How to Use Magento Online Merchandising


Online merchandising is a great way to increase traffic to your online store. Whether it is via search engines or social media, it is important to optimize your site’s merchandising features so that visitors can find the products that they want. As with other aspects of your site, you need to take several steps to ensure that your online store provides a positive user experience.

Category-based merchandising


Category-based merchandising is a way of displaying products on a category page. It is usually used for higher-end retailers or those who wish to sell a few key categories. The goal of visual merchandising is to maximize sales.

Using advanced merchandising strategies with promotional landing pages can help align products with shopper’s intent. As a result, they can lead to higher conversion rates and improve the user experience.

Magento offers many tools to facilitate merchandising effectively. These include the Visual Merchandiser, which lets merchants drag and drops items into category lists. Another tool is NOSTO, which offers multiple products and allows retailers to track performance metrics. Nosto can be easily integrated with Magento.

If your eCommerce site is underperforming in terms of conversion rates, it may be time to rethink your merchandising strategy. Category-based merchandising helps encourage customers to take further steps in their buying journey.

However, the platform can be complex and requires some knowledge of coding. Luckily, there are third-party tools that can automate some of the more tedious tasks.

Visual product sorting

Visual product sorting is a tool that allows a retailer to rearrange products on their site without having to use manual HTML codes. The extension uses a drag-and-drop mechanism that allows users to position and sort items.

The sorting functionality is available to all Magento versions. You can sort your products by name, price, stock level, or age. There are no limitations in terms of how many categories you can create.

Using the Visual Merchandiser extension, you can customize the sorting options for each category. You can set a minimum stock level, create virtual categories, and set up rules to ensure your products are sorted.

It is also possible to sort by color, as long as you have a compatible color attribute. If your store uses color attributes, you can specify the color code in the Merchandiser configuration.

The Visual Merchandiser extension has a very useful feature: it lets you view a preview of the grid of products on the backend. This lets you decide whether it is worth moving the products to a different position.

Rule-based product promotions


Rule-based product promotions are a great way to promote your business online. They can increase customer traffic and sales conversions. But what exactly are they?

Promotions are typically used to target a narrow demographic of customers. These can include customers who have purchased a certain product in the past. You can also use them to promote specific products or to attract customers who have just made a purchase.

Magento offers several ways to offer discounts. For example, you can provide a fixed discount or give a percentage discount for a group of similar items.

In addition, you can offer up-sells to your customers to boost sales. Up-sells typically aim to get the customer to buy a better or larger version of a product. This is especially useful if you have more expensive items.

Similarly, you can offer bonuses to customers who make frequent purchases. To do this, you can provide them with a coupon code.

Embracing mobile web design requirements

If you’re looking to increase the revenue potential of your business, then you need to embrace mobile web design. It’s the way to go if you’re looking to increase sales, improve your ranking on Google, and open up new channels for your business.

A mobile-first approach to designing your website ensures a better experience for your customers, whether they are on a laptop or smartphone. In addition, it allows your business to expand its reach and margins, boosting your overall revenue. Having a well-designed site can also boost your chances of retaining your customers.

In a recent study, Statista found that consumers use more than 50% of their time to shop on their mobile devices. This means that if your website isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re losing out on a huge chunk of your traffic. To combat this, you need to create a site that works on all types of devices. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your Magento online merchandising site mobile-friendly.