Best Ways To Move Your Master Bedroom While Relocating


Moving the master bedroom of a house while relocating is always a time-consuming task. The master bedroom is the place where people store most of their personal belongings. Hence, you should be careful while replacing them too.

Some of the items that you’ll be moving include your wardrobe, bed, and other fancy items such as lamps, TV, and more. Taking professional help is recommended after you read reviews and compare your options well.

In this article, we will discuss some great ways to move your master bedroom from one place to another.



Most people have closets and wardrobes that are packed with shoes, outfits, blankets, clothes, and comforters. You need to make sure that you’re choosing the perfect wardrobe boxes for this job. You need to take at least one package out of three wardrobe boxes. However, this depends on the quality of your clothes in the closets and wardrobes.

These boxes will work as miniature closets while replacing. You just need to pack these boxes with your outfits, only then you can make your wardrobe vacant. Remember to keep a little gap while placing the outfits in the boxes. This will prevent any kind of wrinkles.

If you have outfits that have been dry cleaned, wrap plastics around them to keep them safe. You can also put your shoes inside these kinds of boxes. If you happen to have expensive shoes, then make sure the shoes are wrapped with plastics. By doing this, the shoes won’t experience any damages even if you place a heavy weight on top of the boxes.

Disassembling Beds


The structure of beds is different. Many beds have some unique and complicated structures, so you need to take precautions while dissembling them. You need to pay attention to each minor detail.

Make sure you have power tools, a small toolbox, and Allen keys. While disassembling your bed, make sure you’re capable of assembling them again. This is why you must take every component and a snap of every step. This will help you to assemble the beds quickly.

Make sure to keep all the hardware such as nuts, screws, and bolts in a safe and labelled bag. If you think that reassembling your bed will be difficult, here is a trick that you should remember. Mark the important places on your bed with blue painter’s tape.

Additionally, wrap your bed in the reverse direction to protect the woods from any damages. However, the master bedroom doesn’t have only a wardrobe and bed. You may need to move other valuable items and if you don’t handle them carefully, you might damage them. Let’s discuss some tips to move other items.

Drawers and Dressers


Dressers can be moved with little effort. However, you need to consider some steps before moving your dresser. First, you need to take out the items from the drawers. If you don’t take out the items from your drawers, it will create unnecessary weights.

Next, use stretch wrap and cover the dresser with multiple timers. This will prevent the drawers from falling out of their place while moving them. After you’re done placing your drawer on the truck, make sure you cover it up with a blanket. The blanket will protect your drawer from any scratches, dings, or dents from other items.



Remember that picture is one of the most valuable assets. Hence, you should be careful while handling them. Depending on the length and width of the picture, you may need to use a picture box or frame box.

If you happen to have larger pictures, you need to use a picture box. A picture box is considered a special type of box that comes in pieces and you need to place them together over the picture. Additionally, don’t forget to cover your picture with any kind of soft cloth or blanket.

On the other hand, a frame box is ideal for smaller pictures. You can use them easily. However, you need a moving blanket or bubble wrap around the picture to provide an extra layer of protection.



One of the most difficult items to move is televisions. This is why you should always keep the original package just in case you plan on moving. The original boxes are quite durable and made specifically for that TV.

If you don’t have the original box, you need to purchase a TV box kit. These types of boxes are perfect for TVs that have a flat screen. The kit also has foam inserts that help the TV to stay in its original place while moving.



While moving the bedroom, many people change their old bedding with a new and attractive one. It’s not mandatory to change the bedding, but it will enhance the look of your room. If you want to move your beddings, you have to use an extra-large moving box. These boxes are ideal for lighter and larger items.


This is how you can move your master bedroom. Remember that every bedroom has tons of valuable things. So, you should not hurry while moving them also use a moving checklist to avoid last minute hassles. One single dent or scratch can ruin the appearance. Apart from that, always use soft clothes to cover your valuable belongings.