Age By Age Tips For Moving With Kids


Moving with kids is rarely simple, but there is a lot that parents can do the soften the turbulent transition. Alt-text: parents hanging a picture in their new home after a move while their little son is standing by their side. Moving to a new city or even state can be very exciting for the entire family.

Yet, at the same time, it can be a very stressful period. Particularly for parents that must move with their children. No matter what is the motivation behind your move, the struggles of moving with kids are always present.

It will only depend on how intense the problem will get. Of course, different age groups handle changes differently. So, based on your kiddos’ age get ready to lessen the stress of your move.

When moving with kids always hire professional help

First and foremost don’t be too big of an optimist. Juggling your kids’ needs and moving on your own without any help will be somewhat of a nightmare. No matter how hard you might try, paying attention to your kids and organizing an impeccable move is somewhat impossible.

For that reason, let professionals work their magic and handle your relocation. Your saved time and energy can be directed towards your children and meeting their needs. If you still haven’t found professional movers that will manage your move, contacting is an excellent way to start your search.

Tips for handling relocation with kids based on their age group


Different age groups need different approaches from parents when going through a major life transition. Certainly, a big move can be considered a drastic change. Still, no matter what age your kids might be, here are a few things all parents must pay attention to before and after their relocation:

  • concentrate on reducing moving stress for your kids as well as for yourself
  • help kids adjust to their new surroundings
  • give them a reason to look forward to the relocation and what awaits them afterward

Relocating with babies and toddlers


A baby’s world revolves around people. Thus, as long as all the favorite people are making the move the baby will be alright. However, make sure you do your best to keep their routine as it was before moving day.

As long as you give your toddler or baby the attention he or she is accustomed to, your relocation will go great. Alt-text: a mom and dad happily looking at their baby after their move.

1. Don’t skip snuggle time

Decluttering your home, packing and many other tasks are important. Still, nothing can trump your toddlers’ needs. Always devote some time for snuggles, tickles, laughs, and playtime. Your kid might be small, but it still feels neglect.

2. Keep it simple


Some kids at this age are beginning to be verbal. So, when moving with kids, even when so young you might need to give an explanation why such drastic changes are occurring. Keep it simple and positive.

3. Pack their bedroom last and unpack it first

If you follow your tip your kid’s comfort will be disrupted as least as possible. They will be able to sleep in their favorite sheets and with their favorite stuffed animal the first night in their new home. This simple move will help you by a mile in their speedy and positive adjustment.

4. Keep the routine in place


This tip very often seems to be a great challenge. Moving with kids will cause disruptions, but with good organization skills, the disruptions can be abysmal. For instance, if your kid is extremely fussy without sleep and nap time, make sure taking nap is an absolute must. Unpacking and other chores can wait.

Relocating with preschoolers


Kids that are preschoolers can be more of a challenge than toddlers during a relocation. Since they can sense the changes in the air, get ready for questions, challenging behavior on their part, and more. Here is how you can sugarcoat the situation on deck.

Preschoolers feel separation much more intensely than toddlers. That is why you need to monitor their behavior more closely. Alt-text: moving with kids in preschool can be disruptive such as on a little girl standing in line before school.

1. Talk to them about the upcoming changes


Since children of this age can comprehend more complex situations, let them know what is coming this way. Keep the story positive and give them time to process what is about to happen.

2. Use visuals

Show them pictures of their new home. Show them the new garden where you will be able to plant blueberries or their new big boy or big girl room. This way they can have a visual of something exciting that will be available to them at their new home.

3. Keep them involved


When you involve your kids in moving, they will feel as they are a part of the decision-making process. In return, they will feel more in control. Let them help you unpack and settle into your new home. Also, you can take them furniture shopping. There are plenty of moving tasks that your kiddos can be a part of.

Relocating with school-aged kids


Here is when moving with kids gets even trickier.

1. Be patient and give them plenty of time to process the upcoming move

When breaking the news to kids this age, be prepared for all sorts of backlash. Even though such things are stressful for parents, they are quite normal and to be expected. If this scenario happens, give it a few days and revisit the conversation once again. Be patient and understanding. Any other type of behavior can be counterproductive.

2. Give them a chance to say goodbye


Bigger kids will have their favorite teaches, besties, and many other people that they hold near and dear to their hearts. Give them a chance to get closure and say goodbye. Giving them a goodbye party can be a great way to end one living cycle on a positive note.

Any event that you organize where your kids can spend more time with their friends is a chance to show them that you care about their feelings and opinions. Alt-text: a bunch of teenagers sitting poolside during a going-away party.

3. Find ways to keep in touch and encourage them to do so

During this process you will be focused on making sure your kids get enough protein, keeping them safe, transferring their school records, etc. Those are all very important things. But while you are at it, make sure you find ways to help your kid stay in touch. Making an email account for them is an excellent way of encouraging them to keep connected to the people they are leaving behind.


Moving with kids of any age is difficult. How kids soak in the changes also differs from kid to kid, but practice shows that it is rarely simple and stress-free.

Whatever the case may be, make sure you are your kid’s rock, shoulder to cry on, or whatever they might need during this strange and difficult time. And last but not least, make sure they never see you sweat. How you handle your relocation will be a major influence on your kiddos. Happy moving!