5 Things to Look For When Buying BBQ Grills

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Few things can relax us after a busy week like delicious food and time spent with friends and family. That is why anyone who is lucky enough to have a backyard also has or wants to buy a grill. The grill allows us to prepare a variety of gourmet treats, and best of all, many healthy meals can be prepared, in addition to being delicious. Also, preparing a barbecue goes beyond just enjoying the food, it is the time you share with your loved ones and then everyone prepares something they know best. Surely some of you are an expert for burgers, while others are better at preparing ribs for example.

Although the grilling season is nowhere near full swing because winter is underway, nevertheless, spring is getting closer to us, and thus the grilling season. That’s probably why you started thinking about buying a new grill, in order to be ready for the season and be able to invite your friends to try it during first warm days of the year. If you’ve ever bought one before, you know it’s a much more complex choice than it seems at first glance. If this is your first time buying one or you just want to find out a few new things to help you choose, keep reading and find out what are the things to look for when buying BBQ grills.

1. Fuel

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Fuel type is certainly the biggest factor to pay attention to. There are dozens and even hundreds of different BBQ grills, but all these differences are not as big or important as the fuel type. We cannot say that there is one ideal type of fuel and that it should be chosen, because each type has advantages and disadvantages. And those advantages and disadvantages mainly depend on how you like to prepare food, how much effort you are willing to invest and the like. So we will tell you the basics about the three main types of grills versus which fuel they use.

– Gas – According to manufacturers and sellers, gas grills are the most popular option in recent years. There are two types. The first is a liquid propane tank that you will attach, and the second is to connect the grill to a natural gas supply line, if you already have it in the house. Which one to choose is hard to say. Liquid propane tank gives you the ability to move the grill around, while natural gas is a simpler option because you already have a supply line and it is also better for the environment. Gas grills are great because they give you complete control over the heat, so you can easily adjust the temperature to what you are cooking. They are best for burgers and hot dogs, while if you are out of slow cooked ribs and meat, as well as smoky flavor, then the following is an even better option for you.

– Charcoal – Ideal for all fans of the true taste of barbecue. You will use charcoal briquettes and this will give the traditional taste of barbecue, which comes from smoke. Unlike gas ones, you need more time to reach the desired temperature and you also cannot reduce the temperature so easily. Plus, it takes a lot more cleaning, once you’re done. Also, they are not expensive. It’s up to you to decide if you want a smoky flavor and if you like slow-cooked meals they are great option. At mychopchop.com read more about how long each dish is cooked on the grill, so it can also help you make a decision. But don’t forget you will have to clean it afterward.

– Pellet – Slightly more expensive, but what’s fantastic about pellet ones is that you get the best out of charcoal and gas ones. You will easily control the temperature with the help of a computer, and again BBQ will get the taste of smoke and wood as with charcoal ones.

2. Size

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If you plan to keep your grill on the deck, then it is certain that you are limited by space to some extent. Also, if you plan to connect it to a gas supply, you won’t be able to move it all the time, so consider which size suits you. The space you have is not the only factor that affects the size you choose, but also how many people you usually cook BBQ for. If it’s just a couple of people, don’t take the giant one where you can cook 50 burgers at once. Smaller one is also cheaper option, so think about your needs when it comes to size, don’t just go and buy biggest one you can fit.

3. Features

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Like everything today, grills vary greatly in the number of features they have. One of the very useful features is the side burner, which you can use for different things. If you chose the gas one and still want a woody taste, then find one that has a smoker box. In addition to the side burner and smoker box, which are really useful features, there are a variety of smart options that you can also choose from. For example, remote temperature monitoring and the like. These can be built in functions but also added later.

4. Material

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The material from which the body and frame is made has the greatest impact on how long your grill will last. Different materials have different durability, and usually the more money you give, the better the materials will be. However, don’t let anyone fool you. Pay close attention to whether the entire grill is made of that material as advertised. For example, it happens that only the body is made of stainless steel, which is considered one of the best materials, and the frame is made of another metal, which can rust. Aluminum and cast iron are also good choices.

5. Warranty

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For some reason, people forget that warranty is also important for the grill and not just for devices like a TV or smartphone. For most, you will get a warranty that lasts up to two years, so if you want not to worry, pay more at the start for a model that has a warranty of 5 or even more years.


Pay close attention to all these things when you buy a new one. Grill is not something that should last a season or two, but you should have it for many years to come and prepare countless quality meals there.