6 Tips When Going Out Alone To London Bars, Clubs & Concerts

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Have a fun event in the downtown alleys of London, but have no one around to accompany you? Whether it is a bar party or an enticing concert you have been waiting for, enjoying it may only be appealing with the company.

Not only will your brain reject the idea of putting yourself in the most social environment, but you will also think of the most awkward scenarios and go down the spiral of being “unwanted” or “lonely”, and no one likes to be in that spot.

Being out of your comfort zone is not a pleasant feeling, and you may be in fear or doubt – will you be able to enjoy the event at all?

Whether you want to have the best experience alone or hire companions from escort services, this article can help you. This article will teach you a few tips and methods to navigate the experience and ensure you make the most out of it while staying safe.

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2. Make The Most Of It Alone

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Going to bars, clubs, or events alone can be a challenge, but once you get the momentum in the flow of things, the results can leave you in awe. Take full advantage of it because you may not be able to go out and enjoy yourself alone. Get to know yourself in the process, and manage your expectations.

A great tip is to familiarize yourself with the attendees, bartenders, servers, hosts, and other people. Coming out alone doesn’t mean you have to stay alone, so start short conversations and make their day. You can also do other activities, like reading a book or listening to chill music while enjoying your beer. And lastly, don’t forget to dance like nobody’s around!

3. Safety Comes First

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Many people refrain from coming out alone due to safety concerns, but the fear is nothing when appropriately protected. Make sure you dress appropriately for the occasion of the place you are in. London is a vast place, and different cultures may demand respectful dress standards that send a clear message.

Message your close ones about the event details, the arrival and departure times, when they can expect you, and other essential details. Arrive early, scan the place for entries and exits, and get comfortable.

Avoid carrying multiple valuables with you; take only what is necessary. A credit card, a copy of your ID, and some cash would be appropriate for bar events. Never leave a drink out in the open; if you do, don’t hesitate to ask for a fresh one. Strictly avoid intoxicating yourself.

Whether a bar close to your accommodation or a foreign place, make sure you drink enough to enjoy but not too much to lose control of yourself. Lastly, exit alone. Don’t accept rides from strangers, no matter how much you are or how friendly they seem.

4. Introduce Yourself To Other People

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Going out to events yourself is an excellent opportunity to make new friends and relationships in the area. In this tip, you have no choice but to judge the book by its cover- look for people and partner up with them. You may not be alone attending events, so chat with people and initiate conversations.

Chat with the festive lovers, club empaths, and any other person you encounter. If they are attending the same concert or club, chances are you share likes in common. Ask about their interest in the event; it’s great to start with relevancy.

Doing this is extremely helpful in breaking the awkward barriers- remember that there is nothing wrong with innocent and lighthearted conversations.

5. Share Transport


Whether a concert, a live exhibition, or a club activity, sharing a mode of transport is safe, convenient, and socially opportunistic. There is usually public transport for major events, and people typically opt for carpooling for safety reasons. Sharing rides is a great way to socialize and make you feel less alone.

If they go to the same bar or concert, you can spark a conversation about their interest in the event. You can also tag along with the pool mates for the rest of the event- not alone anymore, right?

No event is held without people; most of the time, you can vibe with their interests in music, drinks, or other activities. Not only will you not be alone anymore, but you will also find a lively group that shares similar interests. You will also be likely to find familiar faces in the venue.

6. Dive Into Activities

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Take part in multiple activities and other events hosted in the venue. Not only is it an excellent opportunity to meet with new people, but it also can engage with the activity. Whether yoga, art sessions, or a workshop, there is bound to be a lot of interaction in pairs or groups.

However, it is essential to learn how to be with yourself. You go to the event alone, and if things don’t go as planned, you may have to attend the event without any spark of socialization. Enjoy the venue, observe, breathe it all in, absorb, reflect, and appreciate it.


Being alone is a wrong place to be, whether on occasion or in life. For one, you are not bound by schedules, flaking, and other demands that they might place. You can also do additional activities without seeking approval from your friends and can avoid complaints.

You also don’t need to think twice about leaving a place if the event doesn’t appeal to you. It can be frustrating and uncomfortable at first, but when you see the perks of not having to accommodate people, it is not a bad idea.

To conclude, going out in bars and clubs can be a more enticing experience, and you can learn a lot about making your own experiences.