DIY or Hire Professionals for Composite Decking – 2023 Guide


A house deck is a great investment, especially nowadays when most of us are forced to stay at home and limit our social activities. It’s quite boring to be surrounded by four walls all the time so a deck allows you to view the outside world while still technically remaining at home, except you’re outdoors.

When it comes to building a deck, some people choose to do it on their own while others think it’s safer to hire a team of professionals for the task. Which one is the right choice? Find out in today’s article.

Composite decking and the meaning behind it


We’re not going into the significance of decking and how important of an investment it can be since you’re probably already familiar with that. But, we’ll focus on composite decking rather than using traditional wood materials for it. What the advantages are, why people choose this method and all else that’s worth knowing.

So the materials used in composite decking are of higher quality, they are sturdier, and most importantly resilient to termites. As we all know, termites are the number one enemy of anything that’s made out of wood. Over time they can be the cause of huge holes in your deck, and that’s not what you want. Composite is a material that is a mix of wood and plastic. It’s heavier and just feels more solid when you touch it or walk over it. A pretty modern solution for those who want durable decks.

So, this already seems like a great project. Should we build it ourselves or hire a team of professionals to do it instead? Let’s take a look.

DIY or Hiring Professionals for Composite Decking?


We’ll start with the answer you were all probably expecting, but that’s not the only answer you’ll get. First of all, we’d like to begin by saying that it depends on whether you want to build your composite deck or not. By “it depends” we mean weighing in the difficulty of the task with your previous experience with something like it, as well as the budget you have for the project. If you are a professional deck-builder, what’s stopping you from achieving the same quality of build you’d get from a team of professionals? However, how many of us is a professional deck-builder? I’d say just a few, and I’m probably right.

Now if you’ve saved money for some time and you want a solid deck that’s going to last for a long time and endure all sorts of things, it’s better to hire a team of professionals. Not only they’ll make it better, but they’ll do it faster and with much more convenience. You won’t be risking injuries and you won’t be running into any hidden costs such as tools for example that you thought you had but it turned out you didn’t.

The next question is, are you physically fit for the job? Maybe you’re an older, already-retired individual who wants to spend the rest of your life relaxing and not worrying about a thing. In such a scenario, hiring someone to build the deck for you is the best idea. In case you don’t know where to start but you are already considering this as an option, is a website where you can learn some more about such projects.

What will save me more money? DIY or Pay-For-Project?


The obvious answer to this question is Do-It-Yourself, but is it really like that once you begin the process of building your composite deck? As we said above, you’ll realize you’re missing tools, and then you’ll most-certainly mess something up during the material-cutting and re-shaping part, which adds a few extra costs as well. And, you can’t forget the most important part, which is the time you spent working on this project. Could you use that time to earn money instead? Of course. If you took a week off work to build a deck it doesn’t mean you saved because you lost five working days that would otherwise earn you money, but now they didn’t.

Do the math and choose based on that. In a conclusion, if you are someone who has a lot of expertise in building decks, the right set of tools, and is physically fit for the job, then sure, building on your own is probably better. If you lack any of the things we just mentioned, it’s almost always better to hire a team of professionals to complete the project for you. Money is just a resource, and so is time, so keep that in mind at all times.

How do I find the best composite-decking company?


If you’ve realized that it’s better to pay for the completion of this project, then you’re probably wondering how to find a trustworthy and reliable company that you can rely on. Well, one of the methods we prefer when doing such research is taking a look at customer reviews and the overall experience and reputation of the brand. The best way to know this however is to ask someone for a recommendation. So, if any of your close friends or family members ordered a deck from a company and they were satisfied with the result, you are already headed in the right direction. If not, proceed with reading customer reviews and go for the company that has the best reputation amongst customers.


A composite deck can improve your quality of life, especially if you are the type of person who enjoys drinking your morning coffee outdoors or watching the sunset in the evening. Building a deck is something that people are doing themselves for a long time, but it’s a tough job and one that requires certain skills and qualities, as well as the right set of tools. In today’s article, we compared the efficiency of building a deck on your own or ordering one from a reputable company.