Air Duct Cleaning Services: What You Should Know


Air duct cleaning is a controversial topic today, and this service is quite talked about. Some recommend it and others are interested in giving it a fair chance, where do you stand when it comes to it? But, no matter the argument, it is obvious that the air duct system accumulates dirt after some time due to its continuous filtering of your home’s air.

The continued buildup makes your system less effective, and you can feel the effect with time. A once in a while air duct cleaning by professional cleaners in this location is a good idea, preferably after five years.

  1. Primary Reasons for doing duct Cleaning
  2. Health – Allergy Relief

Indoor air pollution is a severe case because there is no adequate airflow inside the house, unlike in an open environment. That is why HVAC systems are handy.

  • Indoor air contains 65-75% of pollution more than the outdoor air
  • There are approximately 40 pounds of dust produced in a home per year (according to Discover magazine)
  • Polluted indoor air contributes to 50% of all illnesses (American College of Allergies believes so)

Professional cleaning and sealing can help eliminate these problems, giving your family a healthy indoor environment.

Top 3 Most Important Facts

1. How effective is it


According to, 20-30% is lost due to poor installation of ductworks, holes, and leaks. Even when a home has thermal settings, these problems still contribute to high power consumption bills. You can know and tell if your duct has a problem and that it needs cleaning when:

  • You get high power bills during the winter and summer season
  • You find it challenging to keep your rooms comfortable
  • Your flexible ductwork is kinked
  • Your home’s are stuffy due to poor air circulation
  • Poor location of your ductworks

Regular cleaning helps in keeping your ducts efficient. Also, it helps in preventing wear and tear caused by the straining of the essential components.

2. Pros of Regular Air Duct Cleaning and Sealing

  • It helps in relieving headache, sinus, allergies, and asthmatic conditions
  • It helps in reducing risky health hazards
  • It prevents leakages that comes from gaps and holes in ductwork
  • It provides hygienic living conditions
  • It reduces wear and tear in the system’s components
  • It decreases heating and cooling costs
  • It prevents mold and bacterial growth

3. Advantages of Using Professional Air Duct Cleaners


Whether the professional contractor you hire is a team of two or ten, they always handle you courteously to ensure you are comfortable around them. They follow a precise procedure and the technicians:

  • Use powerful vacuums to do the duct cleaning. The vacuums contain HEPA filters, which provide protection to you and your loved ones. The filters confine the air particles from the air duct, preventing them from spreading. Therefore, when the cleaning is done, you can be confident that only clean air is entering your home.
  • Protect the integrity of your duct system. They seal the access points after the cleaning, which helps in preventing heat and air conditioning loss. The sealing is done securely so that no spaces are left to allow such loss.
  • Also, clean the inside parts of the wall. Non-professional cleaners only clean the base of your air duct, which does not help solve your problem. Then this is done, you will keep cleaning the ducts without a change. However, professional technicians use air wipes to clean your air duct’s inside walls, giving you a lasting solution.
  • Helps you to prevent the growth and development of molds, bacteria, viruses, and mildew by using sanitizers to disinfect your ducts. It also helps in removing foul odors.
  • Use a broad and powerful hose. Some debris is large, while others are stubborn. Professional technicians do not only handle light dirt and leave the rest. Instead, they come armed with appropriate equipment to help remove items such as toys, construction material, and others that may be trapped, preventing your system from functioning as intended.
  • Give a warranty. Since professional technicians are confident with their work, they often provide warranties to their clients after the service. Most go for a whole year to come and inspect where the problem is coming from and fix it immediately.

When you feel like your air ducts are no longer efficient, make a quick consultation with a professional. You can book an inspection appointment for the team to come and assess your ducts. If cleaning is the solution, you get a quote from the provider.

Most asked questions-answered

1. Will it help with my health problems?


No one can know this for sure at the beginning, but it will help overall for sure. Duct cleaning will do more good than harm for everyone. Most people aim for yearly maintenance of the heating system, and you should also jump onto this preferred and recommended level.

2. What are duct materials like?

You may be familiar with air ducts that are constructed of sheet metal. However, you can also choose fiberglass or plastic materials. If you go for internal insulation you will enjoy better (noise) control. Flexible duct is very low cost. Just make sure that no water gets into your system since humidity can make an impact on your duct, and it can shorten its lifespan.

3. Should I use chemical biocides inside of air ducts?

Did you know that no products are registered by EPA when it comes to biocides and fiberglass duct boards? Your chosen service will tell you whether there is or isn’t bacteria in your duct and will leave this possibility to you to choose from. Some problems that you might encounter when it comes to biocide and ozone are:

Spraying these materials into the duct might seem impractical

You might have some headaches

Talk with your provider about the use of biocide in your air ducts, and use its general rules and labels when using it at your home.

4. Do sealants prevent the release of dust and dirt particles into the air?


Your chosen manufacturer will do one coat to trap dirt and dust particles from coming into your air. In some cases, the application of sealants may also affect the overall use of the product and might make a noise blockage. The best solution is to avoid sealants. Do not use them on wet duct liner either and simply cover actively growing mold and continue the process after doing the cleanup.

Ready for a cleanup?

After reading this article, are you ready for the cleanup of your entire home? As you can see, there are loads of different pros when it comes to the duct cleaning process. Let us know if you have had it done before, and if not, are you willing to give it a go sometime soon?