8 Best Video Editing Tips You Must Know

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If you love to create video content, then you know that the hardest part of the process is editing. You will need some knowledge and experience to know how to capture the video and which angles to use, but post-production is an advanced process that requires improved skills. Whether you are making a video to share it over social media or you are creating some promotional content, you have to be sure that the quality of it is on a proper level and that it will be engaging to viewers.

Moreover, online platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and social networks are full of various videos about all sorts of topics. Therefore, you can have a successful career if you learn how to render high-quality files for your clients. Also, you can visit screencast-o-matic.com if you need a simple tool that will help you to make interesting videos or edit the existing ones.

Furthermore, you should know that this is not a simple process. Therefore, you should be patient and dedicated to learning more about various tools that are excellent for the production of multimedia. In this article, we are going to introduce you to important tips that will help you to become better as an editor.

1. Choose the Right Software

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According to your experience, you can choose from wide selection of tools that will help you to improve your editing skills. Besides the screencast-o-matic, there are many other tools with various features that you can implement in the content to make it more engaging. You can choose between programs for both beginners and professionals. Some of the most popular options are Autodesk, Sony Vegas, and more.

2. Upgrade Your PC

The high-end specs of your PC are one of the most important features for video editing because the rendering of large files require high processing speed and capabilities. First of all, you will have to focus on the graphics card and SSD memory. The graphics card will allow you to edit the content in the tiniest details. Also, the SSD is much faster than a standard hard drive. Therefore, the time of rendering will be much shorter. Besides that, you will need a proper processer and enough RAM to operate with these advanced processes. You should have at least 8GB of RAM and the latest i5 or i7 processor. When it comes to graphics cards, some of the best are AMD Radeon RX 6800, NVidia RTX 3090, and RTX 3080.

3. Create More Engaging Content

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The making of video is not complicated. However, it is a rare case that you can share that file without at least some level of editing. Therefore, be sure to cut the sufficient things and organize the video to remain engaging from the start to the end. In that matter, you will need to learn how to add some effects, edit the sound along with the video, and more.

4. Be Organized

Besides the most recent high-end specs of your PC, you can still use some techniques to remain organized and finish the project in less time. The best strategy for that is to make the correct order of the files and create separate charts for different types of media. For example, you can create several folders where you can keep pictures, sounds, subtitles, themes, and more. This way, it will become much easier to re-edit the content if necessary.

5. Determine Your Shortcuts

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The great things about many editing tools are that you can set shortcuts according to your preferences. With this feature, the whole process will become faster and less complicated. Some of the most important options that you should set into shortcuts are cutaways, jump cuts, montage, cutting on action, j cut, match action, l cut, and more.

6. Choose Suitable Sounds

It is very important to learn how to edit the sound along with the videos. Even if your video has a proper quality and level of engagement, the poor sound might ruin the overall experience. Therefore, you can use some sound-editing tools like Sound Forge, Pro Tools, Acid Pro, or FL Studio to create or edit sounds that you can add to your videos. Besides that, you should pay attention to copyrights. Therefore, be sure that some track is royalty-free before adding it to your content.

7. Choose the Right Format

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It is not a rare case that many people would decide to render the file in the format that exports the largest file. However, you should focus more on the platform where it will be uploaded. For example, there is no need to create a 4K video for Instagram posts since most people are checking their profiles over smartphones. Moreover, the best resolution for YouTube is 4K, while you should avoid that resolution for platforms like Facebook that can support only up to 720p and less than 30 fps.

8. Be Creative

The main advantage of video editing tools is that you can implement your ideas and add various effects to make the content more unique. Also, you should use an option to add graphics and text, which is especially common for promotional content. Also, pay attention to the length since videos that are too long make people less interested.

The Bottom Line

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With such popularity of online platforms where you can share various content, it is useful to learn more about video editing, even if you are only planning to create entertaining files to share over social media. On the other side, in case that you have proper knowledge and experience, you can have a career as an expert in this branch. Most companies today are advertising over social media and YouTube, and that affects the high demand for graphics designers and video editors.

Moreover, you have to know that learning all of the advanced functions that you can use in professional programs will require a lot of time and effort. Therefore, you should have enough patience and dedication if you want to become an expert and work as an editor.