What Are High-Performance Passive Antennas Used For – 2023 Guide

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Passive antennas are devices with no amplification stage. Therefore, you won’t see the CP beam in them. Apart from this amplifier, there is not much of a difference between the antennas of active and passive. Furthermore, they are quite useful in transmitting antennas. As the signal is transmitted through an antenna, the active device will receive it. Afterward, the signal is amplified by increasing the RF power.

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Which one is better, Active or Passive?

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Active receivers do not surge the directional gain, therefore, the RF energy remains unaffected. Therefore, for practical purposes, these are used to compensate for the cable loss in receiving applications. As amplifiers are used in them, they boost up the signal before sending it into the line. Thus, cable loss is minimized.

On the other hand, passive antennas offer many more benefits for the users. Therefore, professionals suggest that you use passive transmitters and combine them with in-line amplifiers. Thus, you won’t have to deal with line loss during transmission.

In addition to the in-line amplifiers, there is a new technology called “low-cost RFoF technology”. If you use this latest technology, you won’t have the need to have an active receiver or an in-line amplifier.

Uses of Passive transmitters

They offer amazing performance metrics and design constraints. Therefore, they are widely used in various applications as they provide a significantly high power level. So here is a list of some of the uses.

1 – In military radar

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Passive antennas are used as an anti-shealth technology in military radars. Furthermore, you won’t see any dedicated transmitter in this system. Therefore, the receiver uses the 3rd party transmitters that are present in the environment. Afterward, they measure the time difference i.e. the difference between the signals that arrive through the reflection from any object and the signals that arrive directly through the transmitter.

In addition to this, military radars need high power levels. Therefore, the devices must also be capable of giving high-performance levels. That is why the best choice is to use these transmitters. Furthermore, there is a choice of customization, so you can get it designed at the level you want.

2 – High power telecommunications

Similar to military radars, high power telecommunications also need some very high power levels. That is why telecommunication companies and networks use passive antennas. These antennas can offer multiple uses therefore, instead of using different single-function antennas, this single multifunctional antenna is used. Thus, the communication systems works perfectly without much disturbance in signal strength.

These systems include the Global System for Mobile Communications i.e. GSM and WLAN that is the Wireless Local area network. Furthermore, the GPS (Global positioning system) and the UMTS also use this system. It is the Universal Mobile Telecommunication System.

In addition to all this, these antennas can also improve the wireless system by the exploitation of the tenability properties. Thus, you will see an improvement in the overall system performance. So whether it is about the data rate, its size or range, all of these are improved. Consequently, the wireless system becomes more functional and useful and you can get some tunable matching networks.

3 – Jamming applications

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Signal polarization is the process that comes in handy in jamming applications. Spoofing detection is a method that uses the info of signal polarization. All of these processes need extremely high power levels and high-performance devices. Therefore, you are not left with many choices. Thus, your best choice is to use passive antennas.

These antennas are consist of special materials, components and techniques. All these specialized things combine together to provide you with the high power level you need. Thus, it meets the application requirements to offer the desired results.

In addition to this, the high power levels of these microwaves are invisible. Moreover, they produce a high amount of heat in their area. Therefore, they are challenging to detect. That is why they are most suitable to be used for such purposes like jamming devices and military radars.

4 – Aerospace/ defense applications

Passive antennas are used in various other military applications besides the military radar system. They are especially useful for aerospace applications. Power stress is the most common problem with other transmitters.

Contrarily, passive antennas can offer high power levels with amazing performance. Therefore, they are widely used in different defense applications.

If there is a problem with the power stress in applications, it might be because of some component failure. Moreover, it is one of the common problems in telecommunication and military and defense applications. Therefore, you need the best quality for such purposes. The interesting thing is that the passive transmitters have this quality.


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The only concern is also the biggest advantage of the passive transmitters that is their power levels. These transmitters have high power levels that make them useful for various purposes. But this high power level can also cause damage to the different components involved in the signal pathway.

Although, it is a problem but it only occurs because of low quality or aged material and poor design. Furthermore, it might also be because of some strategic electronic attack from the enemy. Therefore, manufacturers use the best quality in military and defense applications.

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