The Ultimate Guide to Slot Machines


What are slot machines? They are a gambling game that uses spinning reels. Each reel has a series of symbols in it. It will land randomly on these symbols after you have placed a bet and chosen to spin. If you are lucky enough that the symbols line up, then you will win prizes based on which symbols fall on the specified payline. Super easy, and really fun.

Slots have actually been around since the late 1800s, and they have only grown more, and more popular since then. Back in the beginning, they were mechanical devices with springs and gears, however, now, slots use a computer system and an RNG (random number generator) in order to determine where the symbols land.

Random number generators cycle through thousands of numbers every single second and when you hit the button to spin the reels, the program will stop wherever it is. The numbers then correspond to symbols on the reels and stop. It is really simple and depending on the machine you choose you can even get quite significant payouts!

Click here to check out some of the online options for slots, these games have become super popular, and not just in the physical casino world, but also in the online casino world too.

Online slots Vs land-based slots


With the rise in technology slot machines have made a shift online, and they work just like the ones on the casino floor. The biggest difference they offer is that you can play them from your couch.

All of the action with these is virtual and you can play them on your mobile phone, on your tablet, or on your PC. As long as you have internet access, you can play the slots. Many people are astounded by the brilliance of online slots. A great deal of casino software providers have actually made online slot machines that are challenging the land-based version.

When it comes to graphics, gameplay, and their sound effects, some would remark that the online versions are just better. However, for others, nothing quite beats the brilliance of the real thing, in the flesh. What is even better about online options is that they have such a wide variety available, you do not need to fish around to find your favorite slot, like you might in a land-based casino.

Online slots also offer two advantages over land-based slots as well, with online slots you can get free play options, and you get higher payback percentages than you would on the casino floor. We will talk more about payback percentages later through.

All we can really say is that online slots have taken the internet by storm, and made them even more popular. There is no clear winner of online vs land-based, it is simply down to personal preference. You can definetly learn more about these diferences and general history of slot machines at

Slot machine strategy

So, how do you win at slots? It’s not that easy, sadly, while you can try strategies and tac-tics to win at poker, roulette, blackjack and so on, slots is even more of a game of chance. You could try every strategy in the book, it does not give you any higher a chance of winning with slots. If you see a video or article talking about strategies, this is basically a myth.

However, with that being said, you can make some decisions when you play games, and about which slots you play that will have an impact. One rule of thumb is that the more bells and whistles it has, the lower the payback percentage will be.

Progressive jackpot machines will have a lower payback than a flat top jackpot machine does. Progressive jackpot machines need to be fed the money, and it comes back as a very small percentage of each bet made.

How do I play a slot machine as a beginner?


There is no hard and fast way that you can win at slots. Since there are so many types of slots and not all of them have the same odds or the same rules, we cannot tell you how to win, because there is no real way to guarantee that.

If you are a beginner to slots you might want to stick to classic three-reel machines though, as these are the best to get to grips with. They will have basic symbols like bells and cherries. This also means there are fewer paylines too, so if you do win, you will find the payout is better than the slot machines with even more paylines. The simplest advice is to just practice on classic machines, as practice makes perfect.

What is the payback percentage?

We have mentioned payback percentage a few times, so let us explain. The payout percentage is the average amount of money that is returned to you through the winnings you get. Remember that just because it’s the average does not guarantee anything. This means that if your slot machine had a payback percentage of 94% and you wagered $100 on it, then the average payout would be $94 of winnings.

This is why you always want to seek the machines that have a higher payback percentage, the higher the payback percentage is, the better a chance you have to win back the money you wagered. Just remember that even if the average payback is 94%, this does not mean that this is the highest or lowest amount you can win.

You could hit the jackpot and win a lot, or you could lose every spin and leave with naught but losses. Finding a machine that has the best odds increases your chances of winning big and losing less. Although slots are for enjoyment, who doesn’t find winning fun!



If you play online slots you’ll probably get to know bonuses quite well. These will often give you icons for prizes and what choices you make will determine your bonus. You can get free-spin bonuses too which give you a chance to win big, and you can get skill based bonuses too. Bonuses in online slots are very common, but always be sure to read the terms and conditions due to wager requirements.