3 Gear Up Routines And Tips For WoW Classic Beginners

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The fact is that the game World of Warcraft has changed the history of gaming as one of the most popular ever. As in the case of other popular games, WoW has also experienced its remake – although Blizzard claimed a few years ago that this would not happen. Now players are allowed to re-experience WoW from the beginning of this entire story.

However, if you are a beginner in WoW classics, you need to know some routines and tricks that will help you master the game more easily. Here are 3 gear-up routines and tips for beginners in this game.

The Return Of WoW Classic

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When Blizzard announced the return of WoW Classic a few years ago – the entire gaming world was shocked. Numerous WoW fans were very excited and eagerly awaited their return to the world of Azeroth in the time of Vanilla. At its peak, World Of Warcraft had 12.5 million subscribers – and it’s no secret that Blizzard lost a lot of players with more recent expansions.

Undoubtedly, one of the motives for the return of Classic is precisely the return of their old glory, but also money. Still, most fans don’t care because they finally got what they’ve wanted for so long – WoW at its best. For everything to work properly, Blizzard had to make difficult decisions about what to keep, what to change – and which patch to use. And they did it!

Leveling And Boosters In WoW Classic

Leveling is much harder in Classic. Even great players sometimes need a few hours for a couple of levels. However, when you reach level 60, Blizzard rewards you with BfA expansion and boosting to level 110.

Fighting mobs requires thinking because you will die quickly if you overestimate your strength and attack multiple mobs at once. Dungeons work the same way. Almost any dungeon can turn into a massacre extremely quickly if your tank pulls too many mobs – or your healer is not in the right place.

It is this difficulty level that forces players to work together – especially if you are in a raid where the boss requires good positioning and precise mechanics. There is no Random Dungeon Finder – so it is simply necessary to be friendly and look for a team for the dungeon.

Gears And Boosters In WoW Classic

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Certainly, even the WoW Classic cannot do without the boosters and gears you need to overcome problems. We also need them for battles that can sometimes take a very long time.

Gear-up routines must be well mastered to take advantage of the benefits that are available to you and can give you insight into statistics as well as numerous defensive bonuses. Of course, you have a lot of options at your disposal. We’ll point you to some gear-up routines that can help you get to your destination faster.

Types Of Gear In WOW Classic Game


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When we talk about the gear in WoW, we can say that this is a very broad term, because you can get almost everything: armor, weapons, power boosters, etc. Still, the armor has an interesting story. Namely, we have four essential types of armor. Which one you can get will depend on the level you are at.

In addition, it depends on your characters in the game. For example, a witch or a priest can only have cloth armor. On the other hand, we have a Druid who can use cloth or leather armor – while Paladins or Warriors can use almost anything.

Of course, if you want armor or boosters for higher levels, you can get them by purchasing them in specialized places such as classic-boost.net. Also, you can make everything easier for yourself. For example, by buying WOW Gold you will be able to finance your battles and the effort you put into moving to the next level.

Gear Statistics

As you progress in the game – you will also progress in terms of equipment. With each new level, the gear you can get is getting better and offers you more and more benefits. Many items have improved features, and many bring bonuses as well.

When choosing gear, you need to know that there are statistics that can help you significantly in that choice. Also, you can look at the condition of your gear, because each part of the gear wears out and degrades over time.

Statistics will also show you the level of durability of a gear item. If the durability drops to zero – you will no longer have the benefit of using statistics.


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Rare items are something you’ll find with every piece of gear in WoW Classic. There are 6 different ones:

  • Junk
  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Common gear items do not have statistics or carry any bonuses. They can be helpful at lower levels of the game. Rare items mostly have between two and four statistics and some bonuses, while Epic items are certainly the best and you will only find them at higher levels. The rarest seen items are the Legendary ones.

Differences Between WoW Classic And Other Expansions

The first two expansions Vanilla and The Burning Crusade are what drew so many players to WoW. Unlike Battle For Azeroth, where you will easily reach an epic item in a raid, dungeon, or some world quest – this is not the case in Classic.

It’s very hard to get good gear in the Classic – and the feeling of accomplishment when you finally grind the good sword you’ve been waiting for is irreplaceable. There are no flights in the Classic, so the world seems bigger to you.

Maps don’t have quest indicators – so you have to read the quests to know where to go, which draws you even deeper into the story. You will often have to travel between continents and see the rest of the world. This creates a sense of adventure – especially when you find a beautiful leveling zone with interesting quests.