7 Things To Know About Event Security Guard Duties And Responsibilities

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Nowadays, certified and capable security guards are a demand of many. Whether it be a conference, a meeting, a party, or a festive celebration, having security guards is always a wise choice for improvising security measures. Having security guards provides a sense of relief both to the event’s host and the attendees.

Having tight event security can help protect the public, property, atmosphere, and other essential things of the event from any the nuisances like robbery, fights, assaults, etc. Security personnel operates alone or with a squad to perform their duties.

They frequently task for extended time periods, and the work can occasionally be risky and chaotic.

Let’s discuss the most critical responsibilities of security personnel so you can determine whether a career in the security sector is right for you or not. Even if you are an event organizer and are planning for security, check out this post.

Duties Of A Security Guard In An Event

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Every event has different requirements when it comes to safety and security. These requirements can be analyzed on the basis of the type of event, the purpose of the event, the guests invited, the time, and the location of the event.

However, irrespective of the event, there are a few essential duties that are expected of the security team or a guard to fulfill.

1. Providing An Overall Security

A surveillance officer is in charge of keeping the area safe for visitors and employees by guarding the area and keeping a close eye on the monitoring tools.

In addition to inspecting the venue and ensuring that policies and procedures are followed, they also attempt to avoid damages or harm by reporting any irregularities that may occur, like theft attempts on priceless assets.

In case of any sudden and unexpected circumstances in the event, they should be the first help available to whom the public can reach out.

2. Watch And Report To The Supervisor

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Carefully watching and reporting incidents are the two primary duties a guard on duty has to perform. A guard is required to perform safety checks while being on the look for anything that appears unusual. They should be vigilant in looking out for any potential threat or activity that might disrupt the event.

Precisely knowing what happened before wrongdoing or crisis occurs will help first responders deal with the situation more effectively. So, be alert, attentive, and active all the time. Check the identities of any strangers you notice hovering in the venue.

3. Conducting Security Screening

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Setting up comprehensive safety screening procedures before individuals are even permitted entry is an essential part of the process.

The screening procedure will often include a surveillance system near the venue’s entrance. There the event security guards can examine bags and conduct individual lookups.

This can help to find out if a person is carrying any prohibited things or weapons to the place. Utilization of scanners as the people enter or performing background checks on the visitors beforehand could also be part of the security screening process, based on the need of the situation.

4. Attending Rude Visitors

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One place where there is the utmost need for security to step in is handling unruly individuals. Yes, occasionally, there will always be one visitor who may have consumed too much alcohol or who has any other issue.

These individuals often tend to create an unpleasant scene. So, why not prepare for the things you know could happen well before the event? In order to avoid having your occasion interrupted, your security staff can help with managing the person or show them the exit route, if needed.

5. Carparks And Access Management

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The availability of surveillance guards at driveways or parking areas helps reduce the likelihood of wrongdoing, so security personnel at events must also make sure they are offering parking help and support at the appropriate places.

To effectively manage access permissions, all entry and departure areas must be thoroughly examined and protected to prevent individuals from entering the occasion through unsanctioned entrances.

It’s also crucial to ensure the safety of any woman or child if alone in the parking area. Additionally, it is crucial to make sure that any emergency crews can enter and exit freely. Access control management and security ensure that in case of any emergency, all the needful tasks are carried out smoothly.

6. Safely Escorting The Guests

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Escorting your attendees or customers to their vehicles is a crucial responsibility of venue security staff—particularly female customers who may be going out by themselves at odd times. Or let’s say if anyone among the guests is too drunk and not in their senses to leave by themselves, you will need a helping hand there!

We also recommend you ask your party security personnel to offer mobile escorts to any of your attendees who may feel uncomfortable heading solo at night to the nearest subway or bus stops.

7. Safeguard The Property

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To safeguard the venue’s property, a security officer should always be conscious of what is around them. This task might entail patting down visitors as they approach the facility. Security officers must maintain vigilance while using their clever senses of hearing, smelling, and sight.

They can recognize any possible threats with the aid of these senses. They might notice anything too unusual, listen to something unusual, or smell a fire or gas leak. In such situations, the guard must assess the situation’s seriousness and decide how to handle it. Following one’s instincts never harms anyone. Check out NHN group if you are interested in security services.

Wrapping Up!

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The ones we discussed above are the significant roles and responsibilities of security personnel in any organization or occasion. If the event security guard is trained well before and licensed, it adds to their eligibility for the job role.

For a big event, many security guards are often required to work together and can be hired from different companies. Therefore, if the general norms and responsibilities are made clear beforehand, the success chances of the event’s success increase.