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Towel dryer Apk 2.0|Download

November 2015

Towelrootis one of the best Android routing applications currently available on the Android market. The towel dryer is completely different from other routing applications. Moreover, this handy Android root tool is completely free and can easily and efficiently route your Android device.

Main features of a towel rail

  1. Very easy to use
  2. Free of charge.
  3. There is no need to connect the phone to a PC for rooting.
  4. One click on the root.
  5. The towel warmer supports different devices (otherwise all Android devices).
  6. Basic functions included.
  7. Correction of a version error

APK V2 Towel dryer

The very first version of the MOTH towel warmer, which was not supported by many Android devices at the time. But you can still use it to route your Android phones with MOD channels.

Towel dryer Apk V2

Name: Apk towel developer
:developer and popular hacker Geohot
Version: V2
Dimensions: 0.2 MB

Download .

How do I download a towel rack?

  1. To install third-party applications, go to Settings > Security > and Unknown Resources.
  2. Download the apk towel dryer via the link above, unpack.
  3. Save the Tr.apk file on your devices by dragging the notification color down by clicking from top to bottom.
  4. Then click Download Full Notification, then click Install while waiting for the installation to complete to open the applications, click do ra1n, then you should receive a successful notification that you are root.

After loading the apk towel warmer you need to install the SuperSU.

(SuperSu is a tool for managing future access).

  1. 1 Go to the store with your devices and find the Super SU Touch on one of the chain lights and install it by clicking the Open button.
  2. Let him update his binaries and anything else he asks you.
  3. Test the root access, go to your device’s PlaybackStore to search for a root check, click and set the result, then press open button, press start button and check if you are at root.

Some devices are not supported by Towelroot apk, while the question that does not need to be asked relates to the mod chains used to change the operating parameters. You can change the rules manually and try.

You use the following method

(1) To load the modstring, open the towel root application and tap the Welcome to Towel Root towel dryer three times.

(2) Then open the box under the button ra1n.

(3 ) Enter one of the following codes.

Code 1 133701040 (Standardwerke auf den Maysten Telefonen)

Code 2 13370173804 (for Samsung Galaxy-Gerät)

Code 3 133701041 (universal, aber nur mit temporärem Root-Zugang)

(4 ) Make the first payment and then drink the Root-Taste.

(5 ) Samsung Galaxy does not function with nearly all new Galaxy devices.

(6) Der dritte Code ist universell, er is een temporärer Root, kann aber de neuesten Android-Geräte spoil.

Normally, all applications are developed from day to day in accordance with the new Android devices. Therefore, the best way to spoil your Android devices is to use the new version, which has many better functions than the old version.

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