6 Ways To Improve Your Website and Engage Your Audience – 2023 Guide

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The best way to utilize the online world and get the most out of your business is by having a website. But a website isn’t enough when it comes to selling your products and services; it needs an audience.

Everyone can have a virtual shop, but not everyone can engage with their audiences. And that’s why we’re here. If you’re looking for proven ways to improve your website and engage your audience, then this is the place to be.

With all that said, here are our 6 ways to do that.

1. Prove That You Are A Trusted Business

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If you want people to engage more, then you have to make it clear to them that you can be trusted. Consumers will likely do more business with trusted brands.

The easiest way to prove that is to simply dedicate a small section of your landing page to something called “Social Proof”. Social proof is essentially anything that vouches for your validity as a trusted business.

This can be reviews, testimonials, and even a thing called real-time statistics. While you’re most familiar with the first two, the last one should interest you more.

Real-time statistics refers to a feature that most modern landing pages have, which shows how many real-time customers the business has.

This can also be a real-time statistic on social media followers. Regardless of how you go with it, it shows your audience that they can come to you for any issues and expect a solution.

2. Make A Compelling Call to Action

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CTAs (call to action) are something that no landing page can survive without. This is a section of the website, usually at the top of the screen) that performs a specific action. It could be a “Join Now”, “Learn More”, “Subscribe Now” or any kind of button that performs a clear action.

The primary use of CTAs is to engage the audience by giving them something to do. Landing pages with CTAs are more likely to see a boost in engagement as it gives customers something to do when browsing it.

But even more so, this feature is a very modern one that most modern landing pages have. Thus, it would be a no brainer to improve your website with one.

3. Make It Mobile Responsive

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When it comes to optimization and making sure Google likes you, it’s all about mobile responsiveness. What this means, essentially, is making sure that customers can view your website through their smartphones.

Since smartphones rack up the most online traffic, Google makes sure to punish businesses without a mobile responsive website. But that shouldn’t concern you as you’re interested in engagement.

Well, the more customers visit your website through their smartphones, the more likely they’ll engage with it since you’re making that a possibility.

With a mobile responsive layout, you will make sure that no smartphone user is discriminated against doing business with you.

4. Implement Chatbots

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When it comes to engaging with your customers, chatbots are the best way to do it.

Chatbots are those small little chat heads that pop up whenever we visit a particular website. They’re mean to answer all of your questions and direct you where you need to be.

The beautiful thing about chatbots is the fact that their AI learns as you and others communicate with it, thus making it more effective.

With a chatbot feature on your landing page, visiting customers can communicate with the AI and have all of their questions answered. This type of engagement is a trust-building one, as you’ll get more happy customers.

But it’s not only about implementing the feature; you also have to set a good welcoming message. For more information about that, make sure to visit Botsurfer.

5. Optimize Your Site Up to Speed

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It’s not only about optimizing your site as mobile responsive; it’s about optimization in general.

Slow sites get zero engagement from their visitors. This is because a customer’s average wait time for a site to load is around 3 seconds. This means, in theory, that businesses with sites slower than 3 seconds generally don’t get visited too often.

If you’re looking to engage with your audience, then you have to give them a positive experience. How else would anyone want to return? But it’s not only about returning. A positive experience can turn any visitor into a loyal customer.

And part of the process is to optimize the speed of your site.

6. Strong Visual Elements

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If you really want to improve your site so that visitors engage more, then you have to make it look good.

Forget anything you knew about web design the first time when you created your website. That thing is old and it needs refreshing. But how do you do that?

The easiest way to give your site a fresh look is to follow a simple, but highly important rule. Namely, you have to differentiate your visual elements so that your customers can clearly follow the content on the page.

To achieve visual hierarchy, you should consider the following:

  • Size

Since size is always important, even in web design, you have to make your more important elements larger. This will attract the attention of the visitor and will direct it towards these sections of the landing page.

  • Contrast

When it comes to achieving visual hierarchy, contrasting colors certainly help grab the viewer’s attention more than less-contrasting colors.

If you have text or headings on your landing page that is more important than other sections, then make sure to give them a contrasting background.

  • Whitespace

Whitespace is very important. Whitespace helps set aside content and prevents it from cluttering the website.

A clustered website is a bad one and one that will likely drive less engagement. If you really want to impress the visitors, then you have to use whitespace.


There are dozens of more tips that we could give you to help improve your website and drive more engagement. However, these 6 tips will certainly make the most of the visitor’s time when browsing your website.