Is Twitter Good For Small Business Marketing?


In the last two decades, we have witnessed how social media changed from being simple online networking websites into being the world’s biggest all-in-one online places. Gone are the days when people only log in to their social media accounts to search for people they know, connect, and interact with.

Social media nowadays has its shadows on almost everything; it is powerful enough even to know and keep the information of individuals that nobody else knows. Thanks to the power of data appreciation, the digital world has realized and started to use all the data it can get for making business decisions and advancements.

Twitter is one of the biggest social media websites, and most if not all know what they can do on the website. You can remember the website starting as a place where people post short statements of how they feel and what they are doing, and anything that they can think of under the sun. The most recent statistics show that Twitter is 192 million users strong and still growing.

Considering that the website is highly interacting 24 by 7, imagine the number of people scrolling through pages every minute. Twitter’s faster growth is observed towards the beginning of 2023 when everyone is busy sharing their thoughts and connecting to their friends and families online.

That being said, is Twitter good for small business marketing? An excellent way to start looking into a group that can manage data from Twitter is to help businesses online. ExportData is a website that specializes in the said field by working on the available data extracted from Twitter to help any business see what is happening online to make sound business judgments and decisions. Years ago, companies looked at online marketing with high potential yet contained space for promotions; it generally works for emails, website partnerships, and SEO.

Today, online marketing has expanded exponentially, reaching more people through social media websites where most people spend their time, especially when everyone is asked to stay indoors as much as possible.

Let us look at how Twitter can potentially assist small businesses in increasing the traffic on their website, leading to an increase in sales.

1. Reduce the cost of marketing


Marketing is highly essential in all businesses, but this is one of the most expensive business processes. The important advantage of online marketing through social media is that it requires a minimal cost to the company, compared to traditional marketing and the first generation model of online marketing.

For example, setting up an account on Twitter is free of charge, and paid marketing systems do all the marketing jobs for the company, provided that there is enough data that they can work on to identify the target and potential market correctly.

2. Reach a significant number of audiences


This is yet another benefit of online marketing through Twitter. By promoting the business website, its products, and services, there is no doubt that hundreds and thousands out of millions of people on Twitter will be the company’s audience or followers.

Social media marketing is sophisticated enough to launch promotions to potential customers through data analytics and artificial intelligence.

3. Requires little spendings on time


In business, time matters a lot. However, considering how fast the economy evolves into something that we are just recently seeing, all companies need to understand that time is not really on their side as people’s needs and wants change dramatically fast.

With Twitter’s data management system, it works by identifying critical data in how people’s interests change and will provide predictive interpretation of what is yet to come. In short, Twitter will do the job of identifying past to future data.

That is why online marketing through Twitter can quickly deliver reliable results through its unquestionable broad reach of information worldwide. But, of course, this would only mean that it is instantly available for everyone to see if the company posts something on Twitter.

4. Communication between the company and the existing and potential customers


Every business is built on trust; the more customers trust the company, the more confident they are in their decision to purchase your products and services. As a result, customers will be more willing to spend on the company and sometimes even spend more than what they need to show their loyalty and appreciation to the brand. Social media marketing was founded on the concept of interaction, which is a defining feature of Twitter.

Online marketing through social media enables a higher level of interaction between the company and its customers, something traditional marketing rarely offers. Existing and prospective clients may use these channels to relay concerns, make inquiries, and provide valuable suggestions. This consistent interaction encourages the growth of a long-term relationship beneficial to any business.

5. Stronger brand perception to the customers


The more interaction a business has with its customers, the more ease the customer becomes, which results in brand loyalty. This type of customer will gladly promote the business without being asked or compensated.

Also, it benefits an individual’s online reputation. Maintaining a consistent relationship with your customers demonstrates your concern for them. This builds their confidence in your products or services.

With all these great things Twitter can offer to help small businesses, always remember that everything has a flip side, and online marketing is not exempted from it. Online marketing through social media can only be effective if it is planned well, fed by the right amount of data, and launched efficiently.

Keep in mind that social media has become a place where everyone earned the freedom of speech by commenting and feedback. That is why it is important to remember that the business plan includes transparency and sensitivity to the community at the same time.

Think about common ground rules before creating advertisements and ensure that they will not offend anyone, especially those identified under the protected class.

Twitter serves many purposes, as it can be a tool that can be used in various ways to accomplish many business goals and projections. Online Marketing Specialists understand that Twitter is one of the most cost-effective ways of launching a business’ products and services.