How To Know If A Bookmaker Is A Trusted And Licensed


Having so many platforms for online betting, one has to choose carefully and make sure the chosen one is safe. After all, not all bookmakers are legal and trustworthy, and people tend to find out about this the hard way.

When it’s time for a payout, something starts becoming fishy. These sites often lure players with super bonuses, free bets, and high jackpot amounts. So, how can you know if the bookmaker is legal, and can be trusted?

Worry no further, because we’re going to give you a list of things you need to pay attention to…

The first one is of course the License. Every registered, legal bookmaker will have a license number stated on their website, according to which you can see where it was registered, and when.


When is also important to pay attention to, because you want also to make sure it isn’t expired. A license is a guarantee a bookmaker is performing its activity in accordance with the standards, rules, and regulations of the country of origin. Once again, it is the first thing you should pay attention to on a bookmaker website.

Is it a part of a wider bookmaker community? This should tell you whether or not a website is connected to other organizations dealing with gambling. The more of those they work with, the better because it also tells a lot about how serious they are about creating a quality service for their customers.

How can you notice this? There will be different logos posted on the website, linked, so you can visit what kind of organizations are these. It also means they are practicing responsible gambling.


Customer support. Every bookmaker you choose to perform your gambling activity on should be responsive to people’s queries. There will be times something doesn’t go as planned and you want to write to them and get it solved asap. If customer support can’t be reached, it’s a signal that you shouldn’t waste time on this bookmaker.

Security. Online betting or gambling involves a lot of free bets, but also real-money betting. This means you’ll be using sensitive personal information like your credit cards, and other account info related to money handling. Hence, the importance of their security measures is well established. How to know this?


Simple. If there’s a money transaction to be performed, then encryption tools have to be used. They are in charge of protecting your transaction data. Look for the proof that a bookmaker has these, if not, do not waste your time on it.

Finally, there are independent organizations that are in charge of monitoring activities making sure they are up to standards, mostly national ones. Double-check if the bookmaker of your choice has a collaboration with any of these because it’s a sign of (i)legal gambling.


Reading all the above should be enough to get you covered when it comes to safe gambling or betting. These things are very easily spotted, and it should not take you more than a couple of minutes to assess the bookmaker’s safety.