Total Internet Protection: Tips for Choosing SOC Providers

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Okay, the tech industry has really changed out our perception of even our daily obligations and the simplest of tasks. That is why we simply must accept that our social behavior and some of our social habits and social patterns overall are much different today than just a decade or so ago, which doesn’t necessarily mean for the worst. Most of the things we do today, no matter if work or fun related, are based online, and if we must choose one innovation that had an immeasurable global effect on society as we know, it must be the Internet.

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Now, since the majority of people are highly dependent on the internet, and with Millenials who simply yet understandably cannot imagine their life without it, as they don’t even remember the time before this whole WiFi craziness began, it is of utmost importance to educate people on how to stay safe, and how to secure their personal info while online. Online security is even more emphasized when it is about our businesses as it can be a determinative factor on whether our business will grow or not. One of the things everyone needs to realize is how important it is to be quite thorough, careful, and picky when it comes to choosing your SOC providers, as it is the most crucial step towards total internet protection. That is why we gathered some tips for you to make that choice much easier.

Check the price

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Most people tend to go for some product or service that costs the least, which is where most of our mistakes originate. The lowest price usually means that the quality of the provided services is not that high so, that might be the first thing you should consider while looking for the SOC provider. On the other hand, the provider with the highest price means a lot of expenses for your company, and you may not be able to pay for it in the long term. Since there are a lot of pricing models, it can be a little confusing to choose the right one for you, so the best solution is to ask the provider to explain each of them and find the best one together. The providers can predict the costs for their services, so you will know exactly how much money will be necessary for that and see if it fits the company budget.

Employees with skills and expertise

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Like in any other business sphere, you first want to know whom you are working with and in whom you place your trust when it comes to securing your data. Collaboration, along with customized services, is a step in the right direction when it comes to choosing the SOC providers, and that is because it is highly likely that you will do business with them for quite some time. Now, when it comes solely to the SOC provider, it is always a good sign if they have a team full of experts in every field needed, which is why choosing a provider that has threat hunters, data engineers, security analysts, and security engineers is the preferable choice. Another thing to look for is whether the provider has ambitions in offering some customized plans and whether or not they want to gain trust and build a relationship from the very beginning, and if one of these is lacking, it is not likely to change in the future.

Choose the provider that is always available

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SOC monitoring should provide constant overall tracking, so the employees can dedicate themselves to other tasks. Having SOC monitoring will make the employees’ jobs much easier and less stressful because watching the systems all the time and working beside that is never easy. If everything is up to the employees, all that can lead to forgetting some crucial security tasks, and once the alarm sounds, it can be too late to react. A good provider should act when necessary and respond to any threat in time, so your company can remain safe. Because of that, it is necessary to find a provider that is available at any time to avoid any unpleasant situation when they should react and respond to the threat that can destroy your company, but they are not working.

Check their backup options

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Since today everything is done online, there is no need for the SOC provider to be near you. They can be at any place in the world and still work with you as they are at the same building, so proximity is not the main factor you should consider. The more important factor is their backup options since, in some unpredictable situations, the provider can lose all data, which can be a real disaster for the company. Because of that, it is necessary to be sure that a provider has at least two sites in which they operate before you hire them to monitor your business. That can be the only way to be sure that it is possible to recover all data in every situation and that your company is safe with them. Avoid hiring the provider that operates on only one site because the price may be lower, but so is the quality of their services, and one unpredictable situation can ruin your business.

Final thoughts

We can never be too cautious when it comes to our security, especially when it comes to our company and our or our clients’ personal info. All the more reason why choosing the best SOC vendor carefully and with much consideration is the only right thing to do, as it is something that can set the company goals and whether or now it will grow. Gaining trust is hard, but with high security comes much more satisfied clients and with satisfied clients comes much more work, which is a primary goal for every company. In the end, doing research is essential, which is why you should always opt to get as much info as you can before making any decision. Visit Clearnetwork to find out more about what are security operation centers.