4 Best ConvertKit Alternatives You Should Switch To in 2023

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Nathan Barry discovered ConvertKit, a modern email marketing app. It’s been called “one of the best email marketing solutions for bloggers, developers, and writers out there.” Previously, brands and bloggers with advanced email automation specifications used InfusionSoft; however, ConvertKit entered the market and completely changed the game.

It had features that were similar to InfusionSoft but at a much lower cost. Offer ConvertKit a shot if you’re looking for an email marketing solution that’s both simple to use and flexible. Their app interface is incredibly smooth, with no hiccups. It simply gets the job done without you having to think about technical details. It’s the ideal combination of sophisticated email marketing automation and user-friendliness.

ConvertKit was designed on the concept of being a tag-based system, which is a much more efficient way to handle subscribers and run automations, as we all know. One of the best features of this system is the ability to tag the subscribers based on their actions. When someone clicks a particular connection in your inbox, for example, you can add a tag to them, allowing you to individually target them later. Here are some alternatives to ConvertKit: (Find other cheaper alternatives here)

1. EngageBay:

Source: engagebay.com

With its no-strings-attached CRM, Engage bay aims to provide a more economical alternative to ConvertKit. Yes, Engagebay provides its CRM features for free, but only up to a certain number of contacts. Engagebay, on the other hand, is much more than a CRM. It’s an all-in-one marketing and CRM solution for generating, engaging, and nurturing leads.

Engagebay is made up of three modules:

  • The Bay of Marketing
  • The Sales Bay and CRM
  • The Service Station

The products are designed to work together seamlessly, so you can choose to combine the features you need or go with their all-in-one solution. Engage bay aims to provide companies with resources similar to those offered by HubSpot(alternative), but at a lower cost. It offers a freemium plan for its all-in-one solution, and you can save a lot of money by paying monthly or even two years in advance.


  • Engagebay offers a comprehensive solution.
  • A free plan is open.
  • You will have free access to a helpdesk and live-chat functionality.
  • There are SMS marketing tools available.
  • You have a lot of freedom to pick and choose which features you want to include in your platform.


  • Advanced features such as marketing automation are only available on Engage bay’s higher levels.
  • In contrast to many of its rivals, engagebay’s pricing is more complex.
  • A mobile app isn’t available.

2. AWeber:

Source: businesspartnermagazine.com

AWeber also provides split testing (A/B testing) and ‘Email Web Analytics,’ which allows you to use your own domain in links that you choose to track clicks for, making it easy to track product sales. Oh, and they have three different smartphone applications! One for statistics, one for on-the-go lead capture, and one for email curation.

They also have an intelligent email designer that collects logos, photographs, brand colours, and text from websites and social media to produce “ready-to-send” email templates. So, there are a few intriguing features in there – but let’s take a closer look to see if being first still means being best 20 years later.


Not many newsletter services offer this, but as an organisation that has been around for two decades, it’s understandable that AWeber will put a significant amount of effort into customer service. Support is also available via live chat and email.


There are very few situations where we can suggest AWeber over another tool, mostly because there are many other similar-featured tools that are significantly less expensive.

3. Less Annoying CRM:

Source: bandt.com.au

fewer annoyances CRM is a simple CRM that was created with small businesses in mind. You can access your contacts, leads, notes, calendar, to-dos, and more all from one easy web app. Convenience, affordability, and outstanding customer service are the three pillars on which our product is designed. The lack of a learning curve is referred to as “simplicity.”

You’ll be able to use the CRM in minutes and won’t have to go through any lengthy or stressful preparation. You can get started right away by adding or importing your contacts from another computer. You can access all of your tools and information from any page in the CRM. Affordability is described as a monthly fee of $10 for each user on your account.

You can keep your life structured for a month and even share with your coworkers for the price of a single lunch. Start with a 30-day free trial to see if we’re the right fit for you. We’ll never try to upsell you or push you to buy anything you don’t want. That’d be inconvenient. Excellent customer support entails being reachable by phone or email at no cost.


  • CRM was created for small businesses that need a contact manager that is quick, intuitive, cost-effective, and simple to use.
  • The CRM can be easily customized to suit current workflows.


  • The new interface will take some time to get used to for existing users.
  • Reporting features that are basic.

4. GetResponse:

Source: nichehacks.com

If you’re considering GetResponse or HubSpot, it’ll mainly rely on the company side of things and how well it aligns with the key objectives you want to achieve. Both are Competitors and are intended to help and assist you in determining which companies are best suited for your company.

Create permission-based mailing lists, optimize conversions with email automation and responsive design, and create landing pages with this online marketing tool. Video email marketing, email-to-speech, a custom form designer, and an iPhone app are among Get Response’s features.


  • GetResponse has a simple, intuitive, and powerful interface that makes creating campaigns a breeze. It only takes a few minutes.
  • Get Response’s intelligent list building is perfect for creating and using any number of segmented lists.
  • Conversion Funnel Builder is simple to use.
  • Professional models for a variety of marketing campaigns are accessible.
  • One of the most successful autoresponders on the market.


  • You need consistent delivery rates: For any email marketer, deliverability should be a top priority. In our deliverability checks, GetResponse had some potential for growth. Of course, deliverability rates fluctuate, so we’re hoping for an improvement in the near future.
  • You’re looking for a no-cost plan: GetResponse does not deliver a free (or even freemium) plan; instead, it offers a 30-day free trial. Instead, check out these providers if you’re looking for a free newsletter service.

Although the majority of Get Response’s user interface is easy, some functions, such as the GetResponse landing page and contact form creator, can be difficult to use. It doesn’t feel as user-friendly as the rest of the GetResponse UI, according to some user reviews.