say that this is a small town. So, those who visit it cannot expect too much of a crowd. We are certain that many people who like slow-paced tourism will find this place interesting enough for them to visit.


As you can see, Croatia is a beautiful country filled with sites you should visit. Here, you can take a look at a couple of places that can make it easy for you to visit all the places you want. We’re sure you will find them useful.