Do Casinos Keep Track of Your Losses – 2023 Guide


Casinos are institutions in their own right. No one can argue this. Back in the day, they were places where celebrities went to be seen. Today, the situation is a bit different. While land-based casinos are still what they’re used to be, or at least they try, we had a game-changer in this domain.

We’re talking about online casinos. In recent years we had the insurgence of web-based gambling houses, and the trend isn’t going anywhere. The development of the internet and technology aided in the rise of online casinos, and the never-ending coronavirus pandemic helped too if you can believe it.

Because of all of this, people started asking many questions regarding casinos. Now you have more places to play, more money to win and lose, and so interesting questions are popping up. Considering that you can now play at any location on your portable device, one question arose – do casinos keep track of your losses?


This is a fair question and a quite interesting one at that. Back in the day, casinos had no way of monitoring their players. Even regular ones, in the land-based casinos, would be hard to keep an eye on and have their record on hand. Do you remember how Mark Zuckerberg was accused of tracking everything Facebook users did? Or how do you get an ad on a random app about a product you just mentioned? The stories of us being followed through the devices and platforms we use are all over the place.

While we’re not fans of conspiracy theories, we can’t say that you don’t have the right to doubt everything and everyone. Online casinos you’ll find at are there to help players have fun, be entertained, have a pastime, and earn in the process if possible. But, if you want to know if they are keeping track of your losses you have a right to know.

This is why we’re writing this article. It is not an easy subject to cover, but after consulting a few sources, we have compiled a good 2023 guide on this subject. Keep reading, and see what we think about the possibility that casinos mare onto you, and your money squandering business.

Are You Being Tracked?


As we already mentioned, the internet helped to develop online casinos into what they are today. You have hundreds of online establishments that players use every minute of every day. Considering that you’re using an online platform to play, there are a few things every player needs to go through. Of course, we are talking about opening an account and depositing money. In the land-based casinos, you would do this in person, deposit the money, but as far as your identification goes, there wouldn’t be much talk past determining your age.

With online casinos, the situation is a bit more different. To be able to open an account you need to provide your data. An identification document is required, without which you can’t open an account. After that, you need to deposit money. So, you’ll be also given the casino data about your bank account. Now, we must repeat, online casinos are reputable enterprises, and there’s no doubt that your data won’t be mismanaged.

Of course, there are spam websites out there but the responsibility to avoid them falls solely on you. With the right one, you’re safe ad your data is secured. All of this is needed so that you could transfer the money back to yourself when you win. But, we’re not talking here about winning, aren’t we? No, we were wondering o casinos keep track of our losses. The answer is simple, yes.


Once you open an account, all of your data and transactions will be stored on the casino servers. As we said, it’s not for any wrongdoings or malicious practices, but to enhance the gaming experience. These days, many new casinos try to attract players by giving them bonuses or free spins. There are plenty of other ways of being generous towards players, and they’re all important due to the lost track.

For example,  a player who is winning and is constantly deposing his money back to the bank account is not a favorite with the casino, right? He’s not, as there’s no reason for him to be, he already got the money and that’s what gambling is all about. But let’s reiterate once again. We’re talking about losing here. Why is important that the casinos follow the player who loses. Well, to help them of course.

If you’re a player with a negative record and have lost some money, you need a little help to start over. This is what casinos look to do for their loyal players. If you’re short on cash due to the fact you already lost big, a casino is more likely to give you a bonus, double your deposit, or simply give you free spins. There are plenty of other bonuses for players who have parted with their luck for the time being.


Online casinos are looking to grow a loyal base of players, and this is the right way to go. It all depends on the house in which you’re playing. Some casinos give out daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses and free spins. In the end, it is all about the players, and their satisfaction. Any casino will look out for their interest, of course, these are not charitable institutions. But, the matter of the fact is that they depend on their players. You need to keep the customers happy.

The best way to do this is by enabling them to start over when they hit the rock bottom. So, the situation with casinos and data tracking are nowhere severe as it once was with certain social media influencer. No, it’s quite more honest. You know how Mikhail Bulgakov put it in The Master and Margarita with his quote about gambling and pretty women?  Now, this is something to think about.