8 Mistakes To Avoid When Setting Up Your Home Theater

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A movie night is always a good way to spend your weekend with your family and friends.  This is true especially at the time of the pandemic, where people are afraid to go to crowded places. Having a home theater enables you to do this go-to activity within the comfort of your own home.

Although setting up a home theater sounds fun, there are some tendencies that you might not be doing it right. If you really want to achieve a good home theater setup, there are some things that you should avoid.

These tips are of the essence because, remember, home theater systems are quite expensive and the last thing you would want is to have a messed up home theater. This is why in this article, we will discuss, one by one, the eight mistakes that you should know when you are to set up your home theater.

1. The wrong choice of room for a home theater set up

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When planning to set up a home theater, where it should be located should be the first thing to consider. A home theater could be a lot of work and would totally need to occupy a lot of space. Space will play a vital role and impact when it comes to the performance of your home theater.

These factors are the reasons why finding a perfect and fit location for your home theater is very essential. Here’s what to look out for when setting up a suitable place. You should opt for rectangular dimensions instead of square.

Preferably, the flooring should have carpets for optimal audio results. Additionally, there should be at least one window or none to prevent the lights from coming in. Lastly, dark colors suit best for the walls to avoid reflections from the screen light.

2. Seat placement

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The second thing you want to ensure is the placement of your seats. It should not be too close or too far from the screen. Now, here’s the trick, if you have a bigger screen than the usual, then your seats must be placed further at the back. If you put it near, you might end up having neck pain as you will most likely look up for a long period of time. Aside from that, you will lose the main point of a big screen’s visual appearance.

3. Too much furniture

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Typical cinemas don’t have a lot of furniture in it, right? So, if you’re trying to replicate and achieve a cinema-like vibe in your home theater and have an authentic feel, then don’t overcrowd it with unnecessary furniture.

It will only just end up looking like your basic living room. It will lose the essence of having a home theater. Moreover, putting tons of furniture in your home theater will only decrease the optimal sound experience as sounds will reflect these pieces of furniture.

4. Wrong placement of the sound system

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When setting up a home theater, people usually get those 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound systems. But although you have those gigantic speakers, yet you aren’t able to place them right, it still won’t probably give you the surround sound experience. This is why proper speaker placement is critical. However, there’s another more straightforward way to do that.

In order to achieve surround sound, it is highly recommended to upgrade your sound system through soundbars. There are thousands of models on the market. If you have trouble picking one, you can check out this source for reviews and recommendations, depending on your needs and budget. It could also guide you on your purchase since you can obtain more details about it with some feedbacks.

5. Not being able to get the correct size of pieces of equipment

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If you have allocated a larger space for your home theater, then you might as well incorporate it with pieces of equipment that are large enough to make it look right and provide it with correct proportions. If you don’t want to ruin your overall home theater experience, you should also invest in the right equipment that is matched with your space.

6. The factors of lighting

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Another important consideration is lighting. To achieve an authentic movie theater-like experience at the comfort of your home, take time to study how to set up your lighting perfectly. Most home theaters have a dim to dark light set up, so it is recommended not to put any windows in the room to avoid reflections of light from the outside.

Ambient lighting is the perfect one for this space, and you must have it remote controlled so you can instantly adjust its dimming effect and the light’s tone. Lastly, you don’t want to have any fixtures hanging around your wall or ceiling as it will only reflect on the screen that would only cause distraction.

7. The door location

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When watching a movie, it is very usual that people often stand for a quick moment in the bathroom. Home theaters are fully airconditioned rooms or even fully centralized, so it’s normal that people get cold and want to pee. Therefore, you should set a proper placement for your doors. It is best to place it at the back so if a person will stand, he or she won’t have to block the movie screen and make distractions.

8. Don’t over budget

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Yes, setting up your home theater could be a lot of work and will definitely cost a lot. You’ll need some expert teams for sure. Splurging on unnecessary features like increased power is not ideal as it won’t contribute much to your home theater. Just focus on the essential elements that you can totally benefit from.

Final Words

Overall, having a home theater will need a lot of your time when it comes to planning. Even if you hire an expert to do the work, your presence in monitoring is as important. If you want to achieve the home theater of your dreams, then you should take part to surely obtain the features that you want for your whole new level of experience.