How to Make Your Products Stand Out on Amazon by Using Videos – Video Marketing Guide

Products Stand Out on Amazon by Using Videos

Video is undoubtedly the winner in this era of content creation. In this age when everyone is constantly online, the video will be more important than ever before for communication and marketing. This trend of video marketing is not going to disappear so soon.

They are omnipresent; we encounter them while browsing social media, learning, or during our retail therapy. They are on our computers, tablets, laptops, and other devices. They are an effective means of communication and a terrific way to convey data and images simultaneously. Especially when it is about marketing, this is particularly true.

Amazon dealers may stand out and convey their unique selling point in no more than a minute by using product videos. Although they are a useful resource that sellers must use, many of them are either ignorant of them or fail to take advantage of them.

A great method of showcasing your item to prospective customers is through Amazon product videos. Videos on Amazon Product Listing pages can increase your conversion rate and aid in turning clicks into purchases.

This blog can assist Amazon sellers who have not yet employed Amazon product videos in their marketing campaigns.

Amazon product videos

Product videos on Amazon are the videos used to showcase the product in action features on the amazon listings. They can be employed to emphasize features, show use cases, or just offer potential customers a better sense of what their product experience will be before even experiencing the product.

These product demonstration videos are concise and split into three key sections: purpose, function, and need fulfillment. Product videos allow you to demonstrate your product in action while showcasing all of its benefits, which helps increase conversion rates.

Significance of Amazon Product Videos

Video Making

By using amazon product videos, one can enhance conversions by as much as 50% to 80%. Videos make it easier for customers to shop since they quickly and effectively explain your goods to prospective consumers. The drawback of online purchases is that customers don’t get to feel or do comparative testing and here is where videos come in to fill in these gaps.

Following are some goals that can be achieved due to product videos:

• Capture the attention of the customers
• Captivating visuals resulting in customer engagement
• Higher conversion rates
• Successful brand awareness and recognition
• A decline in negative word-of-mouth and reviews
• Greater chances of entering into the sales funnel

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Product Video Uploading

Criteria for creating videos on Amazon

Criteria for creating videos on Amazon

When publishing Amazon product videos, money is not the only thing to think about.

Sellers who use this service must adhere to the rules that have been established by the market. You must therefore make sure that you adhere to each of the guidelines without hesitation. If you make a mistake during this process, you risk being barred from accessing the functionality. So why take a chance? Make sure you thoroughly read this and allow no opportunity for error.

Ideally, the video must be at least 480p and the appropriate ratio must be 16:9. The maximum size of the file needs to be no more than 5GB. The videos have to be uploaded in English. No other language is allowed on the platform. Any customer review that is outdated should be removed.

Every assertion made in the video needs to be supported with unbiased data. Any disparaging or disparaging remarks should not be present in all videos. The video cannot contain any sensitive or contentious information and your business must be the only subject of the product video.

What type of videos can be made?

type of videos

The videos need to be strictly product related but one can make different aspects of the product video with respect to the product category or customer interest. Following are certain types of videos that can help a product stand out among the listing:

• Product specifications: Describe the key attributes of the product and the advantages you can anticipate as a result. It can be an effective technique to persuade potential clients to purchase your goods, provided that it offers the most competitive qualities.

• Lifestyle: The use of lifestyle films helps the client visualize themselves utilizing the goods. Show consumers how your item can be used in actual situations and what kind of experience they can anticipate as a result of utilizing your product.

• Type of videos: People can always be persuaded that a product is right for them by using social evidence. If other people have made the same decision to utilize a product, naturally consumers believe that by making a purchase decision, they are choosing a wise option.

These kinds of videos frequently include testimonials from users of the product who support its use.


• Instructional/explainer video: This kind of video can be a user manual for the customers and they can extract the technical knowledge about the product which can result in a better customer experience and save them from confusion.

• Comparison: Show consumers the qualities your competition offers before showcasing your own. It’s about as simple as it sounds. This might be an excellent strategy to convince customers to pick your product over an alternative if your product is superior in every manner. It is all about describing your USP!

Strategies to make the most out of amazon videos

Concise yet expressive videos

The ability to focus is short-lived. One thing that the most effective advertisements you’ve seen probably had been prevalent was that they understood when to grab your attention right away.

Video length should not exceed a minute. Assume that viewers of your videos won’t watch them through to the conclusion. Give them all the pertinent details right away.

Avoid using clutter or lengthy introductions and make every attempt count.

Effective execution of strategy

product video strategy

Mapping out a product video strategy for Amazon can help you generate content that is tailored for the targeted segment and guarantees that you are showcasing your brand correctly and exposing it to the target audience. It will also help you avoid doing needless labor.

When done correctly, it maximizes your overall production while minimizing your budget costs. Determine the presentation of your goods and how it makes a customer desire to buy them.

Identify the suitable format

It is important to select the video format that will assist you in best conveying the information your ideal customer needs, taking into account the goals you’ve established throughout the planning phase. The different types and formats of videos are discussed in the above section.

Invest in superior quality and technologies

High-quality product videos can now be created for less money than ever before because of improvements in filming, production, cinematography, and post-production technologies.

The cost of producing outstanding Amazon product videos has drastically decreased. Even a smartphone can be used to make an excellent product video!

But it is important to buy top-notch equipment for making exceptional Amazon product videos or hire a firm with the expertise to make them. Investing in expert Amazon product videography will eventually pay for itself in more sales.

Create a physical impression with storefront videos


Like an appealing store, display lures customers to come inside, your storefront is a unique branding location within Amazon that one is able to utilize to highlight the assortment of products.

Use a video of the storefront to highlight any products you wish to draw attention to for potential buyers. Highlight important characteristics and information that is less probable to be seen in other item descriptions.

Wrapping it up:

Anybody dealing on Amazon needs to include a video on their listing because videos can have a significant influence on consumer behavior and decision. Considering how few people are currently using the feature, using a video to make your listing stand out will surely become your core competency and you will get an edge over your corporate rivals.

For making this job easy, you can hire a service-providing company that might assist you professionally and give the optimum results.