How Can We Discreetly Track a Person’s Location With a Spy App?

Today we carry the cell phone with us wherever we go as it is essential for us to carry out our daily activities and to keep in communication with our family, friends and work collaborators. Losing it is a huge inconvenience, which is why the need has arisen for backup methods that allow us to recover them. In this article we tell you how to locate a cell phone through a monitoring solution in a practical and safe way. But if you want to immediately know our recommendation for the best spy applications, click here!

Who is the location and monitoring of cell phones for?


A spy app can be of great use to parents who want to give their children a cell phone for the first time but also want to keep them safe. Currently, there are countless channels and applications through which children and young people can have access to inappropriate content or contact with strangers, which is an inescapable risk of the technological age.

With the help of the spy program, parents will be able to monitor their children’s online activities remotely and non-intrusively. In addition, they can also use the application to locate a cell phone with GPS, which works to locate the device in case it is lost, or to locate the person who brings it with them.

Some common scenarios are

When the underage user leaves the cell phone forgotten at school, at a friend’s house or another place that she has visited during the day. However, it is important to consider that if the device was stolen or appears in a location where the owner was never present; you should report it and not try to recover it.

When the minor user will go to a new place or will be without the supervision of her parents or guardians. In these cases it is possible to configure a boundary zone with the function called “Geofencing”. By using the function, parents can determine the area within which the user with the device is safe. In case of leaving the area, the application will issue an alert automatically.

When the user has a preferred route or a specific routine that is followed without parental or guardian supervision, as in the case of transferring to school. It is possible to track the route at the moment and make sure that the user has reached the destination of it or monitor in case they deviate from the road.

The use of spy apps for monitoring or as a cell phone locator is completely safe and legal in any of these scenarios or similar ones; as long as the installation is carried out by the parents or guardians on the device for personal use of their children, and these are minors.


Today, the processes and ways of working have completely changed. Companies require that their collaborators are communicated 24/7 and that they have the most up-to-date tools, at any time and place, from the device they use. However, all these mobility and accessibility advantages carry a constant risk since they handle confidential information of the company and customers.

Here are some scenarios in which applications can be useful to businesses

  • When the collaborator forgets the device at home or some other location that she has visited during the day.
  • When employees need to use personal devices or those provided by the company to communicate with each other or with people outside the company to carry out their duties.
  • When collaborators use their devices to share information, documents, images or any other material owned by the company or of a confidential nature.
  • For monitoring browsing activities (visited pages or bookmarks), messaging and use of social networks.
  • For default or remote blocking of content or applications on work-only devices.
  • To block unwanted access to the device remotely in case of loss or theft.

It is important to mention that the use of spy applications for monitoring collaborators is legal as long as they are notified and their written consent is obtained. You should always respect the local laws of your country.

Main characteristics of spy programs


If you are thinking of acquiring any of these applications, the first step is to determine what the objective of the monitoring is. In this way you will be able to know which functions best suit your needs and choose the application that suits you best. Here we share some of the common features:

  • Location monitoring through GPS: With any of these applications you can locate a cell phone at any time.
  • Call monitoring: You can keep a record of incoming and outgoing calls, plus you can block certain numbers if you wish.
  • Message monitoring: Keep track of incoming and outgoing SMS messages, as well as emails.
  • Instant Messaging Monitoring: Check the conversations of applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, and iMessage, among others.
  • Social Network Monitoring: Control access to the main social networks such as Facebook or Snapchat.
  • Multimedia Monitoring: Get access to media files like photos and videos.
  •  Application Monitoring: Check which applications are installed at the moment.
  •  Navigation Monitoring: Check the visited web pages, downloads and bookmarks. You can also restrict access to certain sites remotely.

How do I get a spy program?


To install a program, you first need to verify the compatibility of the equipment you want to monitor and the system requirements. If you have doubts, you can ask an advisor at the moment through the chat that opens when you visit the official page of each program. Here we summarize the steps for installation.

  • Enter the official site and choose the plan that suits your monitoring goals.
  • Once your purchase is finished, check your email. You will receive a confirmation message containing the User Guide and the software download link.
  • When you download the software change your password and enter the device number to monitor.
  • Copy and paste the link provided in the email to download the app in the browser of the monitored device. Follow its instructions to install.
  • When finished, access your control panel to verify that the connection has been successful. If you have problems you can contact an advisor through the chat.

Finally, it is a fact that the information contained in cell phones, tablets and computers is an asset of great personal and professional value. Invest in your peace of mind with a reliable and discreet solution that allows you to locate a cell phone by GPS and monitor what you need to keep your family or your business safe.