5 Actionable Ways To Create A Better Workplace Experience

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You may have heard at least at some point in your life that ‘you are the product of your environment’. But did you ever think about what it means? It means that the environment we are surrounded by, every person, every experience, every adventure, and everything we see, touch, or hear affects us and makes us the way we are.

That means that your environment is an essential part of who you are because you make up that environment, and in return environment makes you.

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The environment we live in is important not only for our physical health and also for our mental health. Where we live physically, our city, house, state, area, climate, work environment, or school environment can directly or indirectly affect our physical and mental health.

Since we spend a lot of time in our environment, it needs to be healthy. Therefore it is imperative to reconsider our environment as it plays a substantial role in our well-being.

How the environment impacts our mental health

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Environmental factors can have a significant impact on our mental health. Our house, workplace, or school environment greatly affects our well-being. Whatever we see, hear, touch or go through affects us in many ways.

Just as kids can get affected by their school environment if they’re facing any kind of discomfort, bullying, or abuse, adults are equally affected by their workplace’s environment.

Since adults spend the majority of their time at work, it plays a substantial role in their mental well-being. Similarly, your social environment can also profoundly impact your mental health.

For instance, if we are surrounded by loud noises, large crowds, and the hustle and bustle, that can easily overwhelm us. Similarly, polluted areas affect our physical health and mental health. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that our environment greatly impacts our mental health.

Environmental factors that affect your mental health


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Untidy and unorganized spaces can very quickly make you feel overwhelmed and anxious, whereas clean and organized spaces can make you feel at ease. Objects surrounding you can have a profound impact on your mental health.


Loud noises, bad lighting, and dark, dim and cold spaces can make you depressed and unmotivated. Similarly, being in a soothing, peaceful, bright environment, you feel positive and motivated.


Sharing space with somebody you are not getting along with can have a more profound impact on your mental health. Similarly, quarrels, conflicts, and being surrounded by unreliable people can hurt your mental health.


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Positive associations in an environment give you a sense of security and sense of peace. If there’s a psychological trigger in the environment that reminds you of a difficult time, you may be taken over by feelings of anxiety and depression.

What’s needed for a great workplace experience?

As the majority of time is spent in your workplace as an adult, it must be ensured that your workplace’s environment is healthy, non-toxic, mutually inclusive, and productive for you. To achieve a better workplace, you must have the right mindset.

The whole workplace is one big family that gets to meet every day, sit together, and work together. Therefore, the elements of love, respect, and mutually set boundaries must be there.

Actionable ways to create a better workplace experience

Creating a healthy, better workplace requires common sense, empathy, mutual respect, and tact. You must see your employees as humans instead of business objects.

1. Hiring staff

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A positive work environment consists of positive people. Whenever there’s a need to eliminate employees that do not fit a workplace’s culture, do not hesitate to replace them. There should be no place for toxicity as it can easily lead to an unhealthy space.

2. Give space and privacy

Giving everyone at work the space and privacy they need is crucial. Do not roam around unnecessarily and meddle with affairs that do not directly concern you. To the most extent, everyone at work should mind their business and be less concerned about what the other person is doing.

3. Improve the ambience

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The ambience of your workplace is equally important in creating a better workplace experience. Good lighting, furniture, comfortable chairs, and a clean and organised space effectively ensure optimal working conditions. Employees are humans with actual needs and concerns, do not hesitate to address them. The office should have a relaxing atmosphere that motivates people to work better.

4. Working on communication

Communication is key. Everyone should be working on their communication skills to strengthen workplace relationships. In addition, you must be mindful of your interactions with your employees/employer. A positive attitude is essential for a positive workplace experience.

5. Expressing gratitude

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Do not forget to show each other mutual respect and gratitude. Teamwork is dream work, and a lot of effort goes into it. Therefore, expressing gratitude towards each other helps further boost motivation and enthusiasm.

The takeaway

You are the product of your environment. A healthy, peaceful environment is the key to improved mental health. Your workplace environment has profound and long-lasting effects on your mental health. Therefore, you must ensure an overall positive workplace experience surrounds you.