11 Benefits of a Flexible Working Office Space

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A lot of businesses immediately throw the idea of a flexible office space straight into the trash. But the truth is, flexible spaces are not just for startups. There’s actually a wide variety of benefits that flexible working spaces can have for any type of business, large or small, young or long-established. You can find out more on devono.com.

Whether it’s the flexibility they provide or the opportunities they bring, a flexible office is a new, exciting, and forward-thinking option that could be a hugely positive move for your company.

It’s important you stop looking at the cons and start focussing on the pros. The use of flexible spaces is on the rise, and perhaps it’s time you at least consider the idea.
So why are so many business owners making the move to these temporary types of offices anyway? Well, let’s discuss!

What Exactly Is a Flexible Working Space?

‘Flexible working’ is a general term that describes any company office that operates outside of the standard office hours of 9-5. Instead, flexible working is all about allowing employees to set their own schedules in their own time. So, flexible working spaces are offices that have open central spaces that you can join and use as and when you need to.

1. There’s No Fixed Contract

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We’re working in a day and age when uncertainty is in the air. So a flexible working office space means you’ll have no fixed contract. You’re essentially free to make changes and move elsewhere if you need to. Traditional office leases usually require you to sign a yearly contract (if not more), so go flexible and free up your future.

2. It’s Thought To Boost Productivity

Flexible working spaces are usually ultra-modern. They’re designed to have plenty of coworking spaces that encourage collaboration and communication between teams. As a result, flexible offices should see a boost in your productivity and creativity. There’s nothing more powerful than a team brainstorm!

3. Costs Are Lower

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Flexible workspaces are usually rented on a ‘pay for what you need’ basis, all depending on how many desks you use. This means your costs will be minimised. You won’t be overpaying or underpaying, you’ll simply be paying a price that’s just right for you. Plus, adding any extra desks to your plan is as easy as pie.

4. There’s Always Room For Growth and Change

Like we’ve already mentioned, adding extra desks or rooms to your price plan is super simple in most flexible office spaces. It’s always best to have an office space that has plenty of room for growth with the addition of extra team members. Things can change super quickly in the business world, so be prepared for these changes!

5. There’s Networking Opportunities

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Flexible workspaces are also a great opportunity to network with other businesses. You never know who you might meet to help grow your ideas. A shared sense of community certainly has a positive effect on productivity.

Incubators are particularly prosperous for smaller startups. They’re offices specially built for specific industry sectors so entrepreneurs can mingle with fellow-minded businesspeople.

6. It’s Less Stressful

Signing up for a flexible office is usually a simple, straightforward, and stress-free process. The move causes you barely any hassle, mostly because there’s no lengthy admin switchovers, no moving furniture, no organizing bills, and no hiring new receptionists, etc. Best of all, there are no operational costs that come with flexible offices!

7. There’s Modern Facilities

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Flexible working spaces are new and modern, meaning you’ll have access to state-of-the-art office facilities. The general work environment is fresh and smart too. Generally, flexible working spaces have a cool forward-thinking vibe.

The office culture values employees as humans, not just workers, so expect spaces that offer breakout rooms to recharge and things like sports facilities, sleeping pods and fancy meeting rooms.

8. Morale Is Boosted

Remember, happy and healthy employees are hard-working employees! The lifestyle of a flexible workspace is all about improving the well-being of your workforce and handing the reins over to them. Increasing your employee satisfaction comes when there’s full trust and you’re able to be in an environment that’s open, honest, and social (but only when you want or need to be).

9. You’ll Have a Better Talent Pool

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The nature of the office has changed forever since the onset of COVID-19. Not only are more businesses looking to become more flexible, but people are looking to join the companies that are flexible too. Some office workers have simply got the taste for flexi-working and like it.

So when your business is hiring new staff, having a flexible working policy will attract a better talent pool who are already well experienced in working within a flexible environment.

10. You’ll Develop New Ways of Thinking

With no contracts tying you down, your business has the freedom to try out new things without having to take any major risks. For example, you can test out new team formations, seeing who works best with who, etc. You can develop new ways of thinking and be creative with the ways your team collaborates with one another.

11. Flexible Workspaces Have Everything You Need

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Perhaps best of all, a multi-functional and fully-furnished flexible office has all the necessary things you need to move in and start working right away. You don’t need to worry about buying furniture like desks, chairs, and meeting tables.

Nor will you need to invest in IT equipment like phones, printers, and scanners, etc. Most flexible workspaces will have these amenities waiting for you. All you need to do is book your place and show up.

In a Nutshell: Flexible Working Is The Future!

Flexible working is the new kind of normal for open-minded and forward-thinking offices. There are, of course, advantages to having a fixed office location, but having a flexible workspace instead will massively benefit businesses that value communal coworking and have a modern mindset. Innovative flexible working is the future, it all just depends on whether your company is ready to jump ship!