The Six Most Common and Popular Bonuses Offered by Online Casinos


If there is one thing that is constantly on the mind of the average casino boss other than “show me the money”, it will likely be “show me the customers”. For, in reality, casinos are doomed without a steady inflow of paying customers.

Therefore, to ensure that it remains steady, casinos are constantly looking for ways to entice, and also to reward new and old customers alike, though of course, the big spenders will naturally take preference.

Generally, this is done by handing out various free gifts, special deals and promotions, but most commonly, and particularly with online casinos, it is done utilising bonuses.

1. The Welcome Bonus


The most common, popular, and easy bonus to earn, if you have played an online game, you have likely already received a welcome or Zarcasino free spins at some point.

The welcome bonus, also sometimes known as the match bonus, usually comes in the form of a 100% matchup, in which the casino with match your initial deposit, effectively doubling it, up to a prescribed limit. For example, if you deposit an amount of say $50, with a 100% match bonus up to $1000, you will be given an extra $50 free to play with, and the maximum deposit will be $500, half the maximum bonus limit, in which case you will have the full $1000, plus anything extra that may come with it. For example, in slots and video poker additional free spins often comes included.

This is designed to allow new and seasoned casino goers alike to play for longer, and potentially win either themselves, or the casino, more cash.

Aside from the 100% matchup bonus, some casinos are also known to give out free gifts and discounts in the form of coupons and bonus codes. One of casino like that is

2. The Deposit Bonus


All casinos naturally favour the high rollers who are willing to put down a lot of money and make large deposits. Many land-based casinos, with more at stake in keeping things going, will go a lot further than the average online casinos to keep their favourite big spender under their wing. Giving away free nights in their best hotel rooms, expensive tickets to venues and concert, and a whole host of free and complimentary gifts.

For online casinos though, it’s the deposit bonus, which is, by far, the most lucrative bonus offered.

Generally, as a rule of thumb, the greater and more frequent your deposit, the greater your resulting deposit bonus will be. Unlike the other bonuses though, deposit bonuses for high rollers can be huge, with some casinos being known to give away exorbitant amounts to encourage loyalty and continued spending. Furthermore, for those who routinely deposit on a monthly basis, you will likely receive an extra added bonus to your reward.

3. The No Deposit Bonus


On the other hand, if you prefer to not deposit money when you gamble at online casinos, you can still receive a bonus. This is because casinos generally value all their customers, even those who are infrequent and tentative with their spending.

However, this bonus does not come without its restrictions. You will likely have a limit on how much, or how little, you can bet. Or else some other similar measure will be attached, designed to reduce the risk on the casino just in case you manage to win big.

4. The Cashback Bonus


Another highly common bonus next to the welcome bonus, the cashback bonus generally acts as a type of insurance for fresh players signing up to an online casino. This bonus will give back a certain percentage of your cash back over time, and is another bonus designed to keep players going for longer.

Always keep in mind, however, that all games have a “house edge”, which is a certain percentage that you and every player is guaranteed to lose on wagers over time. The house edge’s effect is cumulative, meaning that the longer you spend on a game, the greater it will become in the long run.

The most simple and successful way to combat the effect of house edge is to simply gamble responsibly. Assign a set amount to your bankroll, create a strict loss limit, and, for the mentioned time factor, pace the frequency of your games and bets, and avoid playing over unnecessarily long stretches of time.

For the best results, try at least to always be aware of house edge, and be sure to research exactly how it effects you and your particular game.

5. The Payment Method Bonus


Though most legitimate online casinos will generally offer the full range of most trusted and secure payment methods, there will often be a certain method that they would prefer their customers to use. This may be for security or convenience, but whichever the case, a special bonus will be given for using their recommended payment method.

Keep in mind, always be sure to double check the legitimacy and reputation of any online casino and ensure that they are full certified and have secure payment methods, such as Paypal, E-wallet, or a recognised cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Inadequate or unknown payment methods are often a sure sign that something is amiss with the online casino.

It is always best to do thorough research on any online casino you are thinking of joining well before you give them your money. Read reviews from multiple sources and browse the online casino and its info page before signing up.

6. The Loyalty Bonus


Last but not least, there is the loyalty bonus. Ironically it is not a hefty reward, like the deposit bonus can be, but is rather designed to incentivise regular players to keep coming back, as well as support beginner players as they are starting up. This bonus usually comes in form of free credits, spins, or plays.

When signing up, some casinos also offer a special paid-for loyalty bonus that is guaranteed to improve your odds. This, however, usually comes at a fairly hefty price.