Common MacBook Issues and Solutions

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Despite pandemic, the IDC (International Data Corporation) says more than 219 million laptops were sold this year. Further, Apple revealed that they had MacBook sales of up to $9 billion in 2023. And what’s more surprising is that this already whopping figure is accelerating quickly as a flash. So, that means while you are reading this, someone somewhere in the world is either buying or unboxing his or her new MacBook. 

Now when talking about why laptops are getting all the attention, it’s because of the convenience it offers. Think to yourself, if given the opportunity to choose from a PC (personal computer) and laptop, what would you choose? We believe your answer is laptops. Why? Of course, because it offers convenience and comes in a handy design that makes it a perfect travel buddy too.

Although they have come to the limelight, yet we can’t ignore the way it hinders the operational efficiency and overall accessibility experience. Just like computers or desktops, laptops do come with an array of challenges which occur due to rough or wrong usage. 

And if you are one of those who have been encountering similar problems, here are some minor yet tiresome laptop issues with their solutions to simplify your usage hassle. Read, explore, and find out how you can sort out your problems. 

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  1. Laptop shuts down immediately – How many of you have seen your laptop going to sleep or shutting down all of a sudden? We know how irritating it is to see it shutting down right in the middle of your con-call or probably favorite series. Most of us either throw or juggle to restart the laptop again. But in between this, have you ever made efforts to find out what’s wrong with it. Why does it shut down without any command? Well, this happens due to overheating. Every laptop has a fan to release excessive heat and dust to keep the machine working seamlessly. When excessive dirt particles and heat build up inside or around the fan, it overheats and shuts to cool down the machine. This is an alarming situation to keep your laptop in good shape, else get ready to buy a new one. If you have been encountering such issues, blow air into the side vent (where the laptop fan is located) to wave off excessive dirt and cool the temperature inside the machine. Make sure you practice this solution after shutting it down completely. 
  2. Opening rar. Files – Opening rar. files in Microsoft Windows laptops is no big deal, but that turns into a hassle when you have recently bought a MacBook. You can’t open a RAR archive file in a MacBook using the default tools or software. RAR (an uncommon name for ZIP) requires an application to unfold the files. Still doubtful about how to do it? The process to unpack any rar. files on Mac are no rocket science. All you need is to have good command over the procedure, get access to the required apps, and you are done. Here are quick steps to it. 
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  • Download the application and store it in the Application folder 
  • Now, right-click on the archive file or folder that you want to extract 
  • Choose ‘Open WIth > The Unarchiver’ option 
  • This will extract the files in the same folder 

Another way – 

  • Launch the ‘Archiver’ from the applications 
  • Drop the RAR archiver on the app’s window 
  • This will make you see the files in the archive. 
  • And now, open .rar files on a MacBook, choose the ‘Extract’ option, select the preferred destination of the rar. files, and click done to complete the process

Once you have downloaded the archiver application in your MacBook, then after the process is simple, quick, and easy. 

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  1. MacBook speed issues – Be it a MacBook or other branded laptops, once you have started to witness laptop speed issues, there is no going back. Dealing with the speed issues increases with time. Here, an informative guide or article can explain the steps to be followed, but at last, you need to make efforts to make a difference. Start with understanding the cause. There are countless reasons behind the poor performance and speed of your MacBook. And it majorly includes – rough usage, opening too many windows, files, and not having sufficient RAM (random access memory). Where you may have been finding it a daunting task to deal with, it just requires freeing up some space to make your laptop run at lightning speed. Get rid of temporary files, keep the desktop clean and organized, avoid using too many programs or applications at one time, especially if you have slightly low RAM space left. If you can’t delete the old files then transfer them to a hard drive to store data without hampering the speed of your laptop. 
  2. Battery issues – Be it any branded laptop or MacBook, laptops give a battery backup of at least 4 to 5 hours easily. And in case you own a new laptop, you may get to relish battery backup of around 6 to 7 hours. But at times, the battery starts to drain quickly, which displays the poor condition of the laptop battery. For this, the first thing to start with is to either end or close the multiple open tasks. This is one of the major reasons behind battery drainage. Then, disable Bluetooth, if not in use. And if you can’t charge your laptop and still want to use it to complete an urgent task, we recommend keeping it on ‘Energy Saving’ mode while reducing the brightness level. If possible, keep the ‘Airplane mode’ on to save battery and keep the laptop running for long. 
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Pro tip – Try to avoid charging the laptop until its battery drains completely. This won’t just help you keep track of battery backup but won’t damage the battery too. 

Key takeaway 

Undoubtedly, laptops offer an array of leverages from portability to hassle-free usage. But sometimes this experience turns into tiresome when laptops start to behave erratically, adding more to your problems. Such issues can be waived off with adequate knowledge about the technical issues and their respective solutions. Therefore, we have listed a string of laptop-related problems along with their quick solutions to help you simplify your laptop usage to a considerable extent. 

Do give them a try and relish working!