What Is The Best Way To Transcribe An Interview?

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Interview Transcription is actually a very simple process of documenting some conversation. It could be performed between two people or it can include multiple speakers. The process can seem very simple, however, the only problem that could occur is that people become uninterested in the transcription of the whole process.

However, if you are familiar with the methods you can choose from, you can make things easier for yourself. Logically, each of these methods depends on some factors. For instance, you need to consider the number of people that are recorded, time, budget, typing speed, audio clarity, volume, etc.

In this article, we prepared some ways you can consider when you are transcribing an interview such as using audio to text converters, manual transcribing method, collaboration with a transcription agency; and the last way includes hiring a freelance transcriptionist.

Audio to text converters – transcription method

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If you are considering audio-to-text converters such as gglot, you should gather all the information and be familiar with the occasions that will allow you to take advantage of this recording interview method. More precisely, the crucial factors in choosing this recording method are the following: there should be only one speaker recorded at a time and the rate of his speech needs to be steady with an adequate volume.

In general, the transcript created in this automated way would not be so perfect. However, this is still a better and easier option for proofreading than to transcript the record manually. However, the only thing you should pay attention to when you are performing this action is the fact that not all audio-to-text converters can be transcribed from a recorded file. More precisely, some of them are intended for live dictations.

Transcription method referring to the manually transcribing

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One more way to transcribe an interview is by performing the action manually. When it comes to this recording method, it is used when there are two or even more speakers that need to be the recorder. With manually transcribing, you will finish the job much more effectively than using audio-to-text converters because this is not an ideal option for multi-speaker recordings.

Also, the audio-to-text converters require special elements for recording such as special volume and steadiness. With many accents, high rates of speech, and different volumes, multi-speaker recordings are better to perform manually. When it comes to the process of recording, you can do it by yourself, or there is another option that refers to hiring an outsourced team of experts.

Recording method with the support of an outsourcing transcription agency

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For transcribing an interview that you do not understand, or you simply do not have time to perform this by yourself, you can collaborate with a transcription agency. In that way, you can spare yourself from the job and still get it down. The only requirement is to send them your recording with instructions. Logically, after you send them, they will return to you a formatted transcript very quickly. This is a very effective and easy way to get what you needed.

Transcription method referring to hiring a freelance transcriptionist

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One more way to transcribe an interview is to simply hire a freelance transcriptionist who will help you finish the task. More precisely, if you are in a situation where you do not have enough budget to afford a transcription agency service that we analyzed above, you should consider using a service from a freelance transcriptionist.

There are many online platforms where you can find someone who will help you. This is actually a wise option because hiring a freelancer will cost relatively cheap and you will get the same quality of service as from some transcription company. A freelancer will also send you a transcript as soon as possible. The only potential issue can be finding the right person to do this job.

You have two options. The first one is to experiment and choose some freelance transcriber you think will do the job properly and who you are going to trust. And the second option is to ask around and see whether someone has experience with some transcriber. Also, you can look for their reputation and reviews.

Elements you need to pay attention to before starting transcribing an interview

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The first thing you should need to do before you start with the transcribing process is to actually understand all the elements that can affect the process. In that way, you will ensure that everything goes according to the plan without any problem. One of the things you need to consider when you are starting with the process is the speed of typing because it will affect the time you will do the work.

For instance, a skilled transcriber will need one hour to type the 15minutes of audio record. So, you need to see how much time you need to leave for the job. Also, if the audio has poor quality, you will need even more time. The other step you need to do is to identify what you want to achieve with transcription. In other words, think about the purpose. For instance, whether you need only some notes to get from the record, whether someone will read it, does this needs to be a document, etc.

The third thing you need to consider is the right tools for the process. When you determine what you need from the transcript, you will know what tools you need to get. For instance, you need a computer with a word processor, audio player, headphones, and transcription software. The fourth thing you need to think about is the level of details that will serve your transcription needs because there are three categories including verbatim and other.

The first type captures every single sound, and the second type is for reading. The fifth step is to think about two major features when you are creating a transcript including timestamps and speaker identification. It refers to the ability to know who is talking which will make the process easier and will not last so long. Timestamps can be put automatically with most transcription software. They are usually placed at intervals of every 2-5 minutes. In the end, all you have to do is to start!