6 Things to Have in Mind When Installing Your Home Security System – 2023 Guide

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Installing a home security system can be a great investment. Not only it will make you feel safer, but you’ll have a complete surveillance over your premises and real, “raw” evidence for the police in case you become the victim of thievery or any other similar crime.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), or as we like to call them Security Cameras, managed to change a lot of things in our world regarding security. It’s hard to imagine how it is like to live without these now that we’re so used and reliant on them. Around every corner we have at least one camera making sure that our safety is on the level where it needs to be, and it’s truly a great thing.
However, just like everything else in life, CCTV systems are not perfect. But, you can maximize their efficiency by thoroughly considering what you’ll buy, how you’ll set it up and in what way you’re going to use it. If you’ve never invested in a security system for your home before, these are six things you need to have in mind when installing alarms and cameras.

1. Your total budget for the entire security system network

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What your security system will consist of will solely depend on your budget. You can’t buy more than what your budget allows you. This is why we recommend to re-calculate how much you’re going to spend on this before you start looking at your options. This is really useful because a lot of companies offer “kits” that include both cameras and alarms, something like an anti-intruder starting pack, which is a one-time purchase and you pay a flat price for it. However, once again, you have to know exactly how much you’re willing to spend, so keep that in mind as the first step.

2. Are you familiar with technology or not?

We can’t deny that installing, connecting and maneuvering with security cameras is an easy task for those who are not familiar with the use of technology. Especially not if you use the latest camera models that can be controlled via a computer program. There are settings to adjust and other things to do, which is why we recommend buying from a company that includes a lot of explanation and sends their own team of professionals to do the installing part for you. Check out this article on ThisOldHouse.com to learn more about ADT home security system that offers both professional installation and  professional monitoring. It’s also worth mentioning that purchasing a “simpler” camera system is recommended for those who don’t feel confident with the use of computers.

3. You can combine multiple security methods at once

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Cameras are not the perfect security system, and neither are alarms. The first one gives you a visual representation of who’s near your place, but it doesn’t alert you. The second one provides you with a sound signal but you have no idea what happened and who was there. However, combining these two methods will give you the most security. And, if you happen to be new to all this and don’t know where to start, www.titusalarmandcctv.co.uk is a website where you can learn some more about intruder alarm models and their functions.

4. Do you live in a very active environment?

If you live in a very active environment, you should know that sometimes your alarms ringing will be nothing more than a false warning. Anyone can set your alarms off, especially kids who think it’s funny to do so. But, combining these alarms with a security camera will immediately let you know who’s playing around and who needs to be reported to the police. But be wary, living in a very active environment means you’ll have to purchase security systems that are prone to any shenanigans kids may pull off. We’ll cover this in the following section, so continue reading.

5. What type of CCTV are you planning to purchase?

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There are a few different types of CCTV systems. Ones with night-vision, models with built-in AI that can track faces, wireless CCTV, wired systems that don’t use any internet connection, security cameras with thermal sensors, and the list goes on and on…

Depending on what you want to secure and how important security is to you, feel free to go for the more expensive or slightly less expensive options. Obviously, cameras with futuristic and advanced features will cost more, but they’ll for sure protect your belongings better. You should also choose depending on your location. If your spot is prone to vandalism or something similar, invest in the models that are proof to physical damage, blunt weapons, stones and any other form of damage.

6. Letting intruders know you have this is half the work

A few years ago, I’m not exactly sure which city it was, there was an experiment where the government installed a dozen fake CCTV cameras in a neighborhood where the amount of small robberies on a monthly basis was quite high. These cameras didn’t really record anything, they weren’t even as real-looking as you would imagine them to be. The point was to find out whether the sheer sight of a CCTV system looking right at you while you’re trying to do something shady will have an impact on the final judgement of those with malicious intent or not. Well, guess what, the crime rate dropped by about forty percent, proving one very strong point.

Letting the impostors know that you have a security system installed will singlehandedly reduce the chance of your home being robbed or anything else happening on your premises. So, simply installing it already completes half the work.


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Security systems can be a huge game changer in these modern times, which is why we suggest this investment to anyone who can afford it. When your safety is in question, there’s no price that can match your well-being, and the peace of your loved ones.

Security systems are not a new thing anymore. Installing a few cameras and alarms is not something “premium” anymore. Anyone can afford it. There are tons of different models and types available for purchase on the market, so why not make yourself feel safer?