Obtained Review – Set Up A Payment Rail For Your Business With Ease

Building your own business is no easy task. It takes having a great product, as well as a complete system in place so that operations run smoothly. Unfortunately, having a proper system in place takes a lot of work, especially for first-time entrepreneurs with few connections and little experience. Even if you decided to take on that entire load, it would require you to put in a lot of time and resources. After all, it’s quite a time-intensive task.

Luckily, there’s a suitable option, and that involves hiring a company formation agency like Obtained. Their corporate services help new and aspiring entrepreneurs by taking on the more technical aspects. My Obtained review will focus on how, with their help, you can focus on core parts, like developing your service and product. Considering all they offer, let’s take a look at their range of services and how they’re meant to help you out.

Get a Safe And Efficient Payment System

For starters, signing up with Obtained is a great way to set up a complete payment system for your business. One of their core areas of expertise includes setting up institutional payment rails, which means helping you locate and establish relevant payment systems. These include options like VISA, Mastercard, Blockchain, SWIFT, and SEPA. Overall, you’ll be able to transfer funds through all the most popular methods, whether it’s through bank accounts or EMI services.

The benefit of having such a payment system is that it allows safe and efficient transfers, regardless of where you’re based in the world. This is particularly effective if you’re running operations internationally and serving customers in different regions. A few examples include online casino and iGaming businesses, which typically require customers to make deposits and withdrawals.

Assistance With Mergers and Acquisitions

When you’ve just set out to start a business, you’ll need some funding to reach your development goals. Unfortunately, getting the right funding isn’t easy when you operate in a regulated industry. Certain rules can prevent you from approaching investors for your business, but that’s where agents at Obtained can help. The firm has a network of investors and licensed companies that are interested in making investments and securing opportunities for mergers and acquisitions.

They can connect you with a relevant party that may be interested in investing in your company. This gives you a trusted line of funding for improving your brand’s offerings and products.

Obtained also offers nominee services, in which they act as a nominee and hold on to any relevant assets. And if you’re interested in signing a contract for a merger or acquisition, they can put you in touch with a licensed entity that’s seeking relevant opportunities.

Source: blankfactor.com

Enable Merchant Payment Solutions

If you’re searching for the right PSP Mauritius, then the agents at Obtained can provide expert assistance. They have years of experience operating in different regulated industries, allowing them to help clients select the right payment services for their needs.

As a new business, you may need help with alternative payment methods, open banking, crypto processing solutions, or other local payment methods. Regardless of the scale of your operations, the team at Obtained will help you find the right payment solutions for your needs. They make sure to do so by evaluating your needs first and determining what your clients may require.

Expedite Regulatory Approval

These days, just about every new business needs some type of license before they can provide services to the general public. This is particularly the case for companies that operate in heavily regulated industries, like financial institutions, crypto-based businesses, or online casino platforms.

So, if you’re dealing with the currency market, you may require a licence Forex to start operations. Similarly, if you want to start the process for affiliate iGaming USA, you may need a license to run your iGaming business.

The same goes for blockchain-related firms. They may require certification such as a crypto license in Poland. Remember that getting approval from regulatory bodies is a lot of work. You need to file relevant paperwork, prove that you’re eligible for licensing, and much more. Thankfully, Obtained can speed up the process by applying on your behalf.

Bottom Line

To sum it up, hiring Obtained for your company formation can prove helpful if you’re pressed for time and lack the necessary experience. With their advice and guidance, you can effectively secure help with mergers and acquisitions.

Moreover, they have expertise in a wide variety of areas, especially regulated industries involving iGaming or crypto. Their agents can provide relevant advice to help you decide on the right merchant payment solutions for your needs. And if you require regulatory approval for your company, they can expedite the process by submitting relevant applications on your behalf.