14 Leveling Tips and Tricks for WoW Beginners

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Leveling in Wow is no easy task, but with the right tips and tricks it can be a lot less daunting. Here are some of our top tips for leveling quickly and easily:

1. Pick the right race and class

When you first start out in World of Warcraft, it’s important to pick the right race and class combination. Classes like Paladins and Warlocks are great for leveling quickly, while races like Night Elves offer bonuses that can make the process a little easier. More tips include using a level 40 boost when you need it and always being in the right zone for your level. Learn more about this on https://buy-boost.com/wow

2. Choose quests wisely

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Levelling in WoW is all about the quests, so it’s important to choose them carefully. There are many low-level quests that offer a decent amount of XP at a time but they can be difficult to complete on their own.

Instead, look for quests that use items from earlier tasks to make them easier/quicker to do. For example, if you have to collect 8 bear asses then look for another quest that requires bear thighs or another part of the bear before finishing off your current task.

It’s also a good idea to finish side-quests as soon as they become available, as they can offer a lot of experience in return for little work.

3. Take your time

Levelling up is obviously the objective behind playing World of Warcraft but it’s important to realise that not every quest has to be completed straight away. If you come across quests that are difficult or if the area is too high for your level then take some time out and come back when you’re stronger; running around trying to accomplish something good will only make things worse.

As well as this, try not to waste time killing mobs where possible; instead, look out for ‘high value targets (HVT) which will offer much more XP than regular mobs. This is especially useful early on in the game.

4. Get your daily quests done first

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Daily quests are a good way to earn XP, items and gold while levelling up, but it’s important to prioritise them if you want to get the most out of each day’s gaming session. The best way to do this is to keep track of which dailies become available when and then plan accordingly.

Make sure that the ones nearest your current level are provided for first since these will give out the highest rewards in terms of XP/gold/items etc. Don’t forget that a lot of dailies don’t become available until late in the afternoon or early evening so be ready for this!

5. Spawning points

If you’re looking to level up as quickly as possible, then it’s important to know where the best spawn points for mobs are. This information can be found on various online resources and websites, so make sure you take a look before heading out into the world of Azeroth. As well as this, try to avoid areas that are popular with other players; the last thing you want is to spend hours fighting enemies that have already been killed by someone else.

6. Use add-ons

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There are a variety of different add-ons that can be used while levelling in World of Warcraft and most of them are designed to make the process easier. One such example is ‘TomTom’ which creates waypoints for every quest in the game, making it easier to track them down. Other popular add-ons include ‘Auctionator’ and ‘Deadly Boss Mods’.

7. Group up

Levelling up with a group can be a lot faster than levelling up on your own, so if you have the opportunity to join up with others then take it! There are many different groups available, from dungeons and raids to world bosses and PVP hotspots, so finding something that suits you shouldn’t be too difficult. Just make sure that everyone is aware of their role in the group and is working towards the same goal.

8. Use rested XP

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Whenever you’re not actively playing World of Warcraft, your character will start to level up. However, you won’t gain as much XP as usual so it’s a good idea to use these ‘rested XP’ points if they become available. In order to do this just wait until the golden triangle on your experience bar is full before logging out and then back in again. Then, when your rested points have been used up you can log off again for a while.

9. Use your abilities wisely

Your abilities are an important part of your leveling arsenal, so make sure you use them wisely. Abilities like “Consecrate” or “Shadow Word: Pain” can help speed up the process, while abilities like “Healing Touch” can help keep you alive.

10. Use your quest rewards wisely

Quest rewards are a great way to boost your leveling speed, so make sure you use them wisely. Items like potions, scrolls and weapons can all help you power through the leveling process.

11. Take advantage of bonus experience weekends

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Bonus experience weekends are a great way to level up quickly, so make sure you take advantage of them. Simply log in to the game during one of these weekends and start grinding away at those levels!

12. Pick the right zones

When it comes to leveling, it’s important to pick the right zones. Zones like The Barrens offer a lot of fast-paced action and are great for leveling quickly, while zones like The Hinterlands offer a more relaxed experience.

13. Join a guild

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Joining a guild can be a great way to get help with the leveling process. Guildmates can help you out by providing information about upcoming quests and by lending a hand in difficult dungeons.

14. Use addons

Addons can be a great way to improve your leveling experience. Addons like “ questie ” or “ atlasloot ” can help you find new quests and loot faster, making the process a lot easier.


Leveling in World of Warcraft can be a challenging experience, but by following these tips and tricks you should find it a lot easier. Make sure you take advantage of rested XP, bonus experience weekends and guild support if possible, and you should reach your desired level in no time at all!