What Does it Mean if the Guy Around You is Awkward – 2023 Guide

Source: lovetoknow.com
Source: lovetoknow.com

If you have noticed lately that a man around you is behaving awkwardly, you probably wonder why he is doing this.

This article will help you understand why he may be ashamed in your present, and it will help you understand what it means when it happens to other boys in the future.

What does it mean when a man feels uncomfortable around you? This may mean that he likes you, but he is nervous that this is especially likely if he only behaves this way with you and shows other signs of attraction. It can also mean that he thinks you don’t like him, that he has social concerns, that he has something to hide or that he doesn’t like you.

Since there are a number of reasons why a man feels uncomfortable around you, it is important to consider the body language signals he shows around you and the context of your communication with him.

This will give you a better understanding of why he is clumsy around you.

Reasons why a man is clumsy with you.

Each of the different reasons why a man would be ashamed in your presence is likely to give some clues about his body language.

I will list below some of the reasons why the man would feel uncomfortable in your presence, and the body language signals to watch out for.

He finds you attractive.

The reason he’s misbehaving in your presence might actually be that he likes you.

If the discomfort around you can be a sign that he is attracted to you, it’s because it implies that he doesn’t want to give you the wrong impression of him, and it makes him behave abnormally.

He probably feels uncomfortable in your presence because he is attracted to you, if you only feel uncomfortable in his presence and if he seems to change his body language and behaviour when he first notices you.

If he misbehaves in your presence because he is attracted to you, he will probably show that he is also attracted to you in other ways by his body language and behavior.

These options can be

  • Longer eye contact with you
  • To stand in your personal space and talk to you.
  • Reflecting your body language.
  • With students who are effeminate when people look at you.
  • Sitting or standing up when he first sees you.
  • Arrange his clothes or his hair when he sees you…
  • People look at you, turn away quickly or smile when they notice it.
  • ask your friends to talk to you…
  • Position yourself so they’re close to you.
  • Being worried when you talk to other men…
  • Point your legs at you
  • Looking for excuses to touch you
  • base your plans on your

It concerns social situations

The reason he’s acting so clumsy in your presence may actually be that he has social fears.

If this is the case, he may behave awkwardly towards others, unless they are his good friends.

He finds you threatening.

He might be ashamed to be around you because he thinks you’re threatening.

It may be that you are facing an attack, that you are in a position of power, or that he feels threatened by the people you are most likely to be with.

If he behaves awkwardly in your presence because he feels threatened by you, he will most likely show signs of submission, which may include submissive behaviour:

  • Avoid eye contact with you
  • Avoid large movements
  • Smile with your mouth.
  • dissociate oneself from you
  • There’s a lot to do.
  • Avoid touching yourself
  • Speak at a higher level.
  • Show weak spots such as the palms of the hands or the neck.

He thinks you’ll judge.

Maybe the reason he’s clumsy around you is because he thinks you’re judgmental.

If this is the case, you may feel judgmental when he first meets you, that he thinks you will respond to what he has to say, that you tend to argue with people when he is near you, or that your body language is judgmental when you are with him.

For example, if he feels uncomfortable in your presence, he will probably show other signs in his body language when he is near you and does such things:

  • Avoid eye contact with you
  • Self-service
  • Cross your arms and legs when he first sees you…
  • Point your legs away from you
  • dissociate oneself from you
  • Avoid them.
  • Silence at your side.

He won’t tell you anything.

If you’ve known him for a while and he suddenly starts behaving embarrassingly in front of you, it’s probably because he has something to hide.

Maybe he has a girlfriend he doesn’t tell you about, he’s done something he knows you don’t like, or he doesn’t agree with your point of view on something.

If he misbehaves in front of you because he doesn’t want to tell you anything, he will probably act so suddenly and after something you think he might have done.

If he’s behaving strangely, he’ll probably do things like… :

  • Avoid them.
  • Change the subject when you talk about a specific topic.
  • Tight lips when you’re spoken to.
  • Point your legs away from you
  • Clap your legs when you talk to them.
  • Look for the exit when you’re around…
  • Wipe your arms, legs, face or neck when you’re around.
  • Touching or scratching the neck
  • blink more often
  • Block his eyes so he can’t see yours, do things like blink longer…
  • Often touches his mouth

He doesn’t like your friends.

Maybe it’s not really you that’s bothering him. He probably doesn’t like the people you’re with.

Therefore, if he feels uncomfortable, he will probably only be uncomfortable if people are present, not if he is alone with you.

Count your relationship with him

If you are trying to understand why he feels uncomfortable with you, it would be helpful to think about your relationship with him.

If it’s your boyfriend, he’s more likely to do it because he’s attracted to you, or because he has something to hide from you, or because he doesn’t like some of the people you’ve been with. You have to take into account the signals from the body language she shows around you, recent events that have occurred and other people who are present when she is nervous.

If it was a man you’d never met before, maybe you were attracted to him and he wanted to impress you. Maybe he had some kind of social anxiety, or maybe he somehow found out you scared him.

Let’s see what his normal behavior looks like.

If you are trying to understand a person’s behaviour and body language, it would be helpful to know what they normally look like.

If he doesn’t seem to change his body language or behaviour when he is with you in relation to other people, he is more likely to experience social anxiety.

If he seems to behave embarrassingly in your presence, he is more likely to do so because he is attracted to you, because he has something to hide, because he finds you intimidating, or because he doesn’t like the people around you when you see him.

Consider when and where he will be embarrassed.

Probably the time and place where he behaves awkwardly should also be taken into account.

If he only feels uncomfortable in certain situations, he is more likely to do so because of others around him. Maybe he doesn’t like them or he doesn’t want them to see him with you, either because they don’t like you or because he has a girlfriend.

Finding multiple signals

When examining body language, it would be useful to look for different body language signals that all indicate the same meaning.

In general, there are several reasons why a man shows the signal in the same body language. As a result, it is often unreliable to draw conclusions about why it acts in a particular way.

Although it is often more reliable to draw conclusions from signals in different body languages that indicate the same value. Indeed, there are generally far fewer reasons for a man to show different body language signals that could have the same meaning.


What does it mean when a confident man behaves awkwardly around you? The reason is probably that he’s attracted to you and wants to impress you. If he does this for this reason, he is likely to show signs of attraction in his body language and behavior when he is near you. It is also possible that he thinks you are judging him because he is hiding something from you, or that he somehow feels threatened by you.

If you want to learn more about body language, I recommend a good online video course about Skillshare. It shows how you interpret body language and understand people’s true intentions.