5 Tips For Removing Eyelash Extensions By Yourself – 2023 Guide

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Nowadays, eyelash extensions are extremely popular – especially since they give your eyes that mystical look. Women all over the world adore the gorgeous look that eyelash extensions give – until it’s time to take them off. We will always recommend that you consult professionals when it comes to removing them. However, if for some reason you can’t do it – take a look at our 5 tips for removing eyelash extensions by yourself.

Eyelash Extensions: A Stunning Look In The Eyes Of Every Woman

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Eyelash extensions are certainly one of the indispensable methods that women apply for aesthetic beautification – and we know for sure that they are very grateful when it comes to their maintenance. A captivating look is what we first notice in a person. Everyone wants to draw attention to themselves with certain details. That especially refers to women – because today, they don’t go anywhere without their makeup on. Earlier, the main accent was on the lips and red lipstick.

However, today the main thing is in the eyes. Namely, when we talk to somebody – we look the person in the eyes. That’s why you should make sure that they always look enchanting and seductive – without a lot of make-up and completely natural. Many factors can help us in this. One of the helpers is certainly eyelash extensions – that look natural but also accentuated and highlighted.

How To Take Off Extended Eyelashes?

As for this matter – everyone will advise you the same. Such extensions should be removed by the cosmetician. For this procedure, it is necessary to apply a means of softening the glue – and it is necessary to wait for a certain time for it to loosen nicely. If not enough time passes – during the violent plucking of the silk bundles, your natural lashes may fall out. However, what if for some reason you can’t go to the beauty salon where you installed them – so you are forced to take them off at home yourself? Although taking off silk lashes should be an easy treatment – this is not always the case.

Unless it is done by a professional. So if you already need to do it yourself at home – let it be in the safest way possible. Here are some suggestions on how to do it.

Tip No. 1: Know what are the possible risks

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Taking off the eyelashes by yourself can be done – however, you must read the warnings. Every cosmetic company that produces them also issues a  glue remover which is always specially formulated for the type of lashes. It serves to melt the glue – but without damaging the natural lashes. Due to the strong glue mixtures, sometimes it’s almost impossible to take them off – without damaging your lashes. However, finishing successfully such a procedure at home – will depend mostly on the kind of eyelash extensions you’re using. You may have Russian eyelash extensions, Hybrid eyelash extensions, Classic eyelash extensions, etc.

These are all different types of extensions, and you can click here to see the difference between them – as well as their quality and durability. The safest method to take off such extensions – is with the help of a professional. However, there are also some other effective methods you can try at home to solve this problem.

Tip No. 2: You must never try to pull them off

It may sound efficient and fast to try to pull eyelash fibers – but it’s definitely a bad thing to do. The extension fibers are sticking to your natural eyelashes – so removing them will result in damaging your lashes too. If you damage the follicle of your natural lashes, you can experience their permanent damage. This means that there is no more eyelash regrowth. Therefore, don’t ever do this. Instead, prepare yourself – and patiently do it, one by one. They may not fall off in a first attempt- but it is still the best way to take them off all slowly – beauticians say.

Tip No. 3: Use cosmetic products that are oil-based

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You can start the procedure by using some of the oil-based products for makeup removal. If you use them every day, these oils will start to weaken the glue on the extensions. You can also find several oily-products that you can use at home and that will have a similar effect. Try putting olive oil, as well as coconut and castor oil. Put them with a cotton stick on the bottom of your eyelashes as well on the roots. For this purpose, you may also use a clean mascara stick – taking care to avoid the eye. Then, you should leave it on during the night while you sleep. Although none of these oils are generally allergy reactive – you should still test them first, before applying to see if your eyes are oversensitive.

Tip No. 4: Try to steam your face over the hot water or with the warm towel

Steaming your face (and eyes) can also be helpful in an attempt to loosen the eyelash glue. Perhaps you might not have a steam device for the face. In that case, bend over hot water. In doing so, make sure that the eyelids are closed while steaming. Hold your face over the steam for a couple of minutes. After that, you should gently rinse the face and try to take them off. Hot showers also have a similar effect, so try it.

Tip No. 5: Try to do it with an eyelash curler

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You can also try to take them off with a simple curler. The point is to bend the lashes where the extensions have been put. You can also try to do this both, before or after the steam procedure or as an additional application – experts suggest. Do not be discouraged if you fail at the first step. This takes patience. So even if you do everything right, you will still need to repeat the procedure several times – if you wish to take them off safely.

Why Put Eyelash Extensions?

Thick, long, and curled lashes have always been the subject of admiration. Therefore, ladies who were deprived of such a look – were forced to resort to finding various ways to grow eyelashes. Today the time and the fashion are somewhat different. A completely new trend of beautification has arrived – with which you achieve fantastic results and the effect of natural lashes.

Best of all, you don’t even have to put on makeup – and you’ll look gorgeous. When you decide on using extensions – you’re not even aware of what kind of favor you are doing to yourself and your eyes. The hair used for this method is made of completely natural or synthetic material –  handmade or machine-made. They are extremely high gloss, which is why they give a better effect than mascara – so you don’t have to put additional make-up on them.