Online Casino Bonuses or How to Catch Luck by The Tail (2023)

Online Casino Bonuses

A bonus program is one of the most enjoyable and attractive terms of play on any site. Casinos have long ago adopted this marketing technique.

And offer new and regular customers various gifts. Each casino may have its incentive system, but the bonuses are about the same.

Bonuses in the casino – what is it

A bonus is a gift given to a visitor or regular customer. Usually, the bonus is equivalent to the monetary unit used in the casino, but it is not money.

We can say that it is an internal currency, valid only at a particular site.

Bonuses are not credited to the main account but to the bonus account. They can have a limited validity period, that is, burn out after a certain time if they are not used.

Also bonuses in casinos usually have certain restrictions on the withdrawal of winnings received for bonus funds. This is the so-called wager – the coefficient that needs to be wagered.

But the restrictions apply only to withdrawal. And you can spend bonuses at your discretion, that is, to bet and play for free.

What casino bonuses are

What casino bonuses are

The most common types of bonuses are as follows:

  • Bonuses Proper – game currency, which is credited to the bonus account, usually for the first deposit made;
  • Free Spins – free reel spins for playing slots;
  • Cash Bonuses – real money that is credited to the deposit.

Money casinos give out very rarely. So if you can get a cash prize, consider yourself lucky.

What you can get a bonus for

The principle of the bonus system in all casinos is approximately the same. The only difference is that more generous gaming establishments are more willing to encourage their visitors.

Bonus for registration

A welcome bonus that every new member of a gaming club receives. It is often also called a free bet bonus (a term borrowed from bookmakers).

Such a bonus is called a no-deposit bonus, because to get it you do not need to make a deposit. It is given only once.

Cash bonus for the first deposit

One of the most popular types of bonuses. It is given when you make your first deposit.

For replenishment

Accrued after each deposit. Its size can exceed the deposit amount. However, there is an additional condition, i.e. wager.

And to withdraw bonus winnings you will have to play with your own money, i.e. make several bets for a certain amount.

Tickets for participation in the tournament

casino tournament

Such casino bonuses are sometimes given to newcomers or regular players who received an invitation to a closed tournament with a limited number of participants.


“Insurance” against failure or consolation prize. This is a certain percentage of the amount spent, which the casino returns to each player after a loss.

Referral bonus

Issued for each referred player. As a rule, it is a one-time payment to the bonus account, at the referral’s first deposit.

Verification bonus

It is awarded for confirming the provided data (e.g. phone number).

For installing a mobile application

A very nice bonus, which is given practically for free.

Is it worth taking bonuses?

Online Casino

Bonuses are given for free, they are a welcome gesture. Then why do many people not like such gifts and try not to take them?

It’s all about the same wager, which must then be wagered to withdraw the winnings.

However, no one forces you to bet and wager. And bonuses allow you to play for free. And not in demo games, but in real slots.

It is not just pleasant, but also useful for training. You can build your hand and learn which machine is more generous and has a higher payout.