How To Hire JavaScript Developers For Your Site – 2023 Guide


Welcome to the IT world! Nowadays all sites are created for a specific purpose: some will contain news or other useful information, the second will serve as trading platforms (not necessarily for one seller, recently the trend of launching market placements has been gaining popularity), others are thought of as a place to discuss pressing problems (forums). Depending on the goals and potential audience, one or another functionality of the site is thought out and implemented, and the JavaScript developer is responsible for the mechanism of its implementation. One button of the site can hide a huge amount of work, especially, for example, if it is the “Buy” button, then it includes the calculation of individual discounts, cash back, connecting third-party services for making payments, inventory control, delivery and much more. The efficiency of the future site depends on how much a JavaScript developer knows how to technically execute such products, feels the needs of the target audience, is able to identify bottlenecks in the customer’s business processes and select the most suitable solutions. This means that the success of the customer’s business largely depends on the choice of a developer and the cost of an error may be very high. That’s why we wrote an article which is called ‘How To Hire JavaScript Developers For Your Site’. We can go ahead through the main steps of how to check the experience of specialists, don’t make mistakes in your choice, and also choose an alternative place to hire freelance java dev for your project. Read on and discover something new and interesting!

Customers often choose to order a website from experienced developers, rather than create it themselves or buy a ready-made website. In fact, when hiring developers for your site, you pay for the services of specialized programmers (in our case, JavaScript), who in any case get their benefit (paid work), and you get exactly what you wanted. The main problem is the selection of the right performers who will suit you with their rates and quality of work. On the one hand, you can insure yourself and conclude an official contract, which will spell out the specific parameters of the terms of reference, clear terms, cost of work and the responsibility of the contractor. But, in fact, according to this scheme, work is carried out only for large orders (for example, when you need to develop and launch a specialized online store with wide functionality or a specific commercial service). Whole agencies or even several narrow-profile contractors can be involved as performers. You can always hire freelancers to work on small and simple projects. So that the contractor does not run away with your money or break the deadlines, you can interact with him through special platforms (the latter allow you to select free specialists according to the criteria you need). 


As numerous polls show, when choosing a website developer, many customers prefer to rely on the recommendations of friends. However, this method is not universal, since the recommended agencies / freelancers do not always have specialization and competencies corresponding to the future project. And in this case, platforms come to the fore, allowing you to compare the proposals of contractors and choose the best among them in terms of price, competence and quality. How to work with such freelance exchanges? You just need to register on the site, create a work task and select an ideal candidate who will execute your idea. But first you need to decide which contractor you need. It depends on the business objectives and the specifics of the required site.

  • Web studio or agency with JavaScript developers. This option is usually suitable for projects with a huge budget. Web studios and agencies have experience of working on projects: they have several specialists on their staff who will work together on your website. It is important that the JavaScript development company assigns you a project manager who will fully immerse himself in the work, coordinate the specialists working on your project, report on the work done and be always in touch. One of the ways when choosing a JavaScript development company is by holding a tender. When holding such a competition, you save time on communicating with contractors, studying their portfolio and competencies. Also, you initially set a high bar for contractors. A tender is a competition, and in order to win it, everybody needs to try and prepare the offer perfectly. To conduct an open tender, you need to register on the IT platform and fill out a special form.
  • JavaScript freelancer. If you need a very simple website or you have already found a main contractor and are now looking for a performer for one-off tasks, you can contact a freelancer, especially if you are on a budget. Even regional agencies are unlikely to perform tasks with a low budget, but for a freelancer, this can be a good salary.
  • In-house JavaScript developer. This option is worth choosing if you have serious plans for the future and you understand that in addition to technical support, the specifics of your business implies small but regular website improvements. Look for a full-time specialist if you can provide him with work for at least a year in advance, and ideally for an unlimited period and, of course, if you are ready to pay him at least the average salary in the market. In other cases, you can contact web studios or freelancers.

Be that as it may, employers looking to hire a JavaScript specialist must understand their preferences. The competition for developers is very high right now, but there are several ways to attract ideal candidates.

  • First, it is important to know what resources JS developers spend their time on. Developers don’t spend a lot of time on sites like Facebook or LinkedIn, so the recruiter will have to take the time to find out where they can be found online. Since JavaScript has been actively used in the development of the web since the early 90’s, it is not surprising that there are many developer forums on this topic. These sites gather active communities of JS specialists, whose members discuss the latest trends in web development. In addition, the JavaScript tag on StackOverflow is one of the most popular – it is used in the description of 1.2 million discussions. These forums are great sources of knowledge for anyone looking to learn more about programming, but developers don’t visit them looking for job offers. Better to do a little research on what kind of Open Source projects they were doing and ask a couple of questions about this topic or ask them to explain something. Building connections with JavaScript developers on specialized resources can take longer than in the case of unpopular job search sites. However, the effort spent will allow in the future move on to discussing career opportunities with a higher probability of success.
  • Secondly, you need to understand the challenges and concerns of developers. It would seem that you can learn more about working in the field of JavaScript by studying job descriptions on specialized sites. Thus, you can really get a list of tasks that employers ask programmers to solve, but in order to hire strong specialists, you need to better understand the challenges they face in their work. For example one of the challenges is ensuring cross-browser compatibility. Internet users are usually very attached to their favorite browser, and this is the problem for JavaScript developers. There are many browsers, and it is the programmers who are responsible for ensuring that anyone’s users can interact with the product seamlessly. Many companies hire JS developers to analyze existing code and fix security issues in it, protecting user data. It is also very easy for a programmer to get confused in the customer’s requests, so that often experts determine in advance the metrics that allow them to correctly determine the performance.

How to write an order description correctly and quickly get the first responses from JavaScript developers on any freelance site? There are two ways to find a freelance JavaScript performer. The first one is to open the list of freelancers, filter it by the necessary criteria (specialization, portfolio and reviews), select the most suitable candidate and contact him. Contacts are usually indicated in the profile. There are risks and disadvantages here, for example, a freelancer you like may not provide your contact information or be busy with other work. The second way is to create and place an order on the site and then select a contractor among the responding freelancers. The order creation page on all sites is approximately the same – only additional parameters may differ. As a rule, it consists of the following items: title, order description, additional materials that may be required for work, cost, order category, tags.

In the process of work, you will need to answer additional questions about your future site, then test the completed order and, of course, pay for the order and leave feedback about the contractor. How to understand how much a project costs? The calculation of the cost of each project is individual. Leave the field blank, then instead of the price the freelancer will see the mark “negotiable price”. Check out similar projects on your chosen freelance site. Ask the freelancer to determine the amount of remuneration himself, calculate the arithmetic average in the responses between different offers and make a final decision. When creating an order on a freelance site, you can specify the skills that the freelancer will need to complete the task – the technologies and programs that are required when completing the order. For example, in your case, it is important that the site is developed by a JavaScript developer and this must be indicated in the skills.



When hiring a talented JavaScript developer, you can end up with exactly the site you wanted. It will be developed by a professional, which means the result will be of high quality, expected and as fast as possible. It is very important to choose the right platform and developer. Placing an order on a freelance site is a simple, but time-consuming process. Determine what result you want to get at the output, follow the instructions at all stages of filling in the fields. Thanks for reading an article ‘How To Hire JavaScript Developers For Your Site’. Wish you successful and non-stressful hiring with