Master The Art of Video Editing For Mac With These 10 Tips


Video editing/image editing is common these days as every one of us using social media and posts videos, images etc. But sometimes we see that some photos are perfect shots with perfect editing. So if you also want to become Master the art of video editing for mac then we have 10 tips right here for you guys. By using such simple tips you can catch the user’s attention on your posted stuff.

We are going to tell you some amazing tricks for video editing mac users. Actually, a wide range of editing software is there in the market you can use but I would personally want to suggest you for Wondershare Filmora. And recently its latest version is released named Filmora V10.2 for macOS users. You just got surprised after know it’s amazing and never before features.

Keep video editing mac into mind the company released this new version with lots of useful features like auto reframe mac/ audio editing for mac/screen record for mac etc. Besides these all many other updates (like HEVC Codec support for the instant cutter tool, fresh split-screen templates for Instagram and Fast importing from photo libraries) are to be done in the latest version so let’s discuss them and by using it you can master the art of video editing.

1. Auto Reframe Trick


The very first time this feature is added to any editing software in Filmora V10.2 for macOS. Many times we find that there is an unwanted portion in our video. So this time you no need to ignore it. Mac users must have video quality of 720p, 1080p and 4K. High quality allows you to zoom in and cropping the unwanted portion, and at the same time, resolution quality will not affect.

Auto Reframe lets you cut the unwanted portion and focus on the main area. So video editing mac users need to highlight the portion of the clip and click the crop button. After this feature, this process becomes of just a few minutes which were early of a day long. By using this guide you will show the focused portion to your viewers.

2. New Split Screen Templates


Mac users can add some pictures to their clip to give it an amazing look. In the latest version, a brand new set of templates are added to this. So just you need to use split-screen templates in different proportions and best suited for social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, adjust the picture and add in your clip in best sync.

3. HEVC Codec Support for Instant Cutter Tool


Don’t upload unnecessary stuff with your clip. Using this trick you will show your audience what they want to watch. We all know at the time of uploading a video to any platform of social media, cutter tool is required. HEVC is one of the most common video formats supported by iOS devices. V10.2 offers a lossless cut for videos in this format. So using it make your video lucrative and interesting.

4. Allow Direct Import from Photos Library


Users do not need to waste their time in uploading or fetching media from the library. Make it fast with this new version and import media files directly from the device without time taking. Mac users just need to go under the Resources section of the application, browse the Photos category and import photos/videos from their library.

5. Split Clip


In case if you have a long-time duration clip and fear that the audience will go away without watching it completely then use this trick. At this point, you need to split your clip into multiple clips and cut the part which has nothing to interesting.

6. Detach Audio


Never ignore this Process…! Some users do ignore the unusual sound behind the clip. If the video is having an unusual sound then you must detach it and can replace it with a pleasing and most suitable sound track.

7. Add a Soundtrack


Soundtrack or music is the backbone of any video. Video editor mac must insert suited music in their video. Music must be according to your video like holiday trip music, traveling soundtrack, memories music, surprises music, horror sound, fun-loving sound, cheer up music etc. While having this kind of perfect music in the background video conveys its message more clearly. Using this trick you can easily connect with your audience and make them your fan.

8. Audio Level


This trick is used by the masters of audio editing mac users. A perfect editor never forgot to adjust the audio level in their clip editing. Audio attracts the audience’s attention in such a way that what scene is playing or what is coming in next. S

o when your first scene or clip starts you must fade the audio and also fade the audio at its end. Also the audio level of your video must be louder than the music you added. Because it is more important to hear clearly what is playing in the video over the sound you added in the background.

9. Add Transition


This trick is beneficial for mac users…@!!! A perfect video always has the best transitions with perfect timing. While going from one clip to the next clip must add a suitable transition effect. By default, it is of one second in length but it can be edit as per requirement. Transition makes a video eye-catching and keeps connected the audience.

10. Effect


Special Effect…!!! How editors can forget to add special effects while editing. The special effect gives a new version of the original shoot. Lots of special effects are there which can be added. Color effects like HDR, Dodger, Noise, Film, Glitch, Cozy, Sunny, Beach, Wave, Drama, B7W, Light Cross etc. at the same time you can use different kinds of filters and blur etc.

We hope after getting these amazing tips image editing mac users will now do editing of the next level. Just use these tricks while video editing and surprise your audience and get their attention in seconds. To get more helpful stuff write your query here we will definitely come with the solution.