How to Use VPS and the VPS Practices


A lot of people are already aware of the importance of choosing the right VPS hosting service provider. It can be seen from the growth from the number of people who already use it as their website hosting server. It is logical since the VPS server can give a ton of advantages compared with the other hosting services, such as a dedicated server, colocation, cloud hosting server, and shared hosting server. I bet you also understand how vital the VPS server is since you can come up to this article, don’t you? Luckily in this article, you will get complete information about what VPS hosting is, how to use it, the comparison between the VPS server and the other website hosting server, plus when the perfect timing is in using the VPS server for your website performance’s upgrading. Let’s get started to join in the discussion in the below section.

What is VPS Hosting? All You Need to Know About Virtual Servers


In this panel session, you will be given information about VPS and how to use it for your website to optimize your website performance in the top ways. So, what is VPS hosting actually?

VPS is a hosting server service for a website hosting activity. It is the acronym from Virtual Private Server. If you think it is related to the virtual or virtualizing process, you are correct to get the point.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtualized physical computer that functions as the server computer on your VPS hosting server. It is duplicating all the aspects on the physical server’s computer to perform the actual performance that the physical server computer can do. Hence, in the, you can install, change, or uninstall software in the VPS server to optimize the website.

You are also granted permission to install or change the operating system on the virtualized server’s computer. In case you want to swift the Linux operating system (OS) to Windows operating system (OS) or the opposite, you are legally allowed to do that.

On the hosting activity, VPS virtualized server’s computer can handle all the processes with optimum performance. Starting from the receiving process, verification process, searching process, managing data, and many more.

The ultimate feature in the VPS hosting server is not only limited to the virtualized computer but also to the data center too. To be more specific, the datacenter on the VPS hosting server is mostly using the SSD (Solid-state drive) instead of HDD (hard disk drive). Using SSD (Solid-state drive) as the component in the data center, data transportation is getting faster than the other website hosting servers else. SSD is perfect hardware that is suitable to be used as the data center component because SSD has the feature that is better than the HDD. THE first SSD uses flash memory instead of the magnetic disk, which in this part, SSD can perform the less-noise and less-heat performance in processing the data on the data center. Plus, SSD can reduce power usage, so it will be a great advantage if the power is not too much consumed on a single component.

The explanation above is only the general understanding of VPS. In the below section, you will get the information about the advantages of using the VPS hosting services on your website hosting activity that divided into three parts as security, accessibility, and variation:



The VPS hosting server is the best in providing the hosting process’s security compared with shared hosting service and cloud hosting service. The only service that can be considered as the competitor of VPS in the security aspect is only a dedicated server. VPS server is capable of giving you the best security because it provides the dedicated resource, which means that the clients will be given the single resource that they can develop and use for their purpose. Since the resource is given in a personal way, the security rate is also increasing as well.


VPS hosting server will give you full root access to your server. What is full-root access? Full-root access is permission granted from the VPS server provider to you to make any changes that you may need on the website hosting activity. Full-root access is a perfect feature because it is compatible with the virtualized computer’s characteristic that requires some advanced management in practice. This feature is available on the VPS hosting server and dedicated server only.



VPS server has several variants in its services. So, if you think a VPS server is just a server, you are wrong this time. The other sub-services under the VPS hosting server are managed service, unmanaged service, SSD VPS service, and also Cloud VPS service. The differences in the advantages over the benefits mentioned above are located on the assistance service from the VPS hosting service provider and also on the component that is used as the part of the datacenter of the VPS hosting server.

Comparing VPS to other web hosting types

For the comparison with the other website hosting services, VPS hosting is able to beat the other services with its outstanding advantages. For example, it is only lost in the pricing area compared with cloud and shared hosting. For the other aspects, such as security, performance, and accessibility, VPS is far away above those hosting services.

On comparing VPS and dedicated hosting, VPS is almost indicating equal quality in the performance, access, and security. It is way better at the pricing aspect because a dedicated server is so expensive compared with a VPS hosting server.

When to use VPS, and how to decide it is time to upgrade?


There is a time and place to consider whether you need to migrate to a VPS hosting server or use the current hosting server that you may use today. You are good to go with a VPS hosting server if:

  • Experiencing the extreme thriving in the website traffic (visitor)
  • Need more advanced performance in the website hosting server
  • Managing the middle-sized business website
  • Need extra protection for your company’s data or personal data from the website
  • Planning to expand your website in the targeted period

Despite all of the factors above, you also need to consider your goal, financial, and also the knowledge in the IT areas before choosing the VPS server plan.