How To Price Your iPhone Correctly?


Nowadays, technology is getting advanced, and new smartphones with enhanced features are coming into the market. When it comes to iPhones, new models are released every year. People show interest in selling their old models to buy the new ones.

In many cases, people do not know about the right price for selling their mobile. Sometimes, it can be tricky, and you may research well before you make any decision. Consider a few things before pricing your phone correctly.

One of the things that most people debate when they are selling their iPhones is at what price should one sell their old phones at. Most people end up overpricing or underpricing their phones.

With the fast growth of technology today, selling your old iPhone might be tricky but the sooner you sell it the better it will be for you. Settling for the price of your phone depends on a variety of things. We have compiled for you some of the things you should consider before placing a price on your iPhone.

Screen Condition


Whenever you sell an old iPhone, every buyer checks the condition of the screen. The price depends on the screen, and you can easily consider the right selling price. If the screen is damaged or cracked, you can reduce the amount.

A cracked or scratched screen will lower the possible amount that you wanted to sell your phone at. A screen may be cracked but functioning properly but in some cases, it might not be functioning. Considering the condition of your screen before setting your price will ensure that you average your price correctly.

In this way, anyone can compromise with the screen quality and buy your phone at that price. I always make sure that the screen should function well even if it is cracked while selling my iPhone. Read more

It is the first and crucial thing to consider before you decide the cost of your phone.



You might not consider the casing of your phone, but it can affect the selling price. If your phone is dirty or not well-maintained, then no one likes to buy it from you. The shell of the body of your iPhone as much as it might seem minor might affect the price also.

Setting high prices for a dirty and old-casing phone will put people off. Consider the condition of the casing before setting the price. A clean casing will attract more clients than a damaged one.

It is better to clean it off and make its appearance well. Make sure that you consider the condition of the casing before you set any price.



Every person prefers ROM and RAM whenever they buy a mobile, even if it is a new one or a second-hand one. These two components can affect your phone price. These two affect the price of your iPhone too. A smaller RAM will lower the price of your phone. Remember when people are buying phones, they check the storage of the phone.

If your phone has low storage, consider lowering the price a little bit to make a fast sale. This affects even phones that have a good screen and a clean casing. If your mobile has a low RAM, then you have to keep the price low. The storage is necessary to keep all the stuff safe and secure. If any customer does not get this feature, then they will not buy your smartphone.

Appropriate Model


The old iPhone model can be sold at a low price because no one prefers to purchase anything too old. An older iPhone model will attract a lower price. A newer model of your iPhone will be ideal to set an average price but a little bit lower than the buying price.

When selling your older iPhone, consider selling it as a way to get it out of your way because people are more inclined into buying the newer versions that have the current special features.

If you are selling any of the recent latest models, then you can set a higher price. Everyone wants to stay updated, and they prefer buying the latest versions even if they are buying second-hand models.



Nowadays, everyone loves to take pictures, and they want a high-quality camera with better pixels to take good photographs. If you need to attract more customers, the camera of your phone must function well.

Adding the pixels of the camera on the phone profile will attract potential customers. This in turn will give you a window to set the price averagely. A good camera with big megapixels will sell more than a camera with small pixels.

It should click high-quality pictures. If you have such a feature, you can set an average or high price. A big-pixel camera will be sold at a better price than a small-pixel phone.

These facts considered and analyzed will help you set a considerate price. Also when profiling your phone, don’t forget to mention all those special features to convince the potential clients that it’s worth the price.

The Bottom Line

It is necessary to consider all these tips whenever you need to set the price of your old iPhone. The buyers need a fantastic deal from their sellers, through which they can purchase anything worth their money.

Also including the credentials that show you are the owner will help the clients trust your product more. Also, remember to use appealing and beautiful photos of the phone. Clients buy what they see. If you upload substandard photos of your phone, you are likely to get fewer clients enquiring about it. Contact us if you need any help in selling your iPhone.

You need to build the trust of your customers to buy your old model. Show appealing photos of your old phone to get the attention of your clients. You can upload substandard photos to attract your customers to your old phone.