How To Choose The Right Staging Platform System For Your Needs


You should choose the right staging platform depending on the requirements of the events and footfall in them.

For example, the stage platform used for award functions might not be used for concerts or festivals. The event designers should choose the right stage platform to make the event more memorable and mesmerizing.

But how do you choose the right one? If you’re stuck with this question, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll uncover various factors to consider to choose the right stage system. So, let’s get in.

What Is The Event?


The foremost question to ask while setting up a stage is– What’s the event? Different events require different and customized stage systems. Firstly, make sure you determine the occasion.

For instance, if you’re hosting a concert, it requires a larger stage. On the other hand, a smaller stage is excellent if it’s all about the graduation ceremony. Similarly, the medium stage is enough for awards ceremonies or get-together parties.

3 Key Factors To Consider To Choose The Right Staging Platform

Sometimes choosing the most suitable staging platform seems to be a daunting task. However, the below-given key factors help you choose the best one based on your requirements.

1. Choosing The Appropriate Size


One should choose the right staging platform depending on the room size. Check the room dimensions and estimate whether a smaller or a larger stage suits it. The smaller spaces ensure a cozy and warm feel. So, it’s best for celebrating festivals, parties, or get-togethers. On the other hand, the wider room with a zenith ceiling has a different impact and is best suitable for concerts or commercial events.

2. Surface

Another critical aspect to consider is the platform surface. Do you want a minimal foot noise for the event? If yes, carpeted surfaces work great– That’s why they’re most commonly used in concerts and artistic events. Since the hall will be less noisy, the audience will focus on the ongoing event.

Meanwhile, choose hardened surfaces for rocking parties where you can heat a lot of buzzes that vibrate your mind and body. For instance, you can use this stage surface at festivals and wedding events.

3. Crew


How many members do you have to set up a beautiful stage? Is it 2, 5, or over 10? However, a large crew is required to design a larger stage weighing 200 lbs. Since it’s pretty heavier, these staging platforms are great for larger teams. In contrast, smaller platforms weigh about 55 lbs and can be set by even two people effortlessly.


The world is rapidly evolving, and everyone seeks new things each day. As a result, people nowadays are left with several options. And the same goes with even staging platforms. Since there are several platforms, it’s overwhelming, and choosing the right one is tricky.

However, make sure you consider the above factors, such as the number of members required to set up the stage, surface, size, and the event’s purpose, to pick out the most suitable staging system.