5 Common Myths About Composite Decking – 2023 Guide

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When it comes to composite decking there are many misconceptions. This mainly refers to appearance, material, maintenance, installation, etc. So, each of these misconceptions arose because of one thing. As you know, wooden floors have been considered the best choice for many years. However, when you think a little better, sometimes this material is not so practical and is very demanding to maintain. What does this refer to?

We primarily mean rotting, insect infestation, mold  and the like. These are just some of the common causes of poor appearance and condition of floors. Of course, there is also moisture as the biggest enemy of such floors. However, a much better alternative has emerged that has become a really popular choice for several reasons. In addition to attractiveness, these floors offer excellent guarantees as a result of fantastic engineering ideas and investments.

So, in addition to huge popularity, you can still encounter early myths. To read some of them, keep reading and find out in the text.

1. Composite material is the most expensive

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A lot of people are hesitant when it comes to installing composite decking for several reasons, and one of the primary ones is the price. Regardless of the fact that it is justified, individuals believe that wood is a much cheaper and better option. So, this is a delusion. Composite material is very cost effective in the long run and you can even save money if you compare it with other materials. To understand its value, simply pay attention to the initial and long-term costs. The numbers will tell you everything.

When it comes to start-up costs, it will depend on the line of composite material you choose. However, when you compare it with any other choice of floors such as wood, you will realize that there is a minimal difference. After a while, you just need to continue to maintain these floors without much effort. For example, you will have to coat the wood with gloss, sanding and the like after a short time. In the end, this investment will cost you much more.

2. It is not good for the environment

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This is another untruth. Manufacturing companies really care about the environment by using recycled plastic next to wood. In this way, they make sure that during the construction production, as little material as possible ends up in the landfill, which is automatically better for our environment. Of course, in addition, a large number of trees or hectares of forest are saved annually. Another fact that you may not have known is that composite decking does not need color like the others.

Therefore, it is not necessary to use heavy chemicals during production, but also during maintenance after installation. As you know, too many chemicals have a very bad effect on the environment and cause many health problems as well as air pollution. All this shows that the production of composite floors does not endanger the environment, while for some other materials we cannot claim that.

3. It looks too synthetic

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This is something that started many years ago and only because the first composite floors on the market were less realistic. Today you can find some fantastic examples of very realistic ones that will not spoil the natural look of the space in which you install the floors. So, this is another myth that originates from the first generations of composite decking. Given that the situation has changed drastically and that the science of materials has advanced significantly, very few people think this nowadays.

Fortunately, this means that a large number of people can enjoy this amazing material and thus adapt its design to any room. In addition, its quality will allow you to enjoy its appearance for many years, because it is resistant to paleness, moisture, etc. This means that I can really afford you a lot of beautiful things besides aesthetic value.

4. Does not need to be maintained

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Regardless of their quality and beauty, it must be maintained like everything else. In order for them to stay like this for as long as possible, we suggest that you do not be guided by this myth, but that you take proper care of your decking. So, you don’t have to work too hard. Their characteristics are responsible for the great resistance and thanks to the fantastic construction material, they can really last a long time. However, certain items must be adhered to when it comes to cleaning these floors.

Do not compare them with traditional wooden floors, composite decking requires much less maintenance. In order to do this job properly, you need to follow the basics. In the first place is the use of appropriate objects and means. This means that it is enough to spray the surface with a hose, then rub with mild soap and warm water. Carefully choose a scrubbing brush, make it softer. Rinse it all over again with water and don’t forget the coating as protection against moisture. You can learn more here about maintenance and what to do for it to maintain its form for 20-30 years

5. Difficult to install

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Maybe the installation used to be a great challenge, but today the situation is completely different. Like design, many things have progressed over the years and that is why today you can enjoy all the benefits of this material. Either way, one of them is definitely quick installation. So, it is clear to you that this is just another misconception in the series and that you do not have to worry when it comes to installing composite decking. As we said, it is a simple process that every expert will know how to do in a short time.


You could read some of the most common myths that people encounter, but the most important thing is that you learned the real truth about them. So, myths can arise whatever it is, so be careful and check well before you believe in something. The good news is that the real truth is learned very quickly and we hope we have helped you with that.