6 Winning Tips & Tricks for Playing Online Keno

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Keno is unique. It’s of those games that require players to hone their skills each day. You can sleep on the things you already know. Keno knowledge needs to be increased each day. So, even if you’re an experienced player you’ll find our article useful. This game has so many tricks that our tips are going to be a revelation for you.

If you are an inexperienced player, then there are even more reasons to keep reading and learn as much as you can about this game. Today when you have so many online casinos offering Keno, you owe it to yourself to become a master of it. You can argue that Keno requires a lot of luck, but we beg to differ at least a little bit.

Most people dismiss it a such and are missing a lot. Luck is only one part of Keno, and you better understand it right now. It is such a treat that people either play it every day or avoid it to its fullest. We are hoping that you’ll become a fan once you read this article, as we’re about to present to you the six winning tips & tricks for playing online keno.

1. Go Online

These days the best casinos out there are online, and there’s no arguing it. This became the norm even before the COVID-19 pandemic became a thing. If you want to make the best use of our tips and tricks you need to make a huge decision – move online.

There’s no other way around. You need to realize that online casinos offer much bigger payouts than the land-based ones. You don’t need any other reason to make a decision and make the web your home.

Gambling is all about the money and having fun. With Keno the fun is guaranteed, and you only need to follow the money trail. If you’re not sure where to start your online keno adventure here’s a great source.

2. Select a Proper Keno Game

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Keno is not a one-dimensional game. It has many variations. The same way choosing the right casino is essential, the same goes for the variant of Keno you’re going to choose. Online casinos are rich in game offerings and the situation is no different with this game. Keno has numerous iterations and you need to select the perfect one for you.

It has various features, and depending on the casino you can have it with high and low bonuses. While bonuses are important there’s one thing that is more precious. We’re talking about RTP. As you probably know RTP is short for return-to-player.

As a player you’ll cherish this more than anything else as not all casino give the same percentage back to players. In the long run choosing a casino with high RTP is essential for your success. Keno as a game has a low return-to-player, in some cases even below 75%, so you need to look for a bargain here.

3. Be Careful With Numbers

Once you start playing it all comes down to the numbers you select. The standard iteration of this game is based on the selection of numbers varying from 1 to 80. The number of spots you can cover is limited so you need to select carefully. For one, it is better to start with a smaller sample of numbers.

Once you get the feel for the game you can increase the number of spots you intend to cover. You can go in small or big, it makes all the difference, but on the end, there’s no golden rule. More number means more chance to win, but it also can lead to bigger losses. Our advice is to start small, and move forward from there. Better safe than sorry.

4. Stick to The Same Numbers

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No, this is not a thing of superstition. The numbers in this game are drawn randomly. Don’t believe that there’s any pattern. Most casinos work on the Random Number Generator technology.

Keno is not special in this domain and the machine behind the game will always select numbers randomly no matter how differently you see it. Every outcome is not related to the previous and has no connection to the next one.

All numbers in Keno are totally random and are coming out purely by chance, so you won’t have any advantage if you mix your selection frequently. Of course you can mix things from time to time, but sticking to the same numbers is the way to go with Keno, you don’t want to be sorry later once ‘your’ numbers are drawn.

5. Odds Matter

Like we already said, there are numerous variants of Keno. This means that you can’t apply the same strategies to every version. Another important aspect of Keno games are the odds.

Not every game has the same odds, and this is a matter not many players realize in the beginning. This matter goes even deeper as this differs not only from Keno game to game but from online casino to casino. So, before starting your game, get known with the odds, put them on a scale and select the game that suits you the best.

For example Keno 7 and Keno 8 games come with various small winnings but they rarely hit the jackpot. Some player prefer it that way, and those are the odds they accept. For you it might be different so look into this before playing.

6. Limit Your Losses

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Keno is an amazing game. You can win plenty and have fun; you can have fun and lose a bit. Important thing is to have a measure while playing. You need to know that having too much fn can result in severe losses.

While you can employ all the things we said above, you need to remember one things – always count your losses. Keno is played on a  fast pace, and this can be damming to players all over the world.

Furthermore, you need to know one thing when it comes to Keno: if you’re not winning, you’re probably losing. When a losing streak happens, you need to press pause. Don’t go in too deep, and you won’t have any issues. Create a bankroll an stick to it. That’s the proper way to handle Keno losses issues.