5 Best Websites For Cosmetic Wholesalers Online Stores 2023

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Many wholesale and retail businesses have expanded their business in the online domain and have witnessed exponential growth. The beauty industry is one such industry that has witnessed unrestrained success through online stores. The open and free nature of web-based marketplaces has made it possible for smaller brands to become visible and claim their customer base.

Along with the retail sector, wholesale businesses have also benefited tremendously from online stores. The immense freedom and reach that online stores guarantee makes it easier for smaller brands to carve out their niches and create wholesale customer chains beside the big brands. Many brands have gained visibility without spending a fortune on advertising.

The wholesale beauty business has become one of the most popular and profitable online business models. Because of easily accessible web marketplaces wholesale skincare and beauty businesses are no longer the prerogative of brands with big names. Irrespective of whether you’re looking for buying or selling wholesale items, numerous options remain open for you.

Wholesale Online Beauty Stores: 5 Best options in 2023

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Are you looking to buy or sell wholesale beauty products through web-based marketplaces? Confused about which option to pick from the available multitude? You’re not at the right place. We have curated a list of the best wholesale beauty stores online for you to look at. Read on to discover them.

1. Rainshadow Labs

Rainshadow Labs is an exquisite wholesale marketplace for you to access. This unique and integrated website helps buyers to reach out to a large base of customers. It also provides customers with numerous choices for each product they want. All products sold in Rainshadow Labs are 100% genuine. You can trust them with your eyes closed.

RSL provides you access to an incredible wholesale market of skin care products and allows you to get in touch directly with the buyer. Here you will find an exotic collection of lotions, shampoos, gels, soaps, bath bombs, bath salts, and whatnot that will take care of all your skin needs.

You can find high-end products of varying sizes and quantities at manufacturer prices. The sellers get a unique space to engage directly with their clients and create a one-on-one buyer-seller relationship.

2. Cosmetix Club

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If your primary concern is to find a user-friendly, reliable, and customer-oriented website, Cosmetix Club is just the right place for you. Based out of the US, this beauty and skincare have been in the business for over ten years. Through its ease of access and prompt customer, Cosmetix Club has created a prominent name for itself in the wholesale beauty business.

Whether you are a big business looking for a new supplier, or a new enterprise just starting, Cosmetics Club will value your business and provide you with all the support you would require to build a stronghold over the market. The products they sell are completely genuine and can be purchased in medium stocks or bulk quantities.

Cosmetics Club has partnered with some of the most prominent giants of the business industry, including Rimmel, L’Oreal, Clinique, and NYX. They also work with many smaller brands and have helped many attain success by reaching out to a large customer base. Be it skincare items like moisturizers, toners, serums, and creams or makeup items like mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow, and concealer, this store will fulfill your every need.

3. Faire

Faire is a skincare and beauty wholesale website that partners with 85,000 independent brands of varying sizes. It provides a wholesale market to sellers from the US, Canada, and Europe, providing buyers with a wide range of options in terms of price, quality, and other specifications.

Faire’s web-based marketplace provides users with the security of order fulfillment, allowing for free returns and quick shipping. It also provides shipping discounts and rebates on import duties to retailers from Europe. Along with strong customer support, Faire prioritizes the security of the sellers and guarantees secure payment within 30 days of the sale.

The commission rates with Faire are one of the most seller-friendly ones on the web. The site is free for the present users. For new users, it charges a 25% commission on opening an account and 15% of the price on repeat orders.

4. Tundra

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Tundra is another successful web store that is gaining prominence in the current market scenario. Integrated with the marketplace of Shopify, Tundra is preferred by brands like Moleskine and Burt’s Bees.

Located in the US, Tundra is very easy to use for customers who already have a Shopify account. Shopify sellers can simply synchronize their inventory through the rear end and start using this wholesale store.

The payments are secure in Tundra with the payouts arriving within one to two business days after the sale. This platform is free for users and charges no commission on opening an account. Moreover, it allows sellers to have exclusive control over who their customers are. Once a retailer purchases inventory, they can not sell these in third-party stores.

5. All Cosmetic

If you want to access a market of wholesale goods with a prominent brand name tag, All Cosmetic is the best place to go. This web store has premiere products from over 50 of the best-known brands. This store has successfully carved out a niche and is currently the best-ranked store selling brand-name products in bulk quantities.

All Cosmetics sells products from brands like Rimmel, KLor, Simply Smooth, Pure NV, and Pure Blends. Premium quality products like hair care items like serums, heat protectants, curling creams, skincare items like face masks, face packs, and lotions, and makeup goodies like long-stay mascara and smudge-proof lipstick are all available here.

It is simple for both sellers and buyers to join this website. They charge a minimal commission on every sale, but the services provided will ensure that you reach your customers quicker and more efficiently all year.


The wholesale beauty and skincare market is an ever-growing one. With the help of improved internet services, businesses have expanded their market to reach out to customers across countries. That has made multiple options available to both buyers and sellers. The choice ultimately depends upon you.