All Your Online Cricket Betting Strategies In One Place


By now I am sure you are well aware that the Indian Premier League has been postponed indefinitely. Fans and players from all the over world were ecstatic when the tournament started but the current situation in India has made it impossible for it to continue.

While it may be heart breaking for the fans, the decision has been welcomed by everyone. India is in midst of a deadly pandemic and we need stand by the country to ensure that it sees its way through the virus.

From our side we were prepared to provide you with the latest tips and tricks on how to place intelligent bets on the ongoing matches. We had researched numerous websites and had shortlisted sites such as who were working very hard to provide excellent tips for the punters.

Just because the tournament is not taking place does not mean these tips should be discarded. In this article we will give you a snapshot of the tips that you can use and urge you to visit websites such as the one mentioned above to get a good understand of how cricket betting works.

Cricket betting can be extremely enjoyable if executed responsibly. Knowing the potential outcomes of a particular aspect of the game can be very appealing. However, one should always consider that there is no way to reach to a point of betting that is 100% successful.

If punters had managed to achieve that then there would be no way for bookmakers to make any money. The fact that they exist is a testament to the uncertainty that exists with betting. However, this does not mean that we cannot create and utilise strategies that might get you closer or in some cases allow you to reach your desired outcome.

Before you list the strategies that we think are useful, we would like to point out that gambling is for individuals that are above the age of 18 only. This will always be the case regardless of the bookmaker that you use to place your bets.

You will be required to provide accurate details of yourself including name and ID. Failure to do so will most likely lead to your withdrawals getting rejected by the bookmaker. Now with that out of the way, let’s start off with the cricket betting tips and tricks.

Early Wicket Strategy


T20 has changed the face of cricket completely, favouring a more bombastic style of gameplay. Boundaries and high-flying sixes have become a common feature of this format. Not dropping early wickets is usually the key to success here so when a wicket does fall within the first five overs, the odds change dramatically. This is where you should place bets on the team batting first with the strategy of cashing out later when the odds have dropped again.

Pre-Match Strategy


In a perfect world, our team would win every game and every tournament it ever played. However, as we all know, this is not always the case. This is where you need to not let your emotions get the better of you. Analyse both teams before you place bets on the actual match. Look out for squad changes, injuries that may alter the dynamics of the team.

Virat Kohli not leading the Royal Challengers Bangalore in a match may prove to extremely costly for RCB and might lead to the team losing the match. You should also pay attention to where and when the match is being played. Is it being played on a pitch that is cracked which will no doubt benefit the spinners? Have the teams compensated for this by adding more spinners to their side?

Similarity is the match being played during the day or night or will it be a day and night match. Dew matches an important role in day and night matches and makes it difficult for the team bowling second to grip the bowl. Similarly, the fielders will have a difficult time gathering the ball which can lead to mis fields and more runs for the opposition.

Hunting for Bonuses


There are tons of bookmakers available in India. You have veterans such as Betway and Bet365 but also have newcomers such as 10Cric. Choice is always a good thing for a punter because not only do you get to try out different interfaces, but you can also take advantage of the different offers that are available.

Trust us, these bookmakers will offer you a bucketload of offers to convince you to make a deposit on their site. These include match deposit offers, free bets and even cashbacks. Our advice would be to take advantage of all the offers that are coming your way but to also read the terms and conditions that come with each offer.

Once you get into the habit of doing this, you will always have some sort of an offer at hand to help you on your cricket betting journey.

Bet Responsibly


Last but not least on our list of strategies is our advice to bet responsibly. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, betting can be quite enjoyable if done correctly. However, it can also turn very ugly if you let your emotions get the better of you. Chasing your losses is never a good idea so a good strategy is to analyse where your losses are coming from and seeing how you can devise strategies to minimise or eradicate them.

Throwing more money at the problem is never a solution in this case. You can even create a simple spreadsheet in excel to keep track of all our bets and outcomes. This will help you build up a record of bets that have been performing well for you.

You can even use it to analyse your performance over certain tournaments. Maybe the fast-paced IPL is not the format for you and instead you will feel that your strength lies in betting on test matches.